your life before mine

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Chapter 2

I get to my place and wait for a few seconds before the gates open automatically.

I drive through the gates and they close seconds later. My guard, Samuel, was still out, waiting for me.

He and my maid were the only staff I had, I didn’t want a lot of people when I am very capable of doing everything myself.

It was a big house and probably hard for my maid, Imelda, to clean alone.

That’s actually why I came back early to help her if she wasn’t done and to keep Hero, my dog, company.

I get out of my car and bring out the wheelchair, then open her door carrying her out and placing her in.

I wheel her to the door, which Imelda opens and greet I her, receiving a cheery greeting from her in return.

“Finally brought home a different bride, instead of that witch you call your fiance,” She says laughing, I laugh along with her.

Imelda and Samuel had met Sophia on an occasion or two where she would come here and have dinner, criticizing them for every small thing.

All three of us learnt to dislike her, but I have to get over my hate because she will be my wife and I can’t change that, because I can’t go against my parents.

“If only, but I do wish I could trade her off with someone,” I say then shake my head, “Anyone,”

We both laugh before I wish her a goodnight and walk in.

I wheel her to the living room and just as I’m about to tell her where she’ll be sleeping Hero runs in and tackles me to the ground with me laughing.

“Is everything okay?” Lexi asks turning her chair to face us.

“Yes, everything’s great, just receiving a welcome greeting from my dog,” I say and stand up scratching him behind his ears.

“I love animals, can I touch him?” She asks with the energy of a child.

I stand up and take her hand placing it on Hero’s head, the dog looks at it in a confused manner before he moves her hand from his head and licks it instead.

She giggles and moves her hand, making the dog look at her longingly.

“She’s not food,” I say and then take my attention back to her, “It would be logical for you to stay downstairs but I’d prefer you stay upstairs with everyone else,”

“Other people stay here?” She asks and her eyes wander around the room.

“Yes, my guard, Samuel, and my maid, Imelda,” I say, “You just met Imelda and are yet to meet Samuel,”

“What about your fiance?” She asks as Hero licks her fingers.

“She doesn’t stay with me,” I say and then add, “thankfully,”

“If you dislike her so much, why get married to her?” She asks petting Hero’s head.

“It’s,” I sigh, “complicated,”

I hear the telephone ring and walk to the other living room, which was partly a fish aquarium with wall sized tanks instead of walls.

It was truly a beautiful sight.

“Hello,” I say after picking up the phone.

Hello,” Sophia’s voice greets from the other end, speak of the devil and she shall appear!

“Sophia,” I say, “To what do I owe the pleasure of hearing your voice?”

She laughs, a pitchy irritating laugh, “Father said I should come have dinner with you tomorrow at your place,

“Oh,” I say, I guess our parents were now forcing us to bond, “You’re welcome,”

Great!” She says, “I’ll be there by 7pm,”

I smile bitterly, “I’ll be waiting,”

Tootles,” She says before cutting the line.

She probably lost my number and had to use my home line. Now I’ll have to deal with miss perfect tomorrow, great.

I walk back into the living room and remember I have a guest.

I look around for her and find her in the dining, looking around with a confused expression.

“How come you got here successfully?” I ask confused, I’d left her in the living room and she went through the passage, opened a door and ended up in the dining room.

“I’ve learnt to amplify my other senses,” She says, “I can sense how big a room is and when I’m in a hallway, I can also tell when there’s a hollow space so I knew where the double doors were,”

“That’s fascinating,” I say truly dazzled by her technique.

“Thanks, I guess,” She says and Hero barks beside her.

“Want me to show you your room?” I ask.


I wheel her out the dining and head for the stairs.

My house was like a maze of hallways and different doors but I had a way of going round and besides it’s my house so I have to know my way around.

When I get to the grand stair case, situated behind the living room I took her to at first, I decide to lift her.

“Why’d we stop?” She asks as her eyes wander around.

“Stairs,” Is all I say before reaching down and carrying her up the stairs bridal style.

She gasps in shock before quickly wrapping her arms around my neck.

It was weird holding someone in this way, I’ve never really been that into women, not that I’m gay, I’m completely straight, but that I’ve never really been interested in them.

That’s why my parents arranged my marriage, I’m 26 and I’ve never even had a girlfriend, I’m sure they were concerned.

What I’m feeling with Lexi is indescribable but it was certainly a new experience.

“I’ll be leaving for work tomorrow in the morning,” I say, “Imelda will be with you and she’ll provide everything for you. Whatever you want or need feel free to ask her,”

“Okay,” She says just as I reach the room she’ll be staying in.

It was close to mine, a door down but still close enough.

Imelda’s room was beside her’s and Samuel’s was beside mine, which was pretty convenient.

I set her on the bed but then a thought comes to mind.

“Do you need a change of clothes?” I ask

“I thought you’d never ask,” She says and smiles.

“Okay hold on,” I say and walk to my room, Hero staying back to keep her company.

Imelda was asleep so I couldn’t ask her for clothes.

Instead, I just get a shirt of mine and some leggings I got some time back thinking there were meant for males.

I walk back into that room and wonder how I’ll do this.

“Will you be able to dress yourself?” I ask

“I doubt it,” She says and it’s then I remember she was partly paralyzed.

“Okay,” I say and swallow, “May I dress you?” I ask

“Oh, um,” I hold my breath in anticipation, “Sure, I guess,”

“Don’t worry I’ll try to close my eyes,” I say and she laughs.

I skillfully take of her dress and close my eyes after, only opening them to pick up my shirt and the leggings.

Once I’m sure she’s dressed again I fully open my eyes.

She had a small smile on her face and was seated under the covers with Hero by her side. She must’ve moved after I was done.

“Only a person whose eyes were closed would struggle the way you did,” She says,

I smile, “I kept my word,” I say, “And you’ve stolen my dog,”

“Oh, you mean this guy?” She asks and gently rubs his head, “He likes me,”

I laugh and shake my head, I guess he would stay with her, “Goodnight, Lexi,”

A light blush covers her face before she smiles, “Goodnight, Dylan,”

I leave the room and close the door walking to my own room.

I lock the door behind me and change into my nightwear, falling to my bed and under the covers.

I fail to sleep as images of a beautiful blonde crowd my head, making me toss and turn.

I only fall asleep when I finally give the blonde a name.

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