your life before mine

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Chapter 3

I wake up the very next morning feeling tired.

I usually sleep from 9pm to 6am but yesterday I went to bed at 11pm so I am so tired right now.

When you fall into a routine and it’s destroyed it’s really hard to cope.

I take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed in a dress shirt and jeans, I wasn’t going formal today.

I brush my hair and leave it a little messy, because I wanted to, and go downstairs almost bumping into the wheelchair.

I forgot I left that there.

I put it aside and walk into the kitchen, Imelda and Lexi are seated around the island and laughing at something with Hero in the corner attacking his bowl.

Lexi really looks beautiful when she smiles, she should smile more often.

“And the king arises,” Imelda say dramatically, bowing down for extra effect.

“Good morning to you too,” I say and roll my eyes making her laugh.

“Good morning, Dylan,” Lexi greets.

I look over and see she’s dressed in jeans and a pullover off-shoulder wool jersey with what I assumed was a tank top underneath.

She looked even better in casual clothing, who would’ve thought.

I noticed the bandage that was around her head was removed and instead she had a band aid on her temple and left her shoulder length blond hair down, she looked really cute.

“Good morning, Lexi,” I say and smile over at her.

“Lexi? Isn’t her name Alexis? Boy, you forgot her name,” Imelda says killing the whole mood.

“I haven’t forgotten her name Imelda,” I say and smile over at her, “It’s a nickname. Samuel calls you Mel, I call her Lexi,”

“Oh, my mistake,” We all laugh at that, “You have to eat healthy today, I prepared food for you, with help from this lovely girl,”

“What? Imelda, I’ll be late,” I complain sitting down either way as she serves me a plate and one for Lexi too.

“You may be late but you’ll be satisfied. You’ll even work better with a full stomach,” She says laying a lovely smelling omelet in front of me along with a salad.

“It doesn’t hurt to enjoy yourself at times,” Lexi adds on, I couldn’t see her eyes because she was wearing shades.

Without another thought I dig in, enjoying the food and the company.

It tasted great, though I noticed Lexi was eating slow, as she was having trouble finding the food on the plate, it was quite a sight.

“I’ve wanted to thank you for helping me,” She says out of the blue.

“It’s the least I could do, it was my fault after all,” I say and look up, finally done with my food.

“I should’ve known though,” She argues and shakes her head, “I’ll tell you my side of the story when you come back from work,”

“After work,” I say remembering my plans after work, “My fiance will be coming over for dinner, I’d like for you to be there too. Feel free, you are a guest,”

“Imelda won’t be pleased to hear she’s coming here,” She says and we both laugh

“We’ve never really liked her,” I reveal, “You’ve bonded well with Imelda,”

“What’s her name?” She asks instead.

“Sophia, Sophia Michelson,” I say and sigh, “She’s my boss’s daughter,”

“That’s a rough one,” She comments making me smile, “You’re marriage is arranged?”

“Yeah,” I say and look at my wrist watch, “I have to get going,”

I excuse myself and Imelda walks back into the kitchen just as I’m saying goodbye.

I bid a farewell to Hero and forgive him for ditching me and go outside to my car, greeting Samuel on the way out.

I drive to work with different thoughts on my mind.

I really couldn’t say what was wrong with me, but I felt really uncomfortable talking about my marriage with Lexi.

I get to work and check in about to go for my office when I’m told I’ve been given a new one and that all my things have been taken to it already.

It’s on the same floor as boss’s floor, where all the HOD’s offices are located.

I forgot to tell Imelda I was promoted, she would be happy to hear that.

I get to work making sure to do everything to perfection. I worked very consistently but now that I was promoted I had to get even better, you never know who is out to get you.

If I started slacking I’d probably be belittled.

I have been thinking a lot these past days; I want to pitch in an idea.

Mr. Michelson runs this company specifically on cars.

I’ve had a business idea that I think can really sell, but I never get the chance to bring it up.

People think that just because I’m in the accounts department that I can’t be able to pitch in an idea that would be successful.

Oh how wrong they are. I’d eventually given up on trying and wasn’t going to bring it up anytime soon.

I didn’t want people to think that after I get engaged to the boss’s daughter life here becomes a heaven, no. I wasn’t that type of person.

A knock at the door brings me out of my intense calculations. I mutter a quick come in and continue with my work.

If I could get more work done in one day than I did before each day, at least I’ll be better.

“You work too hard, man,” I hear Daniel, one of my close friends, say, “You need to take a break,”

“Taking a break means no work is being done,” I say not looking up, “And no work being done means no results, no results means no money,”

We both laugh and I save my work, stopping my work for the sake of my friend.

I hadn’t really had a guy’s night out in days and I think it was really needed.

“Let’s go for lunch,” He says.

Lunch? Don’t tell me I’d been working for seven hours straight, it was now afternoon, but how?

I felt as though only minutes had flown by. I guess I could take a break…

“Yeah sure, why not?” I say and stand up running my hands through my hair and messing it up a bit.

We walk out and I lock the door on my way out, wouldn’t want any confidential work to be stolen.

We talk as we walk down the stairs and reach the grand floor exiting the building in our casual but formal attire.

We walk down the street and reach this place common for our colleagues to come to, we find sits, take our orders and wait.

“So man, you been busy lately?” He asks and I almost laugh at that.

“Yeah actually, I hit this girl with my car,” I start and tilt my head to the side, “Left her homeless and offered her a place in my house so she wouldn’t press charges,”

Daniel’s mouth was wide open and I could totally relate. It was shocking that all that happened in one night.

I would help her look for a place to stay since she couldn’t find one herself.

“You’re kidding right?” Daniel asks still in disbelief, “Right?” He asks again.

“I wish I was, man. She’s real and she’s at my place right now,” I say

“Has she talked about pressing charges?” He asks and I shake my head. He smiles, “Is she cute?”

I roll my eyes but smile, that was Daniel for you, “Yes she is, really,”

“You seem interested in her, man,” Daniel points out, “I can tell,”

I smile, “She makes me feel so many different things,” I say, “But I doubt I’m her type, besides I’m unfortunately engaged,”

Besides, I’ve barely known her for twenty four hours, so why would I even think such a thing?

Maybe love at first sight is a real thing……

He laughs and shakes his head, “Maybe I could charm her with my good looks,”

I smirk, “its all charms with her, looks don’t matter,”

“If that’s the case, I’m a goner!” He shouts dramatically making us both laugh.

We settle down after that and finish up our lunch which was brought to us sometime back.

We walk back to work and part ways with me immediately going back to work. I will work until I get tired and feel the pain.

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