your life before mine

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Chapter 5

“Your food has been served in the dining,” Imelda says when she walks in finally breaking the silence.

The air was getting thick in here, and finally I could leave and breathe properly.

“Finally,” Sophia says standing at the same time I do, “Hopefully it’s better than last time’s meal, that was awful,”

I narrow my eyes at her, if she didn’t appreciate Imelda’s cooking she might as well leave.

But I knew if she left word would reach her father then my parents and then they’d have to come and have a ‘talk’ with me.

I sigh ignoring her and turn to lift Lexi, this now seemed really normal.

I was used carrying her around and I really enjoyed it, for some reason.

When I get to the dining and set her down in a chair beside mine Sophia scoffs.

“Doesn’t she have legs?” She questions, sitting across from us.

“She’s injured and recovering,” I explain and sit down beside Lexi.

“Can’t she recover at her own place?” She asks her voice sounding higher than usual.

She reminded me of Minnie mouse.

“She doesn’t have her own place,” I say, I really didn’t want to fight with this girl.

“So what? Leave her where you found her,” She says as Imelda places the remaining items on the table.

“If I want her here,” I say my voice devoid of emotion, “Then she stays here,”

She looks at me with a shocked expression on her face, I’m sure she’s probably used to getting everything she wants.

So, I refusing her request must not have hit home. Lexi stay’s quiet during this whole exchange.

“I will be your wife soon,” she says and I roll my eyes, “What will people say when they here you’ve got another woman staying in your house,”

“I don’t care what other people say,” I say which seems to silence her.

We serve our meals in silence. I serve for Lexi as well and don’t miss the look Sophia sends me.

I don’t need to explain anything to her she’s just my fiance, were she my wife I would’ve had to explain myself, but no, she’s not, yet…

“What’s your name?” Sophia asks, and I realize she’s talking to Lexi.

“Oh,uh, Alexis,” She says

“I already know your blind because you’re wearing shades and,” She says flipping her hair over her shoulder, “Why else would my future husband be serving you?”

None of us say anything, if she wanted a fight it was a lost cause because neither Lexi nor I were in for a fight.

Be it verbal or physical.

“Listen,” she continues, “just because he’s giving you all this special attention doesn’t mean he likes you, okay?”

“That’s enough, Sophia,” I say stopping her before she crossed the line, “Is it that hard for you to just stay quiet and eat?”

She frowns at me before looking down at her food and eating, all the while frowning.

I shake my head and hand Lexi a fork and we all eat in silence.

Lexi would never have done this, is the only thought that’s going through my head.

I wonder why I keep on comparing Sophia to Lexi, but it was really weird.

When Sophia was talking to Lexi I felt this weird urge to defend her, I don’t know why.

Sophia was really getting on my nerves and it was irritating, adding on her nasal high pitched voice.

When were all done with our meals we sit in silence for a while before I decide it’s time for Sophia to go.

This was one of the things my parents did that I totally hated, but I didn’t want to hurt them, they’re just looking out for me.

“Would you like me to walk you out Sophia?” I ask and my eyes meet hers.

She looks hurt for a bit before she scowls at Lexi and nods. I stand with her and call Hero, he would keep Lexi company.

We walk through the passages before finally reaching the front door.

I hope Imelda had taken some food to her driver, he shouldn’t starve.

She stops in front of the door looking down at her shoes, she couldn’t even face me.

I sigh and place my hand on her shoulder my intention to make her face me, when she does turn to me I see her looking as though she’s about to cry.

“Sophia…” I say looking confused as I eye her warily.

She sobs and covers her face with her hands, “I’m so sorry,”

Not knowing what else to do I bring her closer to me and hug her.

I’ve never been put in such a situation, what do you do when a girl is crying in front of you?

“I don’t know what got into me,” She continues not removing her hands from her face and sobbing louder.

“Its okay, it’s fine,” I assure her, pulling back to look at her.

I remove her hands from her face and see tears running down her face destroying her makeup.

I hug her once more and she hugs me back seeming to have calmed down.

“You don’t have to apologize to me though,” I say and step away from her, “Apologize to Lexi,”

She nods her head wiping her tears, “Can I get a nick name too?”

I look at her curiously wondering why she would say something like that. She wants a nick name? I’ll give her one.

“How about Fia?” I ask, trying.

She smiles, “It’s great,” She goes on her toes and places a light kiss on my cheek, “Bye,”

I watch as her vehicle drives off, how can you go from disliking a person to becoming her friend in less than a day?

I shake my head and walk back in closing the door behind me, I really felt uncomfortable when she kissed me, and it was indescribably weird.

When I walk into the dining Lexi instantly smiles making me smile.

I walk over without saying anything and lift her carrying her to her room and leaving Imelda to change her.

I walk to my room and change into my pajama’s as well which consisted of really comfortable black shorts and a plain grey T-shirt.

I take out my laptop and look up houses and apartments for rent.

A number of choices come up when I look for those in my area, they were really good looking houses but I’d check them out personally before I got duped.

I list out a few before I hear a knock at my door, muttering a quick come in I conclude my search.

“I’ll be going to bed,” Imelda says.

“What about Lexi?” I ask, I had to tell her about the places I found.

“She’s awake,” She says and I stand up gathering my laptop and notebook.

“Goodnight, Imelda,” I say walking past her and into Lexi’s room.

“Imelda, I thought you went to sleep?” Lexi says sitting upright in her bed with Hero at her side.

“She has gone to sleep,” I say and sit down beside her, “I may have found a place for you to stay,”

She smiles widely and I spend the rest of my night telling her and describing the places. When I finally exhaust every place I’d listed we just talk about random stuff.

She falls asleep not long after and I decide to leave her, wishing her a goodnight before going to sleep myself.

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