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Chapter 6

Days go by and Lexi and I get closer, she’s a fantastic person, kind, loving and unbelievably beautiful.

I told her she wouldn’t buy or move into another house until she recovered from her shock.

I hadn’t talked much with Sophia since that day and only received a few phone calls from her.

I knew for a fact I was developing feelings for Lexi, I tried to stop myself but it’s hard with someone like her.

She so effortlessly perfect I couldn’t imagine her being otherwise.

Everything she did made me like her even more, she truly is pure of heart. I’m kind of glad I hit her that day.

I was currently driving to work on a really cold day. With the way things were going I could see that it would snow early this year.

I loved the Christmas season even though I didn’t celebrate Christmas; it was still great in terms of weather.

Reports were getting high of robbery in my neighborhood and so I told Imelda and Samuel to be alert while I search for more guards to employ.

Lexi’s safety was my sole priority, I couldn’t let her get hurt under my roof, I would feel immensely guilty.

Besides, I practically disabled her and then what if she gets hurt because of me? That would be pure chaos.

She still hadn’t contacted her parents, no one had any lead on them and she was truly worried.

The government would’ve caught them and just kept it a secret to the public. But then, no news is good news, right?

I walk through the doors to the building, wishing I’d listened to Imelda and put on a sweater below the coat.

Every time I breathed out, vapor came out and I was afraid I’d be taken to the hospital with a serious case of hypothermia.

I begrudgingly walk to my office and switch on the air conditioner as soon as I get in.

I get to work not long after, finding it best to not waste time thinking of the weather.

I work with a determination wanting to get as much work as possible done before the end of the day.

Daniel stops by and we go out for lunch and instantly regret it after stepping into the cold.

On our way back we stop by the notice board. There would be a meeting right after lunch, which meant right now.

So, without any other thoughts we walk to the conference room and take our respective seats.

Mr. Michelson comes in second later and waits for everyone to settle down.

He addresses some minor problems before clearing his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“As you know,” He starts, “This is meant to be the headquarters of my business,”

We all nod, we knew that. He had different branches set up across the world but this was where it all begun and it was the HQ.

“I want to expand it,” He says, “So we’ll be closing for renovation and expansion,”

Cheers break out but I frown, closing meant I couldn’t work.

“You can do whatever you want in this free period,” He says, “You’ll be informed on when to return to work. That’s all,”

Everyone gets up to leave and I’m just about to walk out when I hear him call my name. I turn and walk over as everyone else leaves the room.

“Yes sir?” I ask once we’re the only two in the room.

“It’s not a break for you,” He says and smiles, “You’ll be planning for your wedding and spending more time with my daughter,”

I force a laugh, internally crying. I almost forgot I was engaged.

I thought free time meant more time with Lexi but it actually meant more time with Sophia, oh right, Fia.

“I’ll call you,” He says before walking out, leaving me frowning. I guess that was that.

I walk out and find Daniel waiting for me, I nod my head to him and he does the same.

“Since you don’t have an excuse to ditch me,” He says walking away, “boy’s night at your place, Monday. I’m bringing the whole crew,”

I’m about to protest but he’s already down the hall. Great, guess I’ll have to tell Lexi we’ll be having visitors.

I step out into the freezing cold and walk to my car. I get to my car and drive off heading for my place, today was only Tuesday and I’d have to stop working.

What would I do for the rest of the week?

Spend time with Lexi, a stupid voice in my head says.

Well yeah, I guess. I’d get to play with Hero too, maybe even have Imelda and Samuel join in on the fun.

I drive to my place with a smile on my face, thinking about what to do when I get home.

I get there and park my car, walking inside and not finding anyone around.

I’m sure Imelda is in the vegetable garden but I’m not so sure about Lexi.

I walk up to my room and take a nice long and hot shower, instantly relieving me from the cold.

When I get out I put on cotton trousers and a plain white T-shirt.

All the while I was changing, Hero was patiently waiting. I rub his head before walking out of my room and knocking on Lexi’s bedroom door.

When I get a response I walk in and immediately spot her on her bed with a Braille book in her hand.

Her lower part of the body was still unresponsive but she said she was moving her toes, which was an improvement.

“You’re back early,” She points out as I throw myself on her bed, facing the ceiling.

“Yeah,” I sigh, “I won’t be going to work any time soon,”

“Why,” She asks then smiles, “Were you fired?”

“What, no!” I say defending myself, “I’m a very loyal employee,”

“Keep telling yourself that,” She says and I hit her with one of the decorative pillows making her laugh.

“They’re expanding and renovating,” I explain, “So we were told not to report for work until further notice,”

“Hey,” She says, “at least I get to spend more time with you,”

“That’s the only reason I’m agreeing to not work from home,” I say then remember the other reason was for my ‘wedding’.

“Friends of mine will be coming over Monday,” I say remembering what Daniel said.

She gasps then smiles, “I get to meet your friends!”

“Yeah, and tomorrow,” I say and sit up, “We’re going shopping,”

“Why?” She asks

“It’s a way of bonding, isn’t it?” I ask and smile.

She smiles, “I guess it is,”

I spend the rest of my day talking about random stuff with her.

Lexi made my life less stressing, spending time with her makes me forget all my other problems.

I had developed an attachment to her I could put a name to.

She was the first person of the opposite gender I’d felt this way towards.

Sophia was a different story, she gave me headaches and with her I would get old faster.

With Lexi everything just seems easy, she was perfect and made everything in my life perfect.

I was afraid spending time with her would make things harder when I had to get married, but I’d think about the future when the time comes.

Right now, I could just enjoy my time with her before she left and before what was to come comes to be.

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