your life before mine

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Chapter 7

I wake up the next day thinking I have to go to work but remember.

So instead I take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. I walk down stairs and find Imelda already there.

I wash my hands and help her with breakfast. Imelda excuses herself to go help Lexi get ready and leaves me in charge.

If I was good in any department of the house, it was the kitchen.

I was bad at washing the dishes and washing clothes even if I used a washing machine, which somehow didn’t work.

I was bad at seeping and mopping, somehow the dirt was always left behind. But I concluded that the brooms I use are all broken.

Whenever I mopped the water seemed to like staying on the floor and never dried up, I just thought mopping wasn’t my strong suit.

But when it came to the kitchen involving food, I was always good.

When I was younger my parents were never home so I spent most of my time with the help and was eventually taught how to cook.

I didn’t get the luxury of learning to do other things.

I serve the food on four different plates and set them on the kitchen island before taking one plate outside to Samuel.

We hadn’t talked much these past weeks and I held full responsibility for that.

When I get to his guard post I smile and set the food down on the small table in front of him.

“Black, morning,” He greets, using my last name.

“Good morning,” I say and put my hands in my pocket, bad habit.

“Thanks, man,” He say and sits upright.

“Least I could do,” I say before walking away.

I walk back inside, shivering from the cold and head back for the kitchen. I find Imelda with Lexi and I swear I felt my heat stop.

It was my first time seeing her with her hair up, leaving her beautiful face on display.

She was smiling at Imelda and I was standing in the doorway wishing I had a camera.

I can’t help but smile at her when I walk in sitting beside her and avoiding the knowing look Imelda sends me.

I’m a man, I can do what I want and think about the consequences later.

“Good morning, Lexi,” I greet

She smiles even wider, like she’s happy to hear my voice, “Morning,”

“Are you ready?” I ask, referring to the plans we made today.

“Yeah, “She says nodding, “After breakfast right?”

“Yes,” I nod and stuff my mouth with food.

“Are you finally taking her out on a date?” Imelda asks, smiling at me.

Lexi’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink and, may I say, she looks so cute.

“We’re going shopping,” We both say at the same time.

I laugh and she does too, a melodic sound if you ask me. We stay quiet after that and eat in silence.

When we’re done Imelda takes our plates and practically chases us out the house.

I smile pushing the wheel chair to the garage and helping Lexi in the car.

Once she’s in I fold up the wheel chair and put it in the back.

I put on my new playlist, which Lexi had helped me pick out, and drive to the mall in silence.

I would get her whatever she asked for, at least she wasn’t a teen and just a 21 year old woman otherwise I’d be in trouble.

We chat over the music and make small jokes.

When we finally get to the mall, I get her out and place her in the wheel chair.

We go around and in almost every shop until I’m satisfied with what I’ve gotten her.

We are going to the car to put in the bags then we’ll head to the food court and grab a bite.

“I hope you didn’t drain your pockets for me,” She says putting on the shades I hand her after getting to the car.

“Trust me, I haven’t,” I say, “but I would,”

I had so much money but I did not know where to take it, because whenever I offered my parents money they’d always refuse to take it.

Whenever I gave some to my sister, who my parents consider a mistake, she ends up paying me back, so I just stopped all together.

Spending it on Lexi was a joy.

“Quick, let’s go," she says pulling her coat closed, “I’m freezing,”

I grab the handles of the wheel chair and take us to the food court finding a table for us and positioning her in front of it.

I read out the food options to her and she makes disgusted faces whenever I say something she doesn’t like, making her look adorable. When we’ve finally decide on our food choices I order and the food is in front of us not long after.

“I feel like I’m catching flu,” She says rubbing her nose

“We’re going to the hospital after this, anyway,” I say, “So I might as well have you checked,”

“Nuuuuuuuu!” She exclaims in a childish manner making me smile. She was something else.

We finish up with our food and I take her back to the car, driving straight to the hospital.

When we get there, I have her get checked and they say she should be up and running in a few days, that she didn’t hit her head that hard.

Taking her back home, I tune into a random radio station.

They say reports of missing people are escalating and no one knows what’s wrong, the president and the army will get involved if things get out of hand.

I knew what was going on but I didn’t want to get involved in such, a powerful person must be the one heading the organization because he seems very thorough and authoritative.

I change the radio station and find the same thing on many others, I finally decide to just turn it off.

Lexi still hadn’t heard from her parents and she was worried, I could tell.

Sometimes she tried to hide how she was feeling by distracting herself but it never really worked on me, I can see right through her.

We get to my place and I help her inside taking her up to her room.

Imelda and Samuel would both be staying outside overnight, to watch out and warn us or anyone else if they saw unusual activity.

It was pretty late and she said she wasn’t hungry so I’d just get to bed.

Hero was nowhere to be seen, but I didn’t pay much mind to it.

I wake up what feels like seconds later to the sound of barking, Hero.

I sit up and check the time on my phone, 3:26. It was way too early for him to be barking like that without a reason.

I walk to my door and unlock it, spotting him sitting in front of Lexi’s room, her door wide open.

“What’s wrong boy?” I ask as I walk to him.

I could hear people downstairs but I just assumed it was Imelda or Samuel.

I walk to Hero and look into Lexi’s room gasping at the sight.

It was a mess, everything was everywhere and the balcony sliding doors were wide open.

I walk in and see Lexi on the floor right by her bed.

I walk over to her and see a cut on her forehead, what in Taurus happened here?

Something crashes downstairs and Hero runs away probably going downstairs.

I’ve finally figured it out, I’m being robbed and they got into the house through the balcony.

Picking Lexi up I take her safely to my room and lock the door behind me, they might be more still coming in and they might take her for their pleasure, if you know what I mean.

I grab an emergency gun from a random drawer in the passage and slowly walk to the stairs, still hearing Hero bark.

I’m descending the stairs when I hear Hero whine and the front door close.

I call 9-1-1 as I walk around the house making sure they were all gone.

They hadn’t left, there was a huge black van parked outside right in front of the front door and they were outside arguing about something.

I end the call after emphasizing that they shouldn’t turn on their sirens otherwise they will be frightened away.

The cops had formed a camp not far from here after hearing of the robbery issue.

Walking to a near window I aim for one guy’s leg and shoot, I had a silencer on my gun so they didn’t hear the shot just saw their comrade fall to the ground.

I take aim again before any of them could realize what was happening and shoot another in the arm.

They start shooting in my direction and I run to another window, aiming once more while they were distracted.

I was pretty good at anatomy so I knew where to take the shots and not have them die.

I had no shot at the moment where I was standing and my only sight was of a guy’s abdomen.

They are way too many organs to shoot without killing him and I don’t want to take the risk.

Instead I shoot their two side wheel and they instantly deflate.

Not long after I hear cars park outside and the cops are in and chasing them around until they successfully catch them all.

Well not all, one runs in the house and points his gun at my chest threatening to pull the trigger if the police stepped in.

They froze and he smiles.

I drop my own gun and grab the barrel of his with my right hand and with my left I snap his hand away and pull him to me, instantly having him in a choke hold.

“Freeze!” A man says coming in and pointing his gun at me.

I probably looked like the criminal because of the position.

I move to let him go but the cop shots me in the arm and before his fellow cops can shoot him.

Immense pain shoots up my arm and I let go of the criminal who is instead caught by another cop.

“Forgive me sir,” The man says walking over to me, “I had no idea,”

I nod my head covering the wound and keeping the pressure there.

They leave and say they’ll send some men here to guard in payment for me helping catch the thieves and also for getting shot by one of their men.

They help return all my stuff in my house and leave.

Imelda and Samuel are taken to the hospital because they were hurt by the men before getting into the house.

I couldn’t tell them about Lexi because she’s on the run, they would identify her because they have her files and they would arrest her.

I would tend to her on my own, and then take her to the private hospital I’ve been taking her to.

I walk up the stairs ignoring the pain in my left arm and walk to my room with Hero following close behind.

I unlock the door and walk into my room seeing her still sleeping peacefully in my bed.

I walk over and get a first aid kit from my bedside drawer then clean her wound.

Once I’m sure I’m done, I take out a plaster band aid and place it gently over the cut a sharp pain shooting up my arm whenever I move it.

I tear a piece of my shirt and stuff it in my mouth, I wouldn’t want to shout.

I groan and stick two fingers in the wound moving them around and biting down on the piece of cloth to stop from shouting in pain.

My fingers finally find the bullet and I take it out removing my fingers from the wound.

I clench my eyes shut and bit down harder.

“Fuck,” I say after removing the cloth from my mouth, that freaking hurt!

Lexi starts to move and I assume she’s waking up.

When she opens her eyes her hand immediately goes to her head, it must be hurting.

It takes me a while to realize she’d moved her legs as she was sitting up.

The hit must have shocked her brain back to normal, it’s actually great.

“You’re okay,” I finally say and her eyes dart to me, not looking directly at me but around me.

A look comes across her face, but I couldn’t tell what because it’s dark and still late.

I would hug her if it wouldn’t hurt, the pain had subsided a little but it still hurt a lot.

“Your hurt,” She says and sits up further.

“How could you tell?” I ask as her hand searches blindly for the wound.

“I can smell the blood,” she says as her hand finally finds the wound making me wince in pain, “What happened?”

“I was shot,” I say and move her hand, I didn’t want her worrying about me.

“You have to go to a hospital,” She says sitting up and kneeling on the bed facing me.

“I can’t leave you alone,” I say, if I did another gang of thieves might come and complete the job.

“I’ll be with Samuel and Imelda,” She says and takes my hand making us both stand.

Now that she was standing I could actually see how short she is, making me smile.

My smile slowly fades away, “They were taken to the hospital, “I say, “The robbers beat them up badly,”

“Oh,” She whispers.

I pull her to my chest and hug her, I couldn’t believe how attached she’d grown to Imelda and Samuel.

They adored her too, so I could tell that the feeling was mutual.

She takes in a shaky breath before pulling away and wiping the tears away.

“They’ll be fine,” She says like she’s assuring herself.

“I’ll be fine too,” I say and walk to the bathroom and I hear her follow me behind.

“Ow!” She says and I turn to see she’d bumped into the wall, instead of walking through the door.

“I forget that you’re blind,” I say and walk to her helping her in the room and switching on the light.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” She asks smiling.

I smiles but don’t answer walking to the shower and turning the tap to hot. I feel the temperature and take of my damaged shirt.

“Oh, are you really taking a shower with me in here?” She asks her eyes looking anywhere but at me, she was so cute sometimes.

“You can leave if you want,” I say and smile, “but I’d prefer it if you were here,”

A bright blush covers her face and she turns running out and closing the door, “Pervert!”

I laugh and take a shower and don’t come out until I’m sure I’ve stopped bleeding.

I wash my hair too, seeing I’ve got more than enough time and I’m not rushing for anything.

When I feel I’m done I take a towel and wrap it around my waist then get another and start drying my hair.

I toss my blood stained clothes in my laundry basket and walk out of the bathroom to look for clothes.

When I walk out I see Lexi peacefully sleeping on my bed, under the covers and Hero on the ground beside her.

I smile and get dressed the sleep I felt not so long ago finally coming back. I get in bed beside her and instantly fall asleep.

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