your life before mine

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Chapter 8

I wake up and find myself somehow tangled up with Lexi.

I smile at her and stroke her face before getting up and heading for the door, Hero following me happily.

I hear the doorbell and realize that’s probably why I woke up in the first place.

Sighing I walk downstairs, through the passages and finally reach the front door.

I open it and find several men in police attire standing outside with one, whom I assume is the leader, standing in front of me and was probably the one ringing the doorbell.

I didn’t know whether they were here to search my house or what, but I knew I couldn’t let them know who Lexi is.

“How can I help you?” I ask Hero growling warningly behind me.

“We were sent to this address as to provide security to you,” He says handing me some files.

“Oh, yeah they told me about that,” I say more to myself as I read over the files.

“We will begin our shifts immediately,” He says, “Officers will patrol now and different officers at night,”

“So, you’ll alternate,” I say, already getting it.

“Affirmative,” He says, saluting me before ordering his men to take up posts.

I shrug and close the door, I’d let them do their work, I wouldn’t even bother them.

The files said I didn’t even have to provide food for them nor did I have to prepare rooms for their slumber.

All I had to do was pretend they weren’t there and let them do their job.

That would be so easy.

Without another thought I walk into the kitchen and start up breakfast for both Lexi and I.

Hero had disappeared upstairs a while ago and so I assumed he was with Lexi.

When I know I’m done I prepare the table and serve us both. Heading upstairs, I walk into my room and find it empty.

So I walk around and find her in her room, already bathed and dressed.

I guess the only restriction she had was her body not working because she seemed like she could do everything perfectly without her sight.

“Morning,” I say startling her from her moment with Hero.

She was just rubbing his tummy and he was damn well enjoying it. She looks up in my direction and smiles, standing up.

“Morning,” She says.

I take her hand and lead her downstairs and into the kitchen seating her beside me.

We eat in silence while I continue reading the file the officer had given me earlier.

Imelda and Samuel were taken to the same hospital and I would be required to pick them up today.

I guess I would be going out today, but they won’t be released until later today.

What could Lexi and I do in the mean time…well, the lake is frozen over and people go there to skate and what not, I have skates and I could give Lexi my other pair.

“Hey, Lexi,” I call out and turn to her, “Wanna go ice skating?”

Not long after Lexi is dressed in a coatdress, jeans and winter boots and I in cotton trousers, plain white T-shirt and black bomber jacket with winter boots too.

I was driving us to the lake and realized my phone was running low, I forgot to charge it.

It wasn’t like anyone would try to call me, besides I would be having too much fun to think about my phone.

“Are we there yet?” Lexi asks yet again.

“Actually,” I say and park, “We are,”

She squeals happily and I get out walking around to open the door for her.

I left Hero with Daniel and Daniel finally met Lexi, they got along really well.

I couldn’t bear to leave Hero alone, but I also didn’t want to take him out in the cold so I decided to take him to Daniel’s.

She adjusts her beanie and puts on her shades, a weird combination, and smiles in my direction.

I take her hand and pull her closer to me, reveling at the way her breathing picks up. I take the shades off and place them in the car.

“Why do you always hide your eyes?” I ask her.

“Well,” She bites her lip, literally driving me crazy, “I’ve been told they look weird,”

“By whom?” I ask, I would hunt down the person and kill them, diminishing someone else’s self esteem is cruel.

In my opinion, they were really beautiful, just so intriguing.

“Nobody important,” She says and her eyes find mine.

“Exactly,” I say and smile, “Are you ready to skate?”

She smiles and nods, so I change her into skates and begin the trek to the frozen lake.

I was an amazing skater, my parents wanting me to be perfect at absolutely everything, so I naturally had to learn.

I set foot on the lake and take Lexi’s hand making her step gracefully onto the ice.

“This is my first time doing this,” She admits and I smile.

“There’s a first time for everything,” I say.

I start off slowly, just dragging her along behind me.

Then when I reach the middle I let go of her hand and stay a few feet away from her.

She struggles to maintain balance but stays upright.

“Uh, Dylan, this isn’t funny,” She says her hands out looking for me.

Actually, it kind of is, but I want her to take a few steps without fail. If she doesn’t want to, I won’t force her.

“Dylan?” She calls out.

I don’t answer and she finally stops struggling standing still.

When I think she’s about to skate she just sits on the ice and folds her arms.

She keeps her eyes on the ice and crosses her legs, a frown on her face.

“I know your there,” She says and I smile.

“Come to me Lexi,” I say but she doesn’t move.

“I can’t on my own,” She says in a low voice, back to her old habits, I see.

“I believe you can,” I say trying to talk her into it.

“No,” She shakes her head, “I need you, I can’t do it alone,”

I skate a little closer and stand in front of her, she looks up at me, frowning.

I smiles at her cheekily and help her up, skating to land while holding her hand.

“I’m glad to know you need me,” I say just as I step on the land.

People had gone it was early evening and the temperature was deadly cold.

Right as she lifts her foot to step on the snow she slips and I try to catch her as fast as possible.

I end up pulling her towards me and she falls on top of me and I fall on the snow, a very soft landing if you ask me.

“You’re so silly sometimes,” I whisper.

Her face was so close to mine she was straddling my waist and her breathing was coming out rushed.

It should be illegal for this girl to look this beautiful, she should wear a face mask.

My eyes stare into hers and hers are cast downward as a light blush covers her face. I decide to voice my thoughts.

“You’re beautiful,” I whisper my hand reaching up and stroking her cheeks.

She smiles and all sense of control left me there and then, damn.

“Lexi, I lo-”

Before I can finish my sentence and my life a group of kids run by interrupting me.

Without another thought I get up and bring her with me.

I just found out I love someone, someone who is not my bride to be. This is bad, why did I let myself?

“Why don’t we go pick up Imelda and Samuel?” I tell her and help her in the car, walking to my own side.

I was caught in the moment, I would have ruined everything. I doubt she feels the same way after spending weeks with a guy she barely knows. But it’s not that I want her to feel the same way, I want her to know.

But I can’t let her know because I’m getting married to someone else.

I’m seriously in some deep shit.

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