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Chapter 9

The drive to the hospital was no doubt awkward and so is this walk through the hospital.

I’m holding her hand and I really think I couldn’t be in a worse situation.

Imelda and Samuel were seated in the waiting room and we so happy to see Lexi and I, but mostly to see her walking.

There were so many people coming in with serious cases of flu and it was contagious.

The waiting room was practically full of people looking weak, sneezing, blowing their noses and what not.

I stop by Daniels and pick up Hero, staying for a while to chat about our plans.

We head home and laughter is full in the car, catching up with Samuel because he’d been distant with us all.

It was still cold out and I’d carried coats and jackets for them because I knew they had gone with different clothes.

I was glad to see they were okay, a few bruises and rough patches, but overall they were good.

I get home and see commotion outside and so I drive in and park.

We all get out and I see two familiar cars parked just inside the gate.

I walk where the guards were trying to calm some people. Hero walks past me and into the crowd.

“I have the right to come see my son!” Someone demands.

“Mother?” I call out and smile.

“Oh, Dylan!” She says breaking through the crowd and hugging me.

I wrap my arms around her and pat her back awkwardly. What the hell is she doing here?

Just when I thought this couldn’t get any weirder, I see my sister and father walk out of the crowd the officers had formed and my jaw hits the floor.

Since when does father even want to breathe the same air as Delilah?

“We heard what happened,” Mom says pulling away, “Are you okay?”

“Yes mom fine,” I say and invite them in.

Imelda, Samuel and Lexi had stayed back at a distance but Hero was all around them, they were like his second masters.

They gather in the living room and I tell Imelda, Samuel and Lexi to join in. My parents look at them weirdly before smiling.

“Imelda, so good to see you,” Mom says cheerfully.

“Enough with the reunion,” Delilah says, “We heard you were robbed,”

“Everything’s okay, like you can see,” I say and smile, “I’m just from picking the two up from the hospital,”

“And did you pick a homeless girl on your way back?” My father asks, making me frown.

People always assumed Lexi was homeless but she actually came from a very wealthy family.

What makes her look homeless? She wears good clothes, is naturally beautiful and unbelievably smart so I don’t know.

Yes, I know she is homeless, but she had a home and it was my fault she lost it.

“Mother, father, Delilah,” I say addressing them individually, “This is L-Alexis,”

I correct myself and smile. This was so awkward and uncomfortable, not to mention Samuel hadn’t been addressed.

They eye her for a while and she keeps her eyes downcast, not even bothering to face them. I can definitely put myself in her shoes.

“Who is she?” Delilah asks.

“A friend,” I say and smile. One question, one answer.

“Why isn’t she at her place?” My mother asks.

Before I could come up with a lie my father asks another question.

“Why isn’t Sophia with you instead?” He asks.

Trust me I don’t know either.

“Why haven’t you taken off your coat, the temperatures high in here?” Delilah asks.

I was trying to hide my bullet wound but I won’t tell them that.

“Why are there so many guards outside?” My father asks

“And why aren’t you at work?” Delilah asks seeming to challenge my father on who can ask me the most questions.

“Have you been planning your wedding?” He asks but before I can answer Delilah asks another.

“Why weren’t you picking up when I called?”

“Enough!” My mother says, effectively stopping them, “this isn’t an interrogation,”

Thank God, at least she saw my struggle. These two were never to be put in the same room.

My father disliked my sister because she rebelled against them.

Whenever they asked something of her that she didn’t want, she simply refused.

I on the other hand find it hard to say no to my parents even when I don’t want to do something.

But my mother has always sympathized with them, she’s always been the one to hold our family together and I was glad for that.

“Honey,” She says referring to me, “take off your coat,”

I say man’s not hot.

I was only wearing a T-shit under this and the bandage would be visible, she would freak and sue the officer that shot me even though he sent all these officers as payment.

Any excuse was reasonable at this point.

“Take off your coat,” Everyone else had gone quiet at this point, even Imelda who is never at a loss for words.

Slowly, I slide the coat off and wince when it hurts from the movement.

I take it off and everyone gasps, everyone except Lexi, she already knew.

“Oh my goodness, honey,” My mother says standing and walking over, “You were shot,”

“It’s nothing mother,” I assure her, “I’m okay,”

“You’re freaking bleeding and your saying your okay?” Delilah shouts, censoring her mouth for once.

“Yeah,” I say like it’s obvious, “Because I am,”

My mother unwraps the bandage and whimpers as though she’s the one in pain.

She cared for me and I know that but it’s time I let go of her

“Mother,” I say when she removes it and my blood starts flowing.

“I’m gonna kill the person that hurt my son!” She says walking off into another room.

I stand up, I didn’t want my living room to be a mess with my blood.

I take Lexi’s hand and walk out the room and up to my room, not missing the deadly glare my father sends me.

It’s not like I’m eloping, jeez.

“Your family members are quite pleasant,” Lexi says when we get to my room making me laugh.

“Of course they are,” I say and sit on my bed taking out the first aid box.

“Can I help?” She asks kneeling in front of me with a smile.

Who can say no to that face?

She takes the box for and searches blindly for the things she needs, once done she starts cleaning my wound and wraps a new bandage.

Once she’s done she smiles at her accomplishment.

“Wasn’t that just an excuse to touch me?” I ask when she stands in front of me.

“Wha…?” She asks blushing.

I stand up and look down at her, smiling at how short she is. I’ll definitely never get over that.

I wrap my arms around her waist and her breathing accelerates when I pull her closer. She slowly wraps her hands around my neck and looks up.

All my senses of right and wrong leave me then and there, this girl made me forget everything existed, because she was that special.

I close the distance between us and press my lips gently to hers, loving the way they feel against mine.

We explore each other’s mouths as I deepen the kiss, this felt like heaven.

I completely forgot about everything else and just focused on her.

I pull her impossibly closer and feel my member respond, I feared if we got any closer we’d merge.

When we finally pull away from each other we’re both breathless and active, if you know what I mean.

There was no turning back now, I had kissed her and she showed that my feelings were reciprocated.

Or maybe she just wanted to kiss me and I’m looking into it too much.

“Um,” She says letting go and pushing me away.

Don’t tell me she regretted it…am I a bad kisser?

This wasn’t my first kiss or anything but I really didn’t enjoy sucking faces with people until today of course.

“I have to go,” She says and opens the door walking out successfully without hitting herself.

Well I just ruined everything. I hear a car outside and look out my window, seeing Sophia’s car pull in. Why was she here?

I get out of my room and head to the front door. I open it just as she’s about to ring the doorbell.

She smiles and hugs me, being more affectionate than the other two times we’d interacted, I guess she had a change of mind.

I hug her back for whatever reason, I really don’t care. Nothing matters anymore…

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