Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 10

We went around looking in different shops until we got hungry. Apparently everyone else had the same thoughts we did. We found everyone, including the girls, in the food court. Leo sat me down at the table with everyone before he walked away.

"I don't think I've seen you before. Who are you?" Freya asked me. She was really pretty. She had smooth red hair and pale skin with emerald green eyes. Her figure was nice too.

"The Leo whisperer," Easton joked. The guys at the table laughed, but I opted for smiling politely.

"Sky, fencer," I answered.

"Wait fencing? You're not even on the swim team, how do you know Leo?" She followed up.

"We're desk mates and roommates," I answered.

"He's also Leo's personal manager, and kid," Nathan joked.

"Looks like you two are close," she smiled uncomfortably.

"But has anyone ever told you that you look like a girl?" She asked. The guys erupted in laughter.

"He gets it all the time," Cody laughed. Leo came back and set a tray of food in front of me.

"Eat," he said simply.

"Leo, you sure do take good care of Sky," Freya said, turning her attention to him.

"Sky is my kid," Leo said simply before getting into his own food.

"We don't see much of you around," Freya said, trying to revive the dead conversation.

"I don't like people," he said before taking a bite of his food.

"I go where my kid goes. You haven't noticed?" Cody said, mocking Leo. Leo didn't look bothered by it at all as the guys laughed. After we ate, Leo insisted that we get some rest. Well, he insisted I get some rest after he caught me yawning a few times. After the rest of the guys promised a time to meet up with the girls tomorrow, we headed back to the hotel. I'd completely forgotten about the one bed sleeping arrangement until we were staring at it once again.

"I can sleep on the floor," Leo suggested. Looking around, there's wasn't enough suitable space for him to sleep on the floor with our bags in the way.

"It won't work. There's not enough room for anyone to sleep on the ground. We'll just have to both sleep on the bed," I said.

"You shower first," he said. I took a change of clothes to the bathroom and did just that. When I was finished, Leo took his shower while I sat on the bed with the towel around my neck flipping through channels. Leo came in and hesitantly sat next to me. When he saw my dripping hair, he sighed and pulled the towel from around my neck before putting it on my head. He ruffled it as he tried to dry it.

"You'll catch a cold this way. The temperature in here is already freezing," he said as he dried my hair. I was so taken aback I could only watch his face as he focused on drying my hair.

"Was that really the reason why you call me your kid? Because you've taken responsibility for me?" I asked. He smirked but his eyes were still on what his hands were doing.

"That was only half the reason. The other reason is to keep myself from messing up and outing you as a girl. 'My kid' is easier than messing up and saying 'she' instead," Leo admitted.

"Makes sense," I said. I stopped his hands as I grabbed his wrists. His eyes went to mine as he froze. We were stuck looking at each other. Neither one of us knowing what to do next. I looked away first as I felt my cheeks heat.

"I think my hair is dry," I said, changing the subject. He let go of the towel before he cleared his throat.

"We should sleep," he said as he stood again. He took the towel from me to put it away as I crawled under the covers. Leo turned the lights off before getting in the other side. He turned the lamp off before the room went dead silent. I laid stiff as a board on my back with my eyes wide open.

"Goodnight, Sky," Leo said softly.

"Goodnight," I replied, my voice betraying me. I couldn't lie to myself: I was nervous. I laid there motionless.

The next thing I knew, I was looking at a chest. I felt my arm and leg draped over a body as someone held me. I looked up to see Leo sleeping peacefully. I tried to move off of him, but his grip held me in place. I was stuck with my hand on his chest. He grumbled in his sleep. I had no choice but to lay there. After about five minutes of laying there, Leo finally stirred awake. He looked down at me confused. I didn't even know what to say. It took him a while to realize the position we were in before he let go of me.

"Sorry," he apologized huskily. I sat up with a yawn.

"Don't be. I was halfway on top of you when I woke up," I brushed him off.

"I think that was the first time I didn't have nightmares," he said as he stood and stretched.

"You have nightmares normally?" I asked. He nodded.

"Literally every night expect last night," he answered before going into the bathroom. Every night? No wonder he seemed tired all the time. After he was done in the bathroom, it was my turn. I brushed my teeth and hair, wrapped my chest down, and changed out of my pajamas. When we were ready to go, we went down to the dining room for breakfast. I expected the others to sleep in but surprisingly, they were all there too.

"How's your room?" Easton asked as he sat at our table. I felt a blush creep into my face as I remembered how we woke up this morning.

"Same as yours. Hotel rooms all go by a standard set ups," Leo answered in my place. Easton glanced at him briefly before going back to his food.

"After we're done eating, we should head out. We're meeting the girls at the amusement park today. I think Freya was really into you, Leo," Easton wiggles his eyebrows at him. Leo sighed heavily before he set down his fork.

"I really don't care," Leo said briefly before looking over to my plate.

"Finish your food. You're going to need the energy," he said before he took his plate away.

"Do you realize you're the only person Leo pays attention to in, like, the entire world? What exactly did you do to him?" Easton asked curiously. I shrugged. All I did was comfort him even when he tried to push me away, but I couldn't let Easton know that.
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