Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 14

Getting back to the dorms, I unpacked my bag and took a shower before getting ready for bed. I climbed into the loft ready to set my alarm when Leo came out of the bathroom in his pajamas.

"Do you have swim in the morning tomorrow?" I asked.

"No, we normally won't have it on Monday mornings, but you have practice tomorrow, so go straight there when it's time After class. I think my practice runs longer than yours, so whoever finishes first will just go to the other gym," he said as he ruffled his damp hair with a towel. He froze when he say where I was.

"What are you doing up there?" He asked. I poked my head out of the loft window to look at him.

"About to go to bed," I answered confused.

"You said you'd sleep with me," he reminded me. The innuendo made me blush. I'd forgotten all about that.

"Right," I muttered. I grabbed my phone and charger before climbing down. I climbed over the bed to plug in my charger and set my phone on the bedside table. Luckily these were at least full sized beds instead of twin sized beds. I climbed under the covers as Leo turned the lights off. When he was safely in the bed, I turned the lamp off. I was hyper aware of our limited space on the smaller bed. We didn't touch and he even slept over the blanket. I still laid straight and tried not to fidget.

"Don't think too much, you're just a living dreamcatcher. we've already done this twice already. There's no difference. Plus, you'll probably end up wrapped around me like a snake in the morning anyway. Just get comfortable," he joked. I smiled before I relaxed. He was right. The two times we slept in the same bed, I'd somehow end up almost right on top of him.

"Goodnight," I said sleepily. Falling asleep next to him was easy.

The next day, it was harder not to just stare at Leo as we went around together. The weekend trip felt like it changed our relationship somehow. Neither one of us mentioned my drunken kiss again, but it still lingered in the back of my mind. During class, everyone talked about what they did over the weekend. I felt like if I talked, I would slip up, so I stayed quiet. As soon as it was time for lunch, we headed to the cafeteria. I sat and picked at my food deep in thought.

"Whats on your mind?" Leo asked before taking a bite of his food.

"I was just thinking... you should make more friends. And I was trying to think of a way to help you with your start," I admitted.

"Sky," Easton said as he sat down next to me and slung an arm over my shoulders. Leo's laser eyes could've put Easton six feet under. Easton glanced at Leo before sighing.

"Ah, right. 'Don't touch my kid.' That's what you say, right?" Easton said before going for his food. Leo nodded once before going back to his meal. I leaned in closer to him.

"Make friends," I whispered to him.

"I don't want to," he muttered without looking up from his food. I sighed before going back to my own food with a slump. Leo squeezes my arm gently before giving me a small almost unnoticeable smile. I would let it go for now. After lunch, Leo and I finally parted ways to go to our practices. I was so excited and nervous.


Finally I would get what I came here for. I changed in the bathroom before going to the gym. Coach Race came over when he saw me.

"How's your foot?" He asked. I wiggled it before smiling.

"All better," I answered.

"Great. I want you to stay after practice for some one on one coaching with Sawyer and me. We got some catching up to do if you're going to compete the first competition in a month," he said. I was shocked to say the least.

"You want me to compete?" I asked. Coach Race chuckled before he nodded.

"Yes. You're talented, there's no denying that. Your basics are solid and you thinking is quick and coherent. I just need to help brush off the dust," he explained. I agreed enthusiastically before I joined the rest of the team as they did their laps. After our stretching and conditioning, we put our gear on and hit the practice mats. We all sparred with each other in short two minute matches before swapping partners. It felt like seconds had passed when in reality, it had been a few hours. After everyone was dismissed, I stayed behind and changed into the gear set with the touch sensors as Sawyer did the same.

"Good to see you're okay now," he said as he pat my shoulder. Coach Race went to check on something quickly, leaving just us in the empty gym for the time being.

"Oh right. I told Coach about what Ryker did. He talked to the soccer coach," Sawyer explained.

"I wasn't going to say anything," I said quickly. Sawyer smirked.

"Leo told me to. He said he didn't think you would do it on your own," Sawyer said. When Coach Race cane back, we took the mat and began sparring. Coach would occasionally stop to point out small things, but for the most part, he let the match run. After our training matches were over, I pulled my helmet off with a breath.

"Good work today," Coach Race said before he left the gym. I unstrapped Sawyer's best before I turned around to get my own vest unstrapped. There was hesitation before I was finally freed from my vest.

"Thanks," I said before I turned to see Leo. Sawyer was standing next to him.

"When did you get here?" I asked with a small smile.

"Halfway through your private practice. You were good," He said proudly.

"You take this 'kid' thing seriously, don't you?" Sawyer joked before turning to me. "Good job today," he said before leaving for the locker room. I pulled the vest off with a sigh.

"How was practice?" I asked as I hung up the practice gear to clean it.

"Fine. We didn't do any starts today, so no problems," Leo answered. After I finished, Leo walked back to the locker room with me. Looking around, no one was left.

"It should be safe for me to take a shower now. I feel extra gross after the extra practice," I said, looking at my sweaty gym clothes. Leo smirked before sticking his hands in his pockets.

"I'll keep watch. Go ahead," he offered. I thanked him before taking my clean clothes into the shower room.
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