Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 17

I closed the door behind us as Easton and I made it to my room. I could tell Easton was getting more and more anxious by the second. I motioned for him to sit on the couch as I tried to think about where to begin.

"There's a reason Leo always looked out for me specifically," I started hesitantly.

"All I wanted was to be trained by Coach Race for fencing and hopefully make the Olympic team. That is the only reason I came to this school. The truth is, I shouldn't be here," I rambled.

"Sky... just tell me what it is. I promise I won't tell anyone," Easton tried to calm me down. I puffed out my cheeks as I released a breath before facing him.

"I'm a girl. I snuck into this school by pretending to be a boy and told my parents I was going to Stone Lake," I explained nervously.

"Wait... what? You're a girl?" Easton asked confused. I nodded. Easton didn't look convinced. I pulled out my phone and pulled up a picture my friend took of me when my hair was to my shoulders. In the picture, I was wearing makeup, a long sleeved shirt and shorts. The fact that I was wearing a bra at the time made my chest visible in the shirt I was wearing. I turned the phone around and showed Easton. He looked back and forth from the picture to me.

"Oh I have so many questions," he finally said. I sighed before putting my phone away.

"But first, you have to promise to keep this a secret," I stopped him. He nodded as he smiled.

"How did you..." he trailed off as he motioned to his chest. I sighed and lifted my shirt to show the ace wrap.

"It's uncomfortable, but it works," I admitted. "Now you know," I sighed as I put my shirt back down.

"I totally understand if you don't like me anymore," I said. He shook his head.

"On the contrary, I think I'm less stressed out about the fact that I like you. I mean, I've always been more attracted to personality, but I've never liked guys like that. The fact that I liked you when I thought you were a boy, was a first for me. I've never really been attracted to guys, but you were different and now I know why," Easton said happily.

"Wait, you still like me?" I asked confused. I had been lying to him, and ultimately, embarrassed him and made him think he was gay. He should hate me and be threatening to out me. Instead, he was happy. It didn't make any sense to me.

"Yup," he smiled. He stopped before looking around the room. "Wait, How is it rooming with Leo? How did you get him to help you?" He asked suddenly. I sighed and relaxed on the couch.

"Honestly, I don't know. When he found out, I asked him not to tell anyone. He started helping me on his own. That's why he doesn't let anyone touch me. He said it would out me right away," I tried to explain. Easton nodded thoughtfully.

"He's not wrong," Easton agreed.

"What about privacy in the room?" He asked. I shrugged.

"It hasn't really been a problem," I admitted. I didn't dare to mention that I'd been sleeping in his bed every night since that weekend. I knew Easton would most likely misinterpret that and I knew I had to keep Leo's panic attacks and nightmares to myself. The door opened and Leo walked in cautiously.

"Is everything sorted out?" He asked. I smiled as I nodded.

"How was the karaoke?" I asked, remembering that I was supposed to sing. Oh well, this was more important.

"Loud and obnoxious. Everyone is drunk," he answered.

"Oh, now I get why you didn't want her to drink," Easton said suddenly.

"Sky makes mistakes when she's drunk. I found that out at the hotel last time," Leo confirmed. If I wasn't mistaken, there was a hint of bitterness in his voice. He couldn't possibly still be mad about the kiss, could he?

"What did she do?" Easton asked curiously. I blushed and looked at my lap as Leo cleared his throat.

"Anyway, if everything is sorted, Sky and I should get ready for bed," Leo said, changing the subject. Easton sighed before he stood.

"Well, now you have me to help look after you too," Easton said happily. Leo didn't say anything, but I could tell he wasn't happy. Easton said his goodbyes before he left our room. I sighed and leaned my head back on the couch. Leo sat next to me.

"What made you tell him," Leo asked.

"He kissed me," I answered simply.

"He what? I'm going to kill him," Leo practically growled. I looked at him and grabbed his arm before he could get up.

"He said he liked me and I felt bad about lying to him and confusing him, so I told him the truth. I hoped it would make him not like me anymore, but it didn't," I explained. Leo sighed before sinking back into the couch.

"Do you like him too?" Leo asked hesitantly. I shook my head.

"I don't see him that way," I answered.

Because I like you, I found myself thinking. I quickly shook the thought away before I climbed into the loft space to change into my pajamas. When I finished, I climbed back down and set my alarm before plugging my phone in. I tucked myself under the blankets and waited on Leo. He showered and changed before turning the lights off and getting in the bed as well. I turned the lamp off before laying back down. Something was still bothering me about earlier.

"Leo," I said softly. He hummed a response.

"Are you still mad that I kissed you when I was drunk?" I asked outright. I heard him sigh in the darkness.

"I was never mad about it. I was irritated at what you said the next morning," he admitted. I tried to think back, but I didn't understand. I felt Leo's arm go around me before he pulled me into his side. It was quiet for a long time as I laid still and tried to think about what I said to irritate him.

"I was upset that you thought of it a mistake," he whispered.
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