Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 19

"So your coach wants you to compete in the upcoming competition. That's good. It means he recognizes your talent," Leo said as we sat on the couch and talked. I nodded.

"Im glad he recognizes me, but honestly, I'm a little worried. It's getting harder to go around with my chest wrapped. And when we meet fencers from other schools, eventually someone is going to find me suspicious," I aired my worries to him.

"That's a bridge to cross when its reached. For now, what are you going to do about Easton?" he asked. I sighed and leaned my head back against the couch.

"I don't know," I answered honestly. Leo stood in front of me as his hands rested on either side of my head. My eyes widened at the sudden move as I watched him carefully.

"What are you going to do about me?" He asked softly. I couldn't help myself. My hand reached up on its own and touched his cheek. He leaned into my touch briefly before he leaned down and pressed his warm, soft lips against my own. It was a quick, yet gentle kiss. I sighed before moving my hand back to my lap and closed my eyes briefly.

"I can't," I sighed, fighting my own feelings.

"I promised Nurse Jackie that I was only here to train, and we're roommates. I don't want things to... spiral out of control," I admitted out loud. He smirked before placing a gentle kiss on my head.

"I've slept in the same bed as you for a few weeks now, and I've been able to control myself just fine. I will still respect your space and privacy. And as far as your training is concerned, we are involved in each other's training, but only to help. I won't interfere with your training. I know how much it means to you," he retorted. He was right about both things. If anything, I got in the way of his training more, and he had been controlling himself just fine. I was the one who kissed him first. I liked him first. I started this mess.

"Okay, say we do date. What if we get caught?" I asked as he sat back down on the couch next to me.

"If we get caught, I'll tell everyone that I'm gay. As long as we can keep your gender a secret, the rest I can handle," he answered easily. His answer caught me off guard. I thought he would make a fuss about mistaking his sexuality, but that wasn't the case.

"Just like that?" I asked. He nodded.

"I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't really put much weight on the words of other people. I don't mind being misunderstood," he said playfully. Again, he had a point. I sighed and shook my head at him.

"You make everything sound easy," I said. He took my hand in his with a small smile.

"Because it can be," he tried to assure me. A knock sounded on the door. I jumped up quickly and went to open it. Easton was waiting on the other side.

"Oh, Easton, what's up?" I asked, slightly surprised. He walked into the room and I closed the door behind him.

"We should resolve our issue from this morning," Easton said to Leo as he stood in front of him.

"I plan to continue protecting Sky's secret, and I think you will too. So we should get this over with so we can cooperate with each other," Easton explained. Leo took a heavy breath before motioning to the seat next to him.

"I'll cut this short. You like Sky, and Sky likes me. There's no need to discuss that point further. I think it was pretty straight forward. If you want to help her as her friend, do me a favor and don't touch her. It pisses me off. Also, there will be times you might have to cover for her. I hope you can think on your feet," Leo started explaining right away. I stared at him as me jaw dropped. I knew he was direct, but I wasn't expecting him to be that direct. Easton hesitated before a lightbulb went on over his head.

"Wait, so that's why you got a different room that weekend? And took Sky out of the room when she got drunk? And got mad when the punch was spiked?" He asked. Leo nodded.

"Exactly. But if anything like that happens again and I just so happen to not be around, you call me immediately," Leo said.

"Leo," I said as I finally snapped out of it.

"He's fine. I get it," Easton waved me off. I sighed before I went to sit on Leo's bed.

"But you could be a little nicer," Easton said to Leo. Leo only smirked at him.

"Is this type of attitude unusual for me?" Leo asked. Easton shrugged.

"Touché. So what is the deal with Sky coming to our swim practices?" Easton asked. Leo hesitated.

"You know how I normally run off when we do official starts?" Leo finally said. Easton nodded.

"Well, in truth, the starting gun sends me into a panic attack. Sky calms my down," he explained. Easton nodded thoughtfully.

"I guess you two were really fated then," Easton sighed. "I still like her, but I'll back off," he added. They talked for a bit more about me like I wasn't even in the room.

"So Sky sleeps in the loft?" Easton asked. Leo hesitated.

"Technically, it is hers," he answered.

"If she doesn't sleep there, where does she sleep? Surely not with you, right?" Easton tried to laugh it off. I sat up a little straighter and tried not to look at them as my cheeks heated. Leo was silent.

"You two sleep together? Like on a regular basis?" Easton asked.

"It turned out that way," I said sheepishly.

"It... helps," Leo said hesitantly.

"Does anyone else know?" Easton asked.

"Just Nurse Jackie," Leo answered. Easton sighed and took a moment to think.

"It's not fair to say I can't touch her though. I'm not grabbing her or anything," Easton finally said. Leo gave a small glare.

"You did kiss her," he reminded Easton. Easton looked surprised at me.

"You told him that too?" Easton asked. I shrugged as I looked at my lap.

"I tell Leo everything," I answered sheepishly. Leo sighed before he stood.

"That's enough for tonight. We should be going to bed," he said to Easton. Easton protested a moment before he finally left.

"Let's go to bed," Leo said before going to take a shower.
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