Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 1

Only the intimidating silver gates of the prestigious Preston Hills Academy stood between me and my dreams now. Everything about the school screamed luxury. The brick walls surrounding the school were neatly in place, imposing on anyone who dared to enter. The grass inside the gate was that to rival a top country club. Each lush, green grass blade the same short length as the one next to it. Even the sun seemed brighter over the school. I took a deep breath as I stared at the gates. I'd already come this far. There was no turning back now.

"Can I help you?" An elderly security guard asked as he approached me from the guard house. I smiled and nodded.

"I'm a transfer student. Today is my first day," I explained as I pulled out my transfer paperwork. He looked it over carefully before ushering me to a gate door beside the gates that blocked the road.

"Take this up the hill to the main building. Inside there are signs to get to the front office. They can help you in there," he instructed. I thanked him before I dragged my suitcase behind me and started the long walk up the hill.

I reached the main building and found the front office. After my paperwork was settled, I was issued a school ID, meal card, and class schedule.

"And this will be your homeroom teacher, Mr. Weathers," the office secretary explained, pointing out a young-looking man with short brown hair and a strong build. He turned his head at hearing his name and smiled at me as he held out a hand.

"Everyone calls me Jason. Even the students," he introduced himself. I stood and shook his outstretched hand.

"Skyler Park, or Sky," I introduced myself.

"Why don't we show you to your room, and then you can come to class with me," he offered. I thanked him before grabbing the handle of my suitcase and following him out of the main building.

"So where are you from, Sky?" Jason asked, making light conversation.

"San Fransisco... in California," I replied.

"Got a sport?" He asked. I nodded as a wide grin broke out on my face.

"Fencing," I answered excitedly. We came to the first dorm building and went inside.

"Fencing, huh? You're in luck. This year we got a new coach straight off the Olympic team," he smiled. As if I didn't already know. That was my whole reason for being here. We went up the elevator to the second floor as he explained the different amenities provided in the dorms. Apparently there was a lounge, snack hall, study hall, and laundry rooms inside the dorm building alone. We stopped at room 210 where he used my key to open the door. Based on the personal items inside, I could tell someone already lived here. I was hoping I wouldn't have a roommate, but it was an empty wish.

"For now, let's drop your luggage off and go get you a uniform so you can head to class with me," Jason suggested.

"I got my uniforms in the mail before coming. Just give me a minute to change," I stopped him. He smiled brightly.

"Great. I'll be waiting in the lounge then," he said before setting my room key on an empty desk and leaving. I sighed and looked around the room. It was a simple but roomy set up. There were two desks on either side of the room with a couch near the center of the room facing a television. There was a bed pushed into a corner with a ladder off to the side leading up to what looked like a closed off loft with a window. I climbed the ladder to find the spacious loft empty. I guess this one was mine. I went to my suitcase and unzipped it before getting out my navy and while school uniform. I striped my clothes off and checked the bandage around my chest to make sure there weren't any lumps. My chest wasn't that huge to begin with, but I wrapped it down just in case.

After putting on the button-up shirt, slacks, tie and jacket, I grabbed my lanyard with my ID and meal card and keys to the room before meeting Jason in the lounge. I held an easy conversation with him as we walked towards another building. Inside, it finally looked like a school with hallways and classrooms. We walked into a room bustling with rowdy boys. This was going to take some getting used to.

"Quiet down boys! Find your seats. We have a new student joining us today. He's from Colorado. His sport is fencing. Sky, introduce yourself to the class," Jason said, moving to his own desk.

"Hi. I'm Sky Park," I said shyly.

"He looks like a girl," Someone said from the back of the classroom. I felt my cheeks heat up into a blush.

"Cody, enough. I know that was you," Jason warned him before turning his attention back to me.

"Sky, there's a seat over there next to Leo," Jason said, pointing out an empty desk. I shuffled to my seat and sank into the chair. The desks were set up two per table. I assumed the guy I was sitting next to was Leo.

"Independent study. Don't get too loud," Jason announced as he sat back in his chair with a book. Everyone began talking to one another almost immediately. I turned to my desk partner hesitantly. His hair was dark with hints of natural highlights showing due to the sun's rays filtering in through the window. His eyes weren't quite blue, but weren't quite green. Everything about his demeanor seemed intimidating and standoffish. His broad shoulders and slim frame didn't seem to match as his eyes scanned the book he was reading.

"Hi," I said to him, despite the warnings coming off of him to leave him alone.

"I'm not interested in the new kid. Just because we sit together doesn't mean we have to be friends, or even talk for that matter. I like to be on my own and, as you can see, I'm in the middle of reading, so don't bother me," he said quickly and quietly, all the while, his eyes never left his book. I cleared my throat uncomfortably before facing forward again.
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