Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 28

The next morning, one of the girls were nice enough to lend me a spare swimsuit. It was a classic bikini, and way more revealing than I was used to, but it was unnaturally hot for this time of year, and getting in a body of water sounded refreshing. In order to avoid all the bugs at the lake, we decided to just swim in the pool instead. I hesitated after putting the bikini on. It would be weird showing my body like this to a group of people who thought I was a boy until last night. I stood near the door with a towel wrapped around me as I stared at the door handle. Leo was dressed in a pair of swim trucks as he came to stand in front of me.

"The worst is over. Everyone already knows. Let's enjoy our time here and go play," he coaxed me. I smiled nervously before nodding. He took my free hand before leading me out of our room to the side of the pool. When we stepped out of the art attached suite, everyone whooped when they saw me. I hid slightly behind Leo nervously as he held my hand.

"We finally get to see what Sky really looks like," Cody joked. I tried to ignore them as I set my towel on a lounge chair. Leo never left my side. The hollers of encouragement started up again as Leo and I went to the stairs of the pool. I walked in easily. The cool water felt good in this hot sun. After fully submerging under the water briefly, I felt more relaxed.

"It's a miracle you can even hide that slim womanly figure at school," Ryker joked. Leo wrapped his arms around my waist and walked into the deeper water with me. Being that he was way taller than me, it was nice to relax in the pool without worrying about floating the entire time. I smiled slightly as my arms went around his neck.

"Just because everyone knows that Sky is a girl now that doesn't give you a free pass to be all lovey-dovey the whole trip," Easton warned. Leo pecked me gently before smirking at Easton.

"That's between Sky and me. Plus, it's not like you haven't seen it anyway," Leo reminded him. We were joked on for a while they finally moved on to playing around themselves. I swam around and relaxed as we just let go and had fun. After we were worn out from sun, we went back to the kitchen for food. We kind of just stuffed our faces with whatever we could find. Leo would touch my whenever he could. Even though I knew we would run into a lot more problems when we went back to the school, for now, Leo just seemed happy to be publicly be my boyfriend.

I got the spend the rest of our holiday break just being a girl. It was nice to not have to continuously look over my shoulder or worry about my skinship with Leo. Everyone seemed pretty easygoing after finding out. When we finally drove back to campus, Leo stopped everyone before we could get out of the van.

"After everyone finishes unpacking, come to our room for a meeting. Let the other car know too," he said. Leo grabbed our bags and walked with me back to our dorm. After setting the bags down, he wrapped his arms around my waist and sighed.

"What is the meeting for?" I asked curiously.

"Of course it's to discuss keeps my your secret. I can't let them run wild without setting up some rules first," he replied. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him gently. Leo was quick to deepen our kiss as one of his hands went to my cheek. We were interrupted by a knock on our door. Leo pulled away and sighed before going to open the door. I sat on Leo's bed and waited as the guys from the holiday trip slowly trickled in. I couldn't help but to count as the filled our dorm. Including Easton, there were ten guys who now knew about my secret. Once everyone was inside, Leo closed the door and turned to face everyone.

"Now that you all know about Sky. We need to set up some rules. It goes without saying that the secret should never be spoken about out loud. Don't leave evidence of it either. Don't even tell your parents about it; no matter how cool you might think they are. Don't touch Sky, and don't let anyone else touch Sky. If someone accidentally touches the wrong thing. She'll easily be found out. Don't let Sky drink. Sky tells the truth too easily when he's buzzed. Also, remember the proper pronouns. Even if you think you're alone, always use "he, his, him". Just one slip of the tongue will make everything crumble. My relationship with Sky at school is low key. I don't think that one needs further explanation. If anything troublesome happens, call me first. And if anything physically happens to Sky, look for Nurse Jackie first, she'll know what to do," Leo listed.

"Nurse Jackie knows about Sky?" Sawyer asked surprised.

"She does, but don't let her know that you know, or else, Sky is in danger of being kicked out," Leo explained. I sat quietly as I watched everyone's reaction. Most of the guys were still trying to process everything.

"Oh! We should call ourselves the Sky Guardians. It has a nice ring to it," Easton said, lightening up the tense atmosphere.

"Easton," Leo said disapprovingly.

"Make sure I have everyone's number, I'll start a group chat," Easton smiled, ignoring Leo. After Easton had everyone's number and the group chat was made, everyone left our dorm except Easton.

"I'm sorry I slipped up during the trip, Sky," Easton apologized. I shook ly head with a light smile.

"It's okay. The situation was kind of chaotic to begin with," I forgave him easily.

"You need to be more careful here. Don't let it happen again," Leo jumped in. Easton rolled his eyes at Leo before leaving us alone.

"Leo, don't be too anxious. We still have your start to worry about. If you get stressed over my problem, it won't help any," I advised. Leo sat next to me and pinched my cheek gently.

"I'm willing to be anxious over you. It's getting late. We should go to bed soon," he said lightheartedly before going to get his school clothes ready for tomorrow.
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