Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 29

Classes started back up. It was weird having the Sky Guardians. Now that they all knew, we would eat together and stick around each other more often. Our group had quickly become a sort of clique. At least Leo was more willing to talk to other people now. He was constantly checking in on them, and Easton used the group chat for ridiculous memes. But it was worth it for Leo to have other friends he could talk to.

Two weeks passed quickly. It felt like I had my own group of personal guards. Whenever one of the ten guys were around me, they were extra watchful. I felt like a precious, irreplaceable jewel in a traveling show. Even though Leo was with me most of the time, they were still watchful. Leo however, was getting better with the start now that he hand more eyes to watch me while he went to therapy. He could now see the starting gun and hear it go off without being sent into a panic attack, but he still wasn't levelheaded enough to actually swim after the starting gun went go off. Still, it was major progress.

"Next week, my doctor is starting hypnotherapy," Leo said as we walked back to our dorm after practice. I nodded thoughtfully as I strolled along the path. It was taking everything in me not to reach out and hold his hand.

"What do you think about it?" I asked as we entered our building.

"I think it will work. I really took what you said to heart. I can't let a man beat me still from his grave. I only spook a little bit at the noise now," he answered as we went into our room. After the door closed behind us, Leo wrapped his arms around my waist. My hands went to his chest as a reflex. He smiled lightly at me.

"You really are my lucky charm. It's all thanks to you that I get to be a normal athlete again. I love you," he said softly. They were words he hadn't said to me before, but I honestly felt the same way. I think I've been in love with Leo for a while now.

"I love you too," I replied as a small smile also made its way to my face. He leaned in and kissed me gently. It was a sensual kiss that made my heart thump wildly. I loved the feeling when his strong hands slid to my waist. He picked me up and held me steadily underneath my thighs as my legs wrapped around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. I wanted more of him. I wanted all of him. My hormones and heart were running the show now. When it came to Leo, I knew I didn't have much self control. Especially after our trip to the lake house, and his last words just undid me. Leo laid my back against the couch as he hovered over me. Our kiss broke and I brought my hand to his cheek as a soft smile graced my face. Leo smiled as well before pecking me gently.

"It's always me who has to put both of us back under control," he joked. I chuckled softly before shrugging. I was about to joke back when my phone rang. Leo sighed before moving from over me. I answered the phone curiously when I saw my mom's number.

"Surprise, sweetie! We heard it was Open Campus day at Stone Lake. We took a flight to come visit you," my mom said excitedly. I froze as I glanced at Leo.

"You're at Stone Lake right now?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well, not this very moment. Our plane just landed and we're taking a cab over there now," she explained.

"Oh, well, I didn't know you were coming so I-I'm out with friends right now, but I'll start heading back to campus," I lied in a panic.

"Okay! See you soon! Love you, honey," my mom said before she hung up. As soon as the line went dead, I called Freya.

"I need your help. Somehow my parents found out it was Open Campus day at Stone Lake. They're on their way now," I explained in a fish.

"Okay, don't panic. I'll take a cab over to you and bring some clothes you can change into. I'll be with you to show them around campus with you. I'm leaving now," she assured me. I sighed as I covered my face with my hands.

"Your parents are here?" Leo asked after a moment. I sighed as I nodded. I started grabbing my wallet and keys before I headed towards the door. Leo stood to follow me. I stopped at the door before looking back to him.

"I should go by myself. I don't even know how to explain your presence to my parents," I said. Leo only came to stand in front of me before holding my hand in his.

"I'll take care of that. I don't want to let you go by yourself. You know you're a terrible liar," he reminded me before pulling me out of the room. We signed out at the guardhouse before a taxi pulled up to us. The back door opened revealing Freya.

"Get in," she said quickly. We stuffed ourselves in the cab before it drove the ten minutes to Stone Lake. Freya handed me a girl's school uniform before we ran into the campus. Freya led us to her room where I changed quickly. The skirt was a little uncomfortable and it was weird seeing my chest in a dress shirt and bra but I didn't have time to think about all of that. I got a text from my mom just in time.

"I don't know anything about the campus. What if someone realizes they don't recognize me?" I asked nervously as we walked back to the entrance with Leo in tow.

"Don't worry; just let me do all the talking," she stopped me. I was so not ready for this.
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