Tenacious Sky

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*One Year Later*

I took the mask from my face with a sigh as I stepped off the mat. Practice for the Junior Olympic team was hard work sometimes. After I was released back home from the Male Fencing Nationals incident last year, I was immediately called to join the women's Junior Olympic team. Everyone seemed to know about the girl who pretended to be a boy and dominated the fencing world. Naturally, I agreed. It was my dream after all. The only downside was that I couldn’t be by Leo’s side for all that time. Hed only recently started doing swim meets again, so the Junior Olympic team had nothing to look at for him. He still studied at Preston Hills. I sipped my water before my teammate, Amber, helped me take off the vest.

"I don't see why you put in the extra practice all the time. You're already better than all of us combined," Amber joked. I smiled slightly before setting my water down.

"That's not actually true," I corrected her.

"It's almost lunch time. Are you going to the cafeteria today?" She asked as she stood and offered me a hand up. I accepted before going to the locker room with her. After showering, I changed into a pair of black leggings and threw on a skin tight warm up suit over my sports bra. I'd been embracing my femininity lately. Even my hair hung a little past my shoulders now. I followed Amber through the campus. The Junior Olympic training campus was huge, and set up kind of like a college. We even lived there. Amber and I talked and laughed as we walked on the sidewalks.

"Sky!" A voice called me out of the blue. Curious, I turned around. A charter buss was unloading the new batch of students coming to stay. One figure waved excitedly at me as he stood there. My eyes widened before I took off running. I jumped onto the most familiar figure and hugged him tightly as he held me close.

"Leo?! What are you doing here?" I asked in shock. Leo and I texted each other every time we could after I left, but I didn't see him again. After making it the the Junior Olympic campus, I barely rested, let alone had time to travel. Leo was busy himself at Preston Hills. Phone calls, FaceTime, and texting was the only way we could keep in touch. Still, he was here with the new arrivals.

"You never told me you made the Junior team? When did this happen? How are you here right now?" I asked in shock as I finally planted my feet back on the floor.

"I'm here too, ya know?" Easton said sassily from behind Leo. I chuckled before ruffling his hair.

"I wanted to surprise you. I asked Easton to keep it a secret," Leo explained as he held my hands in his. I felt like I could cry right now. I missed him so much.

"So you're going to be here with me from now on?" I asked excitedly. Leo pulled me into another hug as he sighed in relief.

"I told you I would support my superstar fencing girlfriend. Except I get to do it from the same campus now," he said before placing a kiss on my head. He looked me over before touching my hair gently.

"You're hair," he noted. I couldn't smile any bigger at Leo, I was so happy.

"Is it weird?" I asked. Leo smiled and shook his head.

"Not at all.'you're still as adorable as always," he answered.

"Still here," Easton said as he rolled his eyes. I chuckled before leaving Leo's hug to give Easton one.

"The three musketeers are back!" Easton said dramatically. Leo rolled his eyes at him.

"We were never the three musketeers," Leo countered. Easton turned to Leo fully.

"You're just jealous because you weren't the only one invited to the team," Easton argued. I laughed as I shook my head at them.

"I see nothing has really changed between you two," I laughed. They both stopped arguing to smile at me.

"Well, come on then. We have to show you we're to sneak into next time you want to see us after hours. We both know you'll have no problem sneaking into the boys' dorm," Easton joked. I rolled my eyes before Leo took my hand in his and took me with them. This was going to be the best year ever.
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