Tenacious Sky

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Chapter 6

After the study portion of our class we went to the locker room to change into our gym clothes. Leo eyed me warily as I stood in front of my locker. It was obvious that he could tell I was uncomfortable. He sighed as he opened his own locker.

"There's a bathroom around the corner from here. Get in a stall and go change there," He instructed. No one could hear him over the noise of everyone's chatter. I nodded before taking my bag out with me. After I was safely changed, I brought my uniform back to the locker room and set my things inside my locker. Luckily, the crowd had thinned out. Leo was still waiting for me. After I was done, I followed him out to gym used for general use.

"Alright everyone! Warm up, five laps, then we'll start basketball," Jason instructed. We ran through the warm up stretches and laps before it was time to divide into teams. Ryker and Leo ended up getting picked as captains. Being the barbarian he was, Ryker insisted on being skins. I was Leo's first pick and the picking ordered continued until everyone was on a team. Jason was refereeing the game and the game begun. It wasn't too bad to start. I was actually pretty decent at basketball. Both teams had racked up a fair amount of points. I couldn't help but to notice the small feud happening between Ryker and Leo. Ryker seemed determined to rile Leo up, but nothing he did worked. Leo let it all slide off of his back.

I was passed the ball and quickly sprinted to the other side of the court while dribbling. Before I could pass the ball or attempt to shoot it, I was shoved to the ground, twisting my ankle in the process. The ball rolled off as I hissed in a breath and grabbed my ankle. Looking up, I saw Ryker smirking back at me. Jason blew his whistle to stop the game.

"Sky!" Leo's voice rang out. He was the first to get to me as he knelt beside me and pulled my hands away to look at my ankle. It was already beginning to swell.

"It doesn't look good," he muttered to himself. Jason turned to Ryker with a stern look on his face.

"Ryker, I saw you do that on purpose. Head to my office now. Depending on how bad Sky's injury is, I'll be there shortly to issue your punishment," Jason said before turning to me. Leo was already attempting to get me to stand. Off of the floor, I couldn't quite step on my twisted foot.

"Can you walk?" Jason asked. I attempted to and immediately regretted it. Without hesitating, Leo bend in front of me and scooped my thighs around his waist in a piggyback position.

"I'll take him to the nurse," Leo explained as he walked towards the exit. Judging by the looks of surprise and shock on everyone's faces, I could tell this was unusual behavior for Leo, but I was in too much pain to speculate at the moment. He carried me through the main building and to the nurse's office.

"What do we have here?" The nurse asked as she came over to where Leo set me on a bed. The nurse was a woman with her slender frame clothed in pink scrubs with the name tag: Jackie. Her black hair was cut in a bob, making her electric blue eyes stand out even more.

"He twisted his ankle playing basketball," Leo explained carefully. She took off my shoe to examine my ankle before putting a cold compress around it.

"Luckily, it looks like it's just a sprain," she finally diagnosed.

"Ice it every night and keep it wrapped in the ace bandage I'm about to give you to reduce the swelling. You should be able to walk out of here and return to normal activities in a week," she instructed. Great, more time before being coached by Race Imboden. She offered me a pain killer before going back to her office.

"Thank you Nurse Jackie," Leo called after her. I sighed as I stared at my ice covered ankle.

"Just my luck," I muttered to myself.

"When you go to practice tomorrow, make sure you tell your coach, in detail, why you're hurt. The coaches are all pretty close and Ryker will get his punishment through his sport as well," Leo said. I simply nodded. This sucked.

"Do you have fencing practice today?" Leo asked, changing the subject. I shook my head quietly. Leo sighed before he stood and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"I'll be right back," he said before he left. I sighed before I leaned back on my hands. Nurse Jackie came back into the room and stared at me with her arms crossed.

"I noticed that Leo takes care of you. In all the years I've known that kid, he's never shown interest in his classmates. And I think I know why you're different," Nurse Jackie said as she came closer.

"We're just roommates," I said quickly. She scoffed.

"You anatomical features are weird for a guy. Under those baggy gym clothes you're wearing, it's easy to see that you have an hourglass shape. Your hips are wider than your waist. You don't have a chest, at all. For the guys here, they at least have pecks. You're completely flat. On top of that, your breathing is a little staggered. You haven't adjusted yourself once," she said as she stood beside me.

"I'm androgynous," I tried to excuse myself. She reached down and lifted the hem of my shirt. I tried to stop her but it was too late. She already saw the ace bandage around my chest.

"I knew it! You're going to kill yourself this way. Your chest can't handle that amount of pressure for that long. Why do you think we did away with steel-boned corsets? Women were breaking their ribs," she fussed.

"Please, I just want to be coached my Race Imboden. That's all," I admitted. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"And Leo knows about you?" She asked. I nodded. She sighed again before her hands went to her hips.

"In return, I help him with his panic attacks," I explained. Her eyes widened slightly.

"You're able to stop them?" she asked. I nodded hesitantly.

"And you're only here to train?" She asked for confirmation. I nodded again.

"Okay, okay... but if you get caught, I can't help you," she finally agreed. I sighed and took her hand in mine.

"Thank you," I said sincerely.
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