The Lord Who Played [Flemington #2]

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XVII. Caught in Between

Darla didn't know what to think. She was kissing James fucking Flemington. She swore that she would never let him underneath her skin again. And once again, she was proved to be a doxy and an idiot when this rake was around her.

They moved their lips together as James was pushing Darla against the wall. His hands were roaming her sides as Darla was gripping his cravat. Even the masculine smell of pine and woods was making her dizzy.

And James' kisses were making her dizzier.

She broke the kiss as James was moving to kiss her jaws and throat. She was angling her neck before she was gripping his hair by the nape. Darla was panting before James claimed her mouth again in a searing kiss that will surely haunt her dream again for 6 years to come.

It has been torture for 6 years where her dreams would always go back to the first kiss that they shared in Madame Flemington's townhouse back in Hamptor. She did not know why but the memory stuck to her brain like a moth was drawn to the flame.

Only this time, it was James' lips that she was yearning for.

James was kissing her roughly where she felt his hands were gathering her skirts to her thighs. She felt his big hands on her garter as he was trying to access her undergarments. Darla was not thinking clearly when James slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Their tongues battled for dominance and James took control of her mouth. He tasted of brandy and tea with lemon. It was intoxicating before his hand found her core. He slipped between the slits of her undergarment before she felt the flick of his fingers on her core. Darla broke the kiss.

"Oh gods," she moaned before James was kissing her neck. She felt his teeth on them before sucking her hot skin.

"Darla," James whispered huskily before his hand was making her squirm in her place. Darla never had anyone touch her privately, even she was not brave enough to play with it in the dark. This was the first time that she let anyone near her core.

And the first person to play her body was her mortal enemy.

James was kissing her chest before his other hand was removing her bodice and pulled the corset down until her erected nipple was on display. James licked his lips before he closed his mouth around it.

It felt amazing.

Darla moaned, unable to keep quiet now for she felt like she was being played by James like an instrument. He knew how to make her pant and moan and gasp within his reach and right now, she was on the edge of something that she never knew what it was.

"James," she moaned his name before her mortal enemy released her nipple.

"Come for me, Darla. Come for me," he whispered huskily as his hand was increasing the tempo and the speed on her clit. Darla bit her lower lips before James kissed her again. Then, stars were behind her ears as she gasped and James was biting her throat.

"Sweet mother," she breathed out before James was pulling his hand. She looked at it as there was something sticky between his fingers when he licked it clean with his mouth. Then, James smirked at her.

"You're so innocent, Darla," he said before Darla knew what was going on. She let James touched her intimately and now, she's in ruin. Anger consumed her blood before she did something that she knew to get out of any situation.

She slapped James on the face and ran out of the painting room once more.


Darla was breathing so hard as she went to her chambers. She did not know what to think anymore for her core was tingling after what James had done to her. I am an idiot. A wanton, desperate idiot, she thought before she was taking her traveling satchel and put everything that she needed in there.

"My lady, are you ready for bed?" her maid asked before Darla turned to tell her to get her riding habits ready.

"But, my lady, it is raining—"

"Just do as I asked, please," Darla said as tears were running down her cheeks. The maid curtsied before she went to get what Darla wanted. She cannot stay here. She has somewhere else to be. She needed to get out of Scatterford, away from her parents and heritage as well as from James.

That conniving, scumbag of a rake.

She wiped her tears away before the maid helped her to get inside her riding habits. It was black and the skirts were replaced with breeches. Darla drew her hood before she was nodding at the maid.

"If anyone asks where I went, tell them I need some time to think," she said before she opened her window and pulled out the rope that she stored in her bedchambers. Darla tied one end to the pillar tightly before throwing it down the rest onto the ground.

"Will you come back, my lady?" the maid asked before Darla turned to look at her. She was genuine about her safety before Darla smiled at her maid.

"You have been kind to me. I will be back but not until I sort things out first," she said for the last time and then jumped through the window as the rain raged on.


What the fuck just happened? James did not know what to think as he did not know what took over his body to consume Darla in the painting room. He was pacing around his bedchambers as the rain splattered against the window.

I have to apologize. Tell her it was a mistake. Tell her I did not mean to take her innocence, he thought as James was running his fingers through his hair before he decided that he would have to apologize to Darla now before anything happened tomorrow.

He went out of his bedchambers and went to search for Darla's bedchambers. It was on the other end of the estate before he was standing in front of the huge oak doors. James took a deep breath before he raised his hand to knock on the door.

Suddenly, the door opened and a maid was exiting from the bedchambers.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my lord. I did not know you're here," the maid said before she closed the door behind her. James stepped back for a moment before clearing his throat.

"Is Lady Darla inside?" he asked before the maid was nodding at him.

"Yes, she is resting, my lord. And she asked not to disturb her. Can I help you, my lord?" the maid said, staring at the ground before her superior. James sighed before he rubbed his neck.

"Oh...well. Thank you then." He said before the maid curtsied to him and left. James was staring at the maid before he knocked on the door after she disappeared around the corner.

"Darla? It's me, James. I need to talk to you,"

Silence. Utter silence. Then, he knocked on the door again.

"Darla, may I come in? I'm sorry for what I did in the painting room. It was inconsiderate of me to take advantage of you," he said before the rain can be heard on the roof.

"Darla? I'm coming in," he said before he was turning the doorknob and went inside. James was looking around before he saw that the fire crackled in the fireplace. The room was warm and dim. James shook his head, thinking that it would be inappropriate for him to be inside a maiden's chamber.

Even when it was his intended.

But before James went out of the chamber, he noticed the wet ropes that were sitting at a corner of the room before he turned to look around. It was tied to a pillar and the window's sill was wet. James went to investigate and when he opened the window, he saw something moving in the dark from the stables.

Then, it was dawned on him that the person who was running in and out of the stable has a golden mane that shone in the dark and her lithe form was on the horse before she took off. James cursed under his breaths before he closed the window and went to his bedchambers. If anything he knew about his mortal enemy, Darla would always find the easy way out of any problem that she had.

And this time, she took off right under his nose to be away from him again.


The old dowager countess, Lady Ashley Flemington was sitting by the window as she was sipping on her hot tea. The rain was pouring cats and dogs as she was staring at the stable. There was someone out there that wanted to get out of the estate.

Someone that she had predicted would be doing so after spending one evening with her grandson.

Lady Ashley took the 'gram that was coming from Warydeval, the elopement town. She knew that the gossips and tabloids on all the stuff that mattered to her will be going through her secret society of ladies that loved nothing more than talking about the scandals that were happening around Caga.

They were known as Scandalmongers.

Lady Ashley might be old and weary to the bones but her influence on those ladies was impeccable. And now, she was opening the new 'gram from one of her protégés named Veronica.

'It is confirmed that Lady Darla Lockwood has been asked for her hands in marriage by Baron Ladenhurst. But, Lady Darla has not responded to it yet. Will be investigating about it later on,'

Lady Ashley folded the 'gram before she was putting it on the window sill. She smiled when there was someone else that was going into the stable before taking off. The old dowager continued to sip on her hot tea as her plan unraveled itself in front of her.
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