The Lord Who Played [Flemington #2]

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XX. Sheltered Feelings

That jittery feeling whenever James kissed her lips. Darla did not experience that with Ruben. She only felt the jolt that was touching her heart and making her toes curled was coming from James's kisses.

I am so fucked up now, she thought before she was pulling James by the nape as her hands were wounding around him. James grunted before he was pushing his knee between her skirts. Darla obliged before he pinned her skirts to the bed.

"You're a thorn in my ass," James mumbled before he was kissing her neck and jaws. She panted as Darla knew how much James affected her and what his kisses can do to her body, whether she liked it or not.

True answer: she loved it so much that she cannot help but compared it to Ruben.

"James," she moaned as James was pulling her skirts up to be gathered at her waist. Her undergarment was exposed as well as her garter. James was pulling at her bodice to free her breast from her restricted corset.

"You are making me insane with needs, Darla. Why? Why is it has to be you?" James murmured before he captured her nipple. She arched her back as she was pulling at his hair before James's tongue was dancing wickedly on her erected nipple. His rough tongue was making her core wet.

"Darla," James whispered huskily before he was kissing toward her stomach. Her nipple was glistening from his torture as the cold air hit it, making it hard as a pebble. Darla was drunk with James's kisses before his sapphire orbs were focused on her face before he was pulling at her garters with his teeth.

She panted and breathed out heavily as the sexual tension was intense in the infirmary. She did not care if anyone was looking at her disarray clothing right now but if James left her there, she might explode.

"James," she reached out for him before he pinned her hands above her head, making her nipple to graze his waistcoat.

"Stay right here," he growled as he pulled his cravat to tie her hands together to the bed. Darla snapped to look at his knot before James was kissing her throat and whispered to her seductively.

"You will enjoy the ride, I promise you, my darling," James said before he went down on her. Darla was looking at her through her hooded eyes before James was slipping his fingers between the slits in her undergarment. She writhed under his touch.

James smirked before he was playing with her clit like she was an instrument to play his music. He kissed her on the lips as her thighs were spread apart before she was angling her neck to allow more access to her hot skin.

"Please," she begged, even though Darla did not know what she was begging for.

"Please what, my darling?" James whispered huskily before Darla was biting his lower lips. Then, she grinds onto his erected cock behind his breeches. James growled before she was pulling at his lower lips again.

"You minx," he grunted before he left her and went to kneel between her thighs. Darla looked up at him as James was smirking at her. He pulled down her stockings, revealing her smooth calves before he was pulling her drawers down her long legs.

"People might come in," she whispered, scandalized that Darla was naked from the waist down as James was perfectly clothed.

"No, they won't. They thought I was insane and only you can calm me down," James said before he snuggled against her core. Darla gasped before she felt his tongue on her clit.

"Argh!" she moaned before panting. James chuckled lowly as she can sense the hot breaths that hit her hot core.

"Please," she begged one more time before James was looking up from between her thighs.

"What do you want, Darla?" he asked as he was playing her clit with his fingers. She breathed in and breathed out before she spoke the words that were forbidden, even for her own ears.

"Make me come,"

James smirked before he was dipping his head toward her face, kissing her one last time before he did what she asked.

"So be it,"

James moved to put his head between her thighs, licking her clit and playing with her core. Darla was breathing deeply before she moaned. She never knew that she could make that sound until James was between her legs.

He was sucking and licking her clit before plunging his finger into her core. One finger before he inserted one more. Darla tensed before his sapphire orbs were looking at her face.

"Relax, Darla. Just enjoy the ride," he whispered before his tongue was on her clit again. She spread her legs even more before she was arching her back. Her hard nipple was caressed by cold air before James was playing with it.

She was writhing underneath his advantage before she can feel the similar sensation she had in the painting room. She moaned his name.


And then, Darla saw stars when James was biting on her clit. Her walls clenched around his fingers as James was pushing in and out of her core. She was breathing hard before James set back and licked her nectar from his fingers.

"Delicious," he said before he was pulling her skirts down and went to kiss her on the lips. Darla can taste herself on his lips and tongue as they were battling for dominance. Of course, James won and he released her hands from the cravat. Darla gripped his shirt before they broke the kiss and looked at each other.

James' eyes were cloudy and before Darla can say anything to him, he collapsed on top of her, snoring as he was sleeping soundly after making wonders to her body.

Darla was staring at the dim ceiling that was illuminated by one candle that was placed on the night table beside the bed. She pushed James off her body as she scrambled to put herself together. It has been hours since she can calm him down and the only way to do that was to let him play with her body.

I am a wanton. I am such an idiot, she thought as Darla tied the garters to her stockings and put her undergarments back in their place. Her nipple was concealed and her skirts were smoothed once more.

James was snoring on the bed as Darla was looking at the rake. Her heart was beating fast before she moved to drop the blanket over his body. She stood there before she sat on the bed and pushed his brown mane back from his forehead. Darla sighed before her heart shattered once more.

"What am I doing with my life?" she mumbled before she kissed his forehead and moved to blow the candle before moving out of the infirmary, ready to face the judgments from her peers. If I have to be labeled as wanton of a lady, so be it, she thought as she made her way to the dining hall with walls around her sheltered heart.


James grunted when the sun was lighting up his face. He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the sudden brightness that made his head spinning. The last thing that James remembered was that he was at a tavern, drinking without a care in the world before he was moving to mount his horse and rode away.

Then, he remembered that he was pounding on the huge oak doors that a woman, someone that Darla knew, was asking him what he was doing here. He remembered vaguely that he demanded to see Darla.

Then, he was thrashing all over when the woman was moving him into the infirmary. Two people were holding him down on the bed before someone else was coming into the infirmary. It was Darla with her lavender evening gown.

The skirts rustled when she moved to get to him and before he knew it, James pinned her to the bed and had his wicked way with her.

James closed his eyes again before his throat was dry as a fucking desert. He grunted before he sat on the bed and saw that someone was waiting for him to wake up.

It was none other than Lady Darla Lockwood instead.

She was holding a glass of water before James took it from her hand. He emptied it before she refilled it and then, he emptied it in seconds again. James was thirsty as hell and before they knew it, the pitcher was empty and Darla was clearing her throat.

"So...if anyone asks who are you to me, say to them that you're my intended," Darla said before she stood up from her sitting and went out of the infirmary. James noticed that there were some fresh linens for him to change into as he was smelling like shit.

Well, what happened last night surely has consequences this morning.


Darla was biting her lips when she got out from the infirmary last night. Rosie and Penelope were waiting in her room and they asked her what was happening in the infirmary. Darla did not know what to say or to expect before she broke into tears and cursed her heart.

They shushed her before they soothed her, telling her that it was okay. It was a sign that you're human. But will they tell her that when they know about James was her mortal enemy and she had been sworn to be Ruben's wife?

Everything was a mess now and Darla did not know, even being an ace from the academy, she was a failure when it came to her future choices.
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