The Lord Who Played [Flemington #2]

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III. Journey to Hamptor

Darla was making her way to the dining hall as her parents were chatting when she entered and she was taking a seat in front of her mother, on the right side of her father at the head of the table.

"Well, since it will be your last supper tonight, my dear, I have told the Cook to make something special and to remember us by when you're at the academy," her father, Baron of Cascadian was smiling at Darla. She smiled back.

"That was lovely of the Cook. Thank you, papa," she said before the servants were serving their dinner. She was looking at the rabbit stew that she loved so much that she cannot believe it has been—what years—since she was having it when she was a child.

And that night during the Summer Solstice when she first meets James Flemington.

They said their prayers since Darla's parents were born and raised in the Holy religion in which she was taught as well. After they finished it, they were enjoying the dinner as Darla was conversing with her parents about anything.

But not about the upcoming journey to the academy.

After dinner, they were retiring to the drawing-room as her parents loved to drink their ale in the warmth of the hearth there as Darla was doing her embroidery there. Or she tried to focus before she was yawning as the event of the day was catching up to her.

She put down her needle and linen before she excused herself to go to her bedchambers and sleep for the journey tomorrow.

"Good night, darling," her parents said before they were kissing her forehead and she left the drawing-room.

Her maid was waiting for her in the bedchambers before she helped Darla to get ready for bed. she replaced the gown with her nightgown and Darla dismissed her maid. She was staring at her reflection in the mirror before she was combing her hair. Her blonde mane was shining under the dim light from the candle before Darla made her way to the bed.

She blew the candle and hit her head on the pillow. She was looking at the window as the stars were twinkling far away from her. She sighed before she closed her eyes and the sleep claimed her.


The sun was rising as Darla was getting ready for her journey to Hamptor. It was a rush as her maid was braiding her hair down her back before she was getting Darla into the traveling habits that her mother has chosen.

Typical of the baroness. Always wanted Darla to be presentable even when they were just sitting in the carriage the whole ride.

"That would be all, thank you," Darla dismissed her maid as she bobbed her head before exiting the bedchambers. Darla was taking the shoes before she was putting them on herself. Better get used to doing anything by me then, she mused before she was patting down her skirts as she was looking at her reflection. She was happy with her image before she took the satchel that she will be taking to the academy. The traveling trunk was already loaded in the carriage.

"Darla darling! We're ready to go now," her mother said as Darla was closing her bedchambers before she was making her descend down to the parlor as she was smiling at her waiting mother. Her father was looking at his pocket watch.

"Alright. Let's get going then," the baron said before she was following her mother as her father was helping them to get inside the carriage. She took her skirts before she was climbing into the carriage. Her father was the last one in and closed the door. The coachman was clicking his tongue and the carriage was moving forward as the horses neighed.

Time for an adventure then, Darla mused as she was looking outside the window at the retreating sight of her manor in Scatterford.


Darla was looking at the vast sea that she saw from a distance as her parents were talking about something that she had no interest in. She always wondered about the stories of the country that was ruled by a Vampyre queen and her consort. She was also wondering about the rest of the Kingdom of Ludonea when her mother was pulling her from her imagination.

"Pardon?" she asked before Darla was turning to look at her mother. The baroness was pulling something from underneath her cushion and Darla knew instantly.

It was the pineapple tarts that she loved from the new shop that they visited yesterday.

"Oh, mother. How did you get them?" Darla asked when she was taking one of the tarts and nibbled on them. She was closing her eyes as she was smiling at the texture and the sweet-sour flavor from the tart. Her mother chuckled.

"I noticed that you like them so much that I just have to bring home some. And today, I think my effort was not wasted," the baroness said before the baron was taking one and nibbled on them.

"My word, it is good,"

"It is simply the best, papa," Darla said as she was looking at her parents before she turned to look at the sea again. this time, she was wondering if the rest of Ludonea has tasted this amazing tart in her hand.

It has been a few hours as the sunlight was standing at the top of their head. The best guess that Darla can make was that it was noon right now. Her father tapped on the roof before the carriage stopped and the footman was opening the door. He got off the carriage before her father helped them to get out of the carriage to stretch their legs.

"Well, this is wonderful," her mother commented when they were stopping at the edge of the forest that will be leading to Hamptor in a few hours. Darla was stretching her legs as she was walking around before she took the fresh air of the forest and she was smiling at the blue sky today.

It was a perfect day for a picnic.

As if reading her mind, the footman and the coachman were getting ready for the picnic as they laid out the mat and the food for lunch. Her parents were seated on the mat before Darla was making her way to the mat and took her seat.

"Here we go," her mother said as she was serving her father as well as Darla. The servants were taking their lunches near the grass as they were shading themselves under the trees. Darla was sipping on the cold water from the buckskin before she was smiling as her mother was passing the food around.

Stomach full and legs stretched as well as getting their business done in the bushes, they continued their journey in the forest as John coachman was whipping the horse and the carriage moved forward again.


Darla did not remember when she was falling asleep in the carriage as her head was supported by the window. Her parents were sleeping as well before her father was opening his eyes and he was pulling the pocket watch. Then, the coachman stopped and called after him.

"We have arrived, my lord," he said before her father was waking his wife. The baroness woke up before she was wiping her eyes with the heel of her palms. She was looking at Darla before smiling.

"Well, here we are. Hamptor, so great," her mother said as her father was getting off from the carriage. The footman was opening the door and held it as her father was helping her and his wife down.

Darla was taking in the sight of Hamptor in front of her. The sprawling town of Hamptor was known for the scholars to be conducting their teachings here and some of the students that have dedicated their lives to the knowledge that they wanted to discover.

Darla can see that this town was for her.

"I will be getting the room for us at the inn. Why don't you go with Darla, love, and make sure that she got registered for her education?" her father said before the baroness nodded. He kissed her for a while as Darla was looking away. She will never get used to her parents' affection.

She cannot see herself in the future being like that with someone. Especially that someone was James.

'You're the ugliest girl I have the misfortune to meet in my entire life,'

Darla gripped her hands into fists before she was pulling her mother and made their way to the academy to register Darla as one of the scholars there.

The youngest and cleverest that the academy will see.


Darla registered and she was given a room for herself during her education until she was eight and ten. She was smiling as her parents were kissing her forehead and told her to be a good girl and be the best that they know she could be.

Darla was waving at their carriage as they went to the inn to spend the night there before she was sighing. She turned to look at the building of the academy that will be her home for the next four years of her life.

"Let's get busy then," she said as she smiled before she was walking to her room with her hands tucked behind her.
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