The Lord Who Played [Flemington #2]

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XXXII. Confronting Her Enemy

Darla arrived at the courtyard of Flemington Manor, a few hours after sunrise. The rain had stopped and she was cold from the wet clothes that she wore. She dismounted her mare before the groom and the butler was shocked to see her there.

"My lady, are you alright?" the butler asked her before she was glaring at him.

"Where's Lord James?" she asked before the butler was blinking his eyes at her.

"Answer me!" she shouted before the butler was looking at her like she was possessed by the devil.

"Perhaps a good bath and clean clothes, my lady—"

"What are you doing to that poor lady?" Lady Ashley's booming voice has turned her attention from the butler to her former mentor. The old dowager countess was arching her eyebrow at Darla before she was making her way to greet the dowager.

"My lady," Darla curtsied before Lady Ashley was frowning at her.

"You're shivering," she stated as Darla looked at herself. Her hands were shaking as her nose was sniffing.

"It's nothing, my lady—"

"Take her to Lord James' chambers and make sure to draw a hot bath for Lady Darla. She will be needing some clothes as well," Lady Ashley said before the butler was ushering her inside and the groom led Pine away. Darla was about to protest but the look on Lady Ashley stopped everything before she was moving toward the chambers that belonged to her former betrothed.

Darla was stripped from the riding habits that she wore as the maids washed her body and pampered her. She did not have anything to say for she was tired and she wanted to have some time to nap.

But vengeance did not wait for a nap.

After she was dried and slipped into a morning gown, courtesy of Lady Ashley, Darla found herself sitting at the dining table and broke her fast with Lady Ashley. The old dowager did not say anything as Darla was stuffing her face like a pig.

"Have you forgotten everything that I taught you?" was her only comment as Darla tried to restrain herself to find James and murder him.

Then, Lady Ashley, ever so generous, told her that James was in the lake at the backyard of the estate.

"Do not be mad at him. I'm sure he had his reasons," Lady Ashley said before Darla was glaring at her.

"And what about my reasons? Did you ever think for one second—"

"Then, tell him your reasons and you hear his. Isn't that how a relationship works?" the old dowager made her way the drawing room before Darla sighed and went to search Lord James Flemington, a conniving, sneaking scoundrel.


Darla was making her way to the willow tree that stood proudly at the edge of the lake. She did not see anyone as the water was quiet and serene. Then, she heard a splash and saw the pretty brown hair that she dreamed to run her fingers through.

Get your lust under control, Darla, she scolded herself before she was looking at the disarray clothes that were sitting under the tree. Then, she turned to look at the owner of those clothes. James was rubbing his face as his back was to Darla. She gulped as she saw the water droplets were running through his muscular back before she took a deep breath and announced her presence.

"So, this is what a rake does after he had played with a maiden's heart?" she said through her gritted teeth as James startled by her. His eyes were wide before he blinked his eyes, not knowing if Darla was real or an illusion conjured by his mind.

"And I still see that you don't want to acknowledge me," she said as Darla was crossing her arms in front of her chest, pushing her breasts against the corset that she wore. James's eyes were attracted to that movement alone.

"My face is here, my lord," she said before James was looking at her face. His sapphire orbs were smoldering but Darla would not give up first.

"And you still want to sneak up on me while I was taking a bath, my lady? How shameless of you have become," James said before Darla snapped her eyes to his face. He smirked at her.

"Don't you dare talk about being shameless! If anyone around here who is shameless, it would be you, my lord!" she shouted before James tilted his head.

"Oh? Care to prove it then?" he said with a smirk plastered to his lips. Damn him!

"You...insufferable...conniving—" Darla said as she was throwing his clothes into the river. James swam over as she was ditching it into the lake, a smile was plastered to her lips as her revenge was accomplished.

"Stop it, Darla,"

"You stop it," she screamed as Darla did not realize that tears were streaming down her face. James was at the bank of the river as he held her wrists while Darla was trying to get away from him.

"Get off me, you scumbag, scoundrel—"

James kissed her and pulled her down into the river. Darla shrieked before she was surrounded by water. James was pulling her closer as his hand was around her waist and her hands were planted against his bare chest, trying to put some distance between them.

His kiss was ferocious as Darla was trying to ignore the desire and lust that ignited inside her by that kiss alone. After a long struggle, she succumbed to her inner desire. James sensed the change in her behavior before they went to the surface as Darla gasped for air.

"You are one conniving rake! You kiss anyone that you—"

Darla was shut again by James as he kissed her and shoved her against the bank. Her legs were wrapped around his torso before she sensed his bulging erection.


"I want you, Darla. I need you," he said as he was kissing her jaws and throat before Darla was angling her neck for more access. Then, James was pushing her skirts up to her waist before he found the heart of her and Darla moaned, gripping his shoulders for support.

"Don't...James," she moaned before James slipped one finger then two inside her. She jerked but James kissed her as he was trying to put her mind away from the torture that he made to her body.

"Do you want me, Darla?" he asked before Darla was biting her lower lips. Then, James was biting her lower lips as she was moaning.


"Say you want me, Darla darling,"

"I want you, James. Put me out of my misery," Darla said before James gripped her thighs and pushed his tip to her entrance. She threw her head back before James pushed his cock into her entrance as she screamed.

They both stilled as Darla's tear was running down her cheek. James kissed it away before she was cradling his face and kissed him, trying to tell him that he had ruined her forever.


What have I done? James thought as he saw the tear on Darla's face. His heart broke by the sight before he was pulling her by the nape and kissed her tenderly, sweetly as he could. Trying to make this bearable.

But Darla's kiss was different. She was trying to convey her feelings into this before she broke it and turned away from him. James was breathing hard as his cock was inside her tight canal.

She was a virgin and I took it like a madman.

They were breathing hard as the silence was engulfing them. James could hear the beating of her heart before he reached out to Darla.

"Look at me, Darla darling," he whispered as Darla shook her head. He tried again.

"Look at me, please," he said before Darla closed her eyes and breathed in deep. Then, she exhaled as she turned her amber orbs to his face. There were emotions in her eyes that told the whole story to James.

Lust. Desire. Pain. Betrayal. Hurt.

And love.

James was not expecting the last one for he had done something despicable to his one true love. Will Darla ever forgive him for being a barbarian for her first time.

"I need to go," Darla broke the silence as she tried to move away from him. James gripped her tighter.


"I know why you're here and I know that I don't deserve your forgiveness," he said as Darla stopped in her struggle to getaway. James closed his eyes before he was looking at his love. Then, Darla did something unexpected.

She slapped him.
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