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Forgive Me, One True Time.

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Saying I Love You is the "easy part". The simple, yet complicated three words are strong enough to embrace one's heart as the meaning speaks itself. A Promise that an "I Love You" conjures even without promising to be there for one another is meant to be, which makes a destiny of two lives "One". But, when the actual destiny strikes them, does their failed destiny breaks into two destinies, or do their hearts break into million pieces that seek forgiveness for their own transgressions? Indulge yourself into one such story of lovers—entailng true love, forgiveness, life, and lives of the veracious.

Romance / Poetry
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A Warm Welcome to my world of imaginative interpretations. I never knew that writing could make my stories look better than in my imaginations.

Writing sure is a challenge. It’s unlike imagination that you often rave up in your mind, it’s easy. But bringing life to your characters in the form of a story, keeping them bonded in one place across a blank space is just as beautiful as a picture. Therefore, fictitious.

Hence, the names, characters, business, places resembling actual people, living or dead, or real events is purely coincidental.

Enjoy reading!

And, yes, please do not hesitate to critique or even to appreciate any part of my work as it helps me to make me a better writer in my future works as I’m an amateur.

Also, if you like my story, please do like it and please be free to share it with your family & friends. Do follow me for further updates on my stories and work. Don’t forget to let me know how you feel about it.

Thank you! :)

Copyright © 2021 by Ashitha Bhanu

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