Chance, Choose, Change

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You have the Chance to Choose what you want to Change in life. Jake and Lily are two teens, they live right next to each other and are best friends. They met in primary school. Ever since then, they became really close. Even now they go to the same high school. Crystal High School to be exact. It's one of the best high schools in the town of Bustern Lake. Don't even get me started on this town, it's so beautiful, with lots of welcoming people and theirs always a special holiday, event or party. Such as Seek-n-find, Oppozites and Talent Day etc... But then, what happens when a mystery needs to be solved?. Do you think that the new kid in town will affect their friendship?. How will they know who is human or not?. The big question is: What Will They Do?.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1- How It Started

Lily's POV

It's Monday, September 6. I'm in class (2C), as today is my first day of 8th grade. Hi, Sup?. I'm Lily Flower. A 14 year old sitting in the third row of class. Everyone else is busy preparing for class. Walking, talking, texting. I'm completely bored out of my mind.

My best bud Sierra Walker is sitting on my right. She's very cool to have around. Sierra has red, long hair and pretty green eyes. We had met in primary school and I'm glad she was in the next step with me. At the time, she had another friend: Simon Jones. She's got this huge crush on him. When I say huge I mean huge. But just don't say anything. Shhhhhh...

Simon's a table away from my left. He's the nerd. No, wait, sorry. Correction: The Nerd.
Blonde hair, blue and ofcourse a cute set of glasses.

The table that's empty on my left was suppose to have a certain someone in it. Mainly, Jake Williams. My best friend.

It's his first day of school and he's already late. I mean, we usually take the bus together, but I was too busy being in my 'own world' to actually notice that my best friend is not with me. Which is weird since we are (most of the times) the first or second ones to reach on the bus.

Anyways, enough about that. I turn to Sierra who is strangely playing around with her hair. A thing she does when she's thinking. About Simon ofcourse.

"What's the first subject of the day?" I asked without thinking.

She gave me a confused look.

"I didn't get the time table." I added. Which was true, ish, sorta.

She then reached into her bag and handed me a folded piece of paper. I took it and started to unfold it.

Let's see, ummm... Monday... MATH. Nooooooooo!!!. Why, cruel world, why?!.

"You can keep it, I have another one."

"Ofcourse you would." I said plainly. With Sierra, she's ready for anything. That's one thing I like about her.

"What?" She smiled.

I shook my head as I turned away from her and continued looking on the paper in my hands.

"Nothing, um, thanks."

I glanced to see that she was now
chewing her hair. I slapped her fingers away from her mouth.

"Ouch. What is wrong with you?." She asked rubbing her fingers.

"I could ask you the same thing." Even though I already knew. I mean, think about it, a nerd and a cool girl, it would be cute.

She sighed.

"It's just...,"

I nodded for her to continue.

Go on.

"Well you know...," Her face turned red all of a sudden.



Me and Jake were at the park. We had told Simon and Sierra to meet us there. Most of the times this is where we would hang out. Not many people come here alot. So we would just lay on the soft, green grass or sit on a bench and chill. There's this one bench we usually sit by. It has this large, peaceful tree a bit far infront of it.

That's where me and Jake had been hiding as soon as Simon and Sierra had gotten here.

"Look." Jake said pointing at our targets.

The redhead picked up a paper off the bench, we had placed there for them, that read that we would soon be back. So they sat and waited.

I remember when every once in a while Simon would tell a joke and it would make Sierra smile that beautiful smile. And that made me smile, to see how happy she was with him. Told ya, cute.

Why couldn't they see that?

Minutes had passed and my position wasn't taking it that easy on me. I really had to go.
It was at that moment when they realized that we weren't coming back. You should have seen how awkward it had gotten from there.

"So..." Simon said with a little nervousness in his voice.

"So..." Sierra repeated.

I can't take this anymore. They wanted to say it. It was on the tip of their tongue. Just ready to flow out. So I did something that none of us saw coming, not even for myself.

I stepped out from my spot and yelled:


"Lily what are you doing!?" Jake whisper yelled, pulling me back.

He then looked to see Simon and Sierra heading towards us. With a: not so pretty expression on their faces.

We ended up running for our lives. After that they didn't stop bugging us, for weeks.

~ End of Flashback~

I really wished I had took the time to plan things out that day. Like locking them into a basement. Just kidding, I would never do that, yet. I mean, I should have thought it through more. To just make them do it whenever they're ready. It's hard speaking what's on your mind when you don't know how the other person would react to it. Even when it includes your feelings.

It's sounds weird to it. Feelings.


I was about to say something to her, when my worst nightmare came through the classroom door.

Miss Beak (our Math teacher).

We all stood up.

The entire class: "Good Morning Miss Beak."

"Sit!." She said through gritted teeth.


Momemts Later:

We were doing another class since Math was gotten over with. Yay!. So now we're doing Integrated Science. The teacher seems nice. He's been writing notes for us... as the classroom door slowly opens. Then in peeked that same nincompoop.
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