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Vexatious Passion

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"Oh! Poor poor Syrene in a lovey dovey relationship with her prince charming, isn't it babe? You thought you"ll come and deal my life and become the heroine kill yourself then your friends and family will pull you to life by a magical resurrection spell. That ain't gonna happen girl. I don't care if I have to go to jail but I won't let Ray Bateman to be happy after what he has done to me. Let him take care of Hope for a while now. I have done enough." (Corrine couldn't finish her sentences.....she screamed in anger..) Ray Bateman is from a modern royal family. His father has been dominated his whole world. And that met him believe that he is not meant for love. Ray pushed himself throughout his life from reality check. Syrene never dreamt of a fairytale.She kept her feelings behind her carrier. Syrene and Ray falls in love deeply. Then a dark past flashes on them.....

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Mom please!I am just going for an interview and then I’ll come back after finishing it up,why are you exaggerating the whole fact of me being a girl n dad left us n blah blah.......’I made puppy dog eyes the whole time while saying these words hoping mom won’t make a fuss about the situation. But asap mom gave that expression I was disheartened.
Mom smiled at me, then she patted my shoulder held my one hand and said
Mom- Because I am worried.....

That one word can really move my heart.
Me-Mom you really don’t have to be so much worried,I am grown enough and can take care of myself.
Mom-Yeah yeah! I know all about you being grown up you taking care of me now and everything else, but honey you are my only family. I know I am nagging but I’m just one overprotective mother. And I know you are good but still...

I am Syrene Forbes. I live with my mother June Forbes. We are a small family of two in Georgia. We stay in a rented house, which is a small studio apartment. My mom’s parent stay here in Georgia after three blocks. And that is the major reason why we are here. We lost the head of our family long ago. He is not with us anymore... My mother calls me Sera. And for the first time in my life I was crossing my fingers and hiding things from mom.
I was going for a beach trip in Driftwood. I knew that there’s nothing wrong. But my mother won’t understand that. Its a sudden plan made by my friend Suzanne.

My father left us when I was in seventh standard.My mom had an affair that affected my dad,he didn’t think about me for once and walked out of our life with another woman for his own reasons. I was a reserve kid throughout. But sooner or later life changed me in many ways.I stopped showing pitty for myself.I started to portray the confident and strong side of mine.Because after my dad left I realised that life is not easy at all.We learned to earn our bread n butter by ourselves and no body bothered.

But today I am going to have some fun with my friend ummm..... friends I suppose. Now why this mumbling about the friends part cause I was going on a trip with Matt and Ray. The new guys from our group. I’m not too sure about going with them because we hardly know them and they are technically Miranda’s friends friend. Well Miranda is one of my group mates I started hanging out recently. But my friend Suzanne is very sure that those guys are safe to travel with I don’t know why she is though. Anyway Suzanne never leaves me much choice so I just quickly packed my bag comforted my mother that I was not going on the top of any volcano and left after kissing her goodbye.

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