Fire and Flames

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IX. Him again


“Oh yes, dear I’m going to punish you so badly that you would dare not mess with me,” I said in a low voice, looking straight into her widened eyes.

She gulped, my eyes wandering to her slender and long neck. I could see a light purple shade on it which she tried to hide using make-up. I regret doing it, I’ve hurt no woman that way. This was my first time.

I was so angry yesterday and she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She pulled my last restraint, and I pounced on her. It might have hurt a lot. I wanted to apologise and treat her wounds myself but that would give the wrong impression on her.

I would dare not get attached to anyone. I don’t want to go through that pain again. I don’t even do one-night stands as it’s a waste of time and meaningless. I only have time for my mother and my best friend Daniel, who has been with me since nursery. Yes, that long.

I felt her squirming in my hand, bringing back my attention to her. Her nose crinkled as she focused on escaping from my hold. I pulled her closer. Her soft and small body felt perfect in my arms.

For some reason this brought a smile to my face, she looked up and I quickly changed my expression to a cold and stern one.

“What are you going to do?” She asked, her voice trembling.

That’s how scared you should be, Athena.

“It’s for me to decide” actually I don’t know what to do. Hmmm, I’ll think later.

“Now go type these files, there’s a new laptop and phone on your desk” I stated and left her walking towards my desk.

I noticed her running out of my office as if caught on fire. I chuckled and sat on my seat taking the coffee she brought. It turned cold but I can’t function without a cup of coffee. I took a sip and immediately spat as I tasted the horrendous sweet liquid.

“What the heck is this?” I said angrily.

Yuck! It’s so sweet and I hate anything sweet.

I threw the cup into the dustbin and wiped my desk discarding the tissue. Oh, she’s so going to pay for this! No one ever dared to defy me and she’s the first person to ever go against me.

That girl is having a death wish! I’m going to make her survival here like hell and resigning won’t be an escape for her.

I decided to get a new cup of coffee, ugh she ruined my mood for the day. I left my office and went outside the building. I was about to walk towards the cafe but a familiar blue bike caught my attention. I scanned the number plate. It’s the same one that scratched my car.

It was parked in my building premises, which means it belonged to one of my employees. I called security and asked whose bike it was.

“Sir, it belongs to a lady. She’s new here,” he replied scanning the bike

A lady? Who’s new?

This points out to one person and that’s my new PA.

I smirked thinking about the punishment. This is a win-win situation for me. She’s so going to regret messing up with me.

I know exactly what to do. Now suffer Athena!


I left his office immediately, I couldn’t bear to stand in his presence. I thought he was going to choke me again but he didn’t. However, I don’t think he’s going to spare me when he drinks that coffee. Oh no! I’m dead.

I need to make new coffee for him but he told me to complete this work. I groaned in frustration pulling my hair.

Work first!

I took the box out of the desk drawer, it’s a new Macbook. The seal was open, I set the laptop up and noticed everything was installed in it. Entering the password he gave, I quickly started typing the files and finally after two hours it was done.

I cracked my knuckles easing the pain and leaned into my seat as I let out a long sigh. Since I don’t have anything to do I decided to go out and see the building.

I went to his office and knocked three times gathering all my courage and praying to God to help me pass this phase of the test.

“Come in Miss Walker!” huh how did he know it was me?

I opened the door slowly peeping inside, he stood behind the desk looking outside with his hands shoved into his pocket. His stance screams power and authority.

I closed the door and stood near the door in case if he attacked me it would be easy to escape. “Sit,” he said monotonously, his eyes focused on the screen of his Macbook.

I gulped and slowly walked towards the chair sitting in front of his desk. I folded my hands, chanting a silent prayer in my mind.

I noticed there isn’t any coffee cup on his desk. Shit, he drank it, now he’s going to punish me terribly.

“Why did you come?” His voice brought my attention back to him.

“Uhh...” I fumbled with my fingers unable to come up with an answer. “I want to know what I should do next, also I don’t know this place properly.” finally I said without stuttering.

He still didn’t bother to look at me. Is he planning different ways to murder me? Noo! I’m way too young to die!

He didn’t speak for some time, this made me antsier. Tell me something!

He turned around and I quickly looked down unable to meet his eyes. He sat on his chair leaning behind. “I’ll send someone to your office, he’ll show you around. After that, you can go back home from Tomorrow the actual work starts.”

I nodded, way too shocked to use my voice. He’s leaving me like this Without any yelling or warnings?

I looked at him slightly surprised. He had a blank look written on his face but his eyes held an intense look in it as if thinking something.

“And one more thing,” he replied, taking a red file out of the drawer before placing it in front of me.

“It’s your contract, read carefully and sign it,” he stated.

I took the work contract and tried to read through each word carefully. I don’t trust him a bit. What if this is a human trafficking thing?

I wasn’t able to concentrate on any of the words, how can I when you know someone’s watching you like a hawk. I bit my lip as I skimmed through the words. Feeling satisfied I decided to skip to the last page.

I then realised I didn’t have a pen. Should I ask him? I took a small breath and moved my gaze to him, his eyes were already trained on me. He had this predatory aura around him, it was his eyes that drew me more towards him. It felt if I stayed longer I might sink deep into them.

“Can I borrow a pen?” I asked timidly. His hand reached to his side to grab a pen from the pen holder before bringing it to me all the while his eyes stayed on mine. I averted my eyes quickly, trying not to squirm under his intense gaze. Reaching over the desk I took the silver Montblanc pen, my fingers grazed his skin lightly and I sucked in a breath to calm my nerves which were going haywire.

I pulled my hand back and signed at the column below, before giving it to him.

Right after I gave it back, I regret signing it. I felt a sinking feeling that this isn’t going to turn out well.

He didn’t say anything “Am I dismissed?” I asked, glancing at him.

“Yes!” was all he replied before he started working again.

I gave a gentle smile and walked towards my cabin. After a few minutes, the door opened and the guy whom I saw yesterday stood by the door.

He looked surprised when he saw me but put on a brilliant smile broader than Cheshire cats. “You got the job?” He asked coming towards me.

“Ya, I did” I shrugged, getting up from my seat.

“That’s so cool now we could hang out often. Can’t wait to introduce you to my friends.” he gushed happily.

For a guy, he speaks way too much. Ruby would absolutely love to be in his company. Both are chatterboxes.

“Sure, Now let’s go for the tour” I smiled and walked away. He quickly caught up with me and we started walking side by side. He pressed the lift and we entered.

“I didn’t see you at the reception today” I glanced at him

“Ohh, that’s because I’m not a receptionist”

“Then what do you do?”

“I work in the managing department but my friend Rosa couldn’t come so I took her place” he explained

“Ohhh!” I nodded in understanding, the doors opened and we stepped out into an unknown floor. It was huge and had many cubicles. People were busy doing their work.

“This is my floor, the Management Department.” He pointed out

I followed him around the building, him explaining everything and me silently listening. This building is huge so he only showed me the important places.

After our small tour, he took me to the cafeteria. I was surprised to see such a huge cafe. They had all kinds of stuff so why did that monster ask me to get coffee from out when he could easily get it in his company?

Pierce guided me to a table where a girl with red hair and a brown-haired guy sat. They looked up noticing our presence.

“Guys meet Athena she’s our boss new PA” pierce whispered the last part.

I smiled at them and did a small wave telling them ‘hi’.

The girl with the red hair smiled at me, her green eyes lighting up. “I’m Rosa, I’m so glad to finally meet someone who isn’t bitchy.”

I offered a small smile, should I get offended by it or not?

“Glad to meet you, Rosa. You’ve got a pretty name” I complimented.

She smiled “Thank you”

I sat down beside her, I noticed the brown-haired guy staring at me with a frown. Our eyes met and he looked away suddenly. Weird!

I shrugged it off and started talking to them. Pierce insisted on getting my food even though I stopped him but finally I gave up. That guy is stubborn!

The brown-haired guy whose name is Andrew works in the IT department. He didn’t speak anything but Rosa said it takes time for him to adjust to a new person.

We talked over lunch and even exchanged our numbers. I went back to my office to collect my stuff and return home.

I took my belongings and went outside the building to the place I parked my bike. Only to see the cruellest thing.

My bag fell to the ground as I ran towards my bike “My Baby!”

It was destroyed so badly. The seat ripped off, my custom blue paint chipped away, Tyres punctured. Whoever did this wasn’t by accident it was clearly done on purpose. Who would do this to my baby?

I heard someone chuckle behind me. Oh, I know who did this and the owner is standing right behind me. I turned around glaring at this monster.

“You!! How dare you destroy my bike!” I spat angrily. He didn’t seem to care about my words and rolled his eyes. That added more fuel to my fury.

“That’s your punishment, I could’ve done something worse by the things you have done.” He smirked, that evil smirk that shows his hate towards me.

I laughed humorlessly before glaring at him “You made a mistake messing with me” I gritted my teeth, I know I yelled at him and also scratched his car but it doesn’t mean he should destroy my poor bike. It held a lot of memories for me.

I wanted to cry my heart out but not when this devil is standing right in front of me, not to mention smirking at my current situation. He scoffed and started walking away. I watched him halt, “Let this be a reminder to you before you do anything wrong next time.” he said over his shoulder before walking away.

I stood still stunned by his punishment. I glanced at my broken bike and took the bag which fell from my hand. After giving one last glance at my baby I walked towards the bus stop or hoped to catch a tram.

My hatred for him has increased by ten folds. I clenched my fists and walked towards my destination.

Wait for the right time to attack.


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