Fire and Flames

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XI. Drama loves me


It’s been a week since I started working as Mr Kings PA and him destroying my bike. I didn’t have enough money to repair it so now I have to travel by bus which took more time than usual. I didn’t defy any of his orders and also acted as a loyal employee. Even though I wanted to choke him to death, I had to give him the impression that his warning has an effect on me. Just wait for some time, this is the calm before the storm!

As expected, Mr. King gave me a lot of work that I barely had time to rest my poor fingers. He became more cold and arrogant towards me if that is even possible. I hate him to the core. He and his stupid company should suffer only then he’ll come down from his tall ego.

I heard the intercom go off. I picked it up lazily, “COME TO MY OFFICE NOW!” His loud voice boomed through the speaker, making me deaf for a second.

He cut the call before even listening to me. Arrogant bastard!
What crept up his ass and died?

I groaned and got up from my seat. I wore my heels and stomped towards his office. Each step I took, increased my anger and frustration. Now, what does he want!

I opened the door not bothering to knock and glared at him. He looked up from his file, his brows knitted “There is something called knocking” he stated harshly, clenching his jaw.

“And there is something called patience which you don’t have!” I retorted with equal hate.

His eyes turned dark as he glared at me. I know he is angry but he would dare not touch me.

“Now what do you want?” I barked, his glare hardened so I smiled before adding “Sir?” a bit too sweetly. Hoping it would calm his bruised ego.

“Reserve a table for two in the finest restaurant, make it quick” he waved me off

“Okay, sir!” I smile and said in a high pitched tone to annoy him. I turned away and headed to my cabin. I made the reservation and by the time I was done typing three folders, it was already one.

Yes! It’s lunchtime! My favourite.

I stretched my hand and got up walking towards the elevator and went to the cafeteria. I noticed Pierce and Rosa sitting on our usual spot. I waved at them and sat beside Rosa. “Hey, guys!”

“Hi, Athena!” Both said in unison

“How is your day?” Pierce asked munching on his fries.

“So wonderful that I feel like I could spend the rest of my life here,” I said sarcastically causing them to laugh.

“Why is it that bad?” Rosa asked with an amused smile.

I rolled my eyes thinking about that monster, which only boils my blood. “Bad will be an understatement. Being around him is like visiting hell!” I shuddered at that thought. He brought hell to earth and more specifically his only target is me.

“Poor Athena, don’t worry you’ll get used to it,” Rosa assured me. I smiled back and left to get my food.

While having lunch my mind drifted wondering what has was doing right now?

Having lunch duh! My conscience mocked

Not that way! Whom would he be having lunch with? His girlfriend? Nah! Who in their right mind would date him.

I also heard he doesn’t date anyone nor does he have flings. That’s kinda weird for a very handsome man like him, he could get any girl he wants but still, he doesn’t.

I shook my head and focused on getting food. I ordered pasta and took it to the table. I noticed Andrew still hasn’t come.

“What happened to Andrew?” I asked taking a seat beside Rosa.

“He’s having some extra work and that boy doesn’t rest till he gets his work done” Pierce shook his head in an exasperated manner.

We laughed at him and continued eating our lunch.

“Hey it’s the weekend wanna go out tonight?” Rosa asked

“Sure I don’t have anything to do, also can I bring my friend?” I agreed to tag along plus it’s been a week since I’ve gone out other than work.

“That’s great!” Rosa clapped her hands “how about the club?” She asked expectantly

Club? Hell no!

“I’m not a club kinda person”

“Aww, come on its just for a night” she whined

“Still no! a night could change many things” what if I get drunk and some random guy kidnapped me? What if someone kills me? What if I lose my virginity? Oh ya, I’m still a virgin. Perks of staying at home 24/7.

“Come on Athena, all of us are there and I promise nothing will happen to you” Pierce assured, he’s such a charming gentleman. Sometimes I wish Zephyr took classes from him.

Rosa rolled her eyes causing me to chuckle and Pierce to huff in response. These two have something going on.

I finished my lunch and went back to my cabin only to find more files on my desk. I took the yellow sticky note and read “Get these files retyped and filed and then you can go home”

He’s got nice penmanship. My handwriting is so bad I remember I had to rewrite all my assignments as my teachers couldn’t make out anything in my writing.

I sighed loudly and sat on my chair, cracking my knuckles to start the mountain task ahead. After painstaking typing and checking it’s finally over.

I opened my phone, it’s almost five. What would I be doing if I was the CEO of my company?

Probably it’s more stressful but I could boss around. I laughed at that thought and stood up gathering the files and walking towards his office. I knocked on the door thrice. No response.

I tried a few more times again I was greeted by silence. Is he sleeping? I opened the door slightly and peeked inside, he was nowhere to be found. That’s weird! He never leaves office this early.

Who cares! I placed the files on his desk and left the building. I walked towards the bus stop and took the bus towards Ruby’s flat.

I reached the building and went upstairs. When I reached the door was locked, which usually is. She comes back at around six but it’s six and she’s no here. I took the keys and unlocked the door before stepping inside. I hung my creme people coat on the rack and removes my boots before heading towards my room to change.

I changed into sweatpants, an oversized hoodie and finally some warm fuzzy socks. This is my favourite thing to wear, so comfortable and warm.

I really don’t want to go to a club, it’s so cold outside, winter is nearing. I heard my phone beep, I checked it and saw messages from Ruby, Rosa and finally an unknown number.

Who might this be?

I checked the message

Unknown: In my office now!


Me: Who are you?

After few moments I got a reply

Unknown: I’m your Boss Miss Walker. Now get your foot here ASAP!

I smirked, I’m not going there. Let him do whatever he wants alone. There is something called as magic words which he doesn’t care to use.

Ugh! I’ve got to teach him a lot.

Me: I’m sorry sir, it’s past my working hours. So I can’t come!

I sent, waiting for his next warning.

Unknown: I don’t care I’ll pay you extra come here fast!

Now that’s what I call a deal. I smiled and headed towards my closet. I changed my sweatpants pants to black jeans. I’m too lazy to change my hoodie.

I took my sling bag and headed towards my office after locking the door. I left a note for Ruby telling her I’m having work.

I reached the building within twenty minutes and rushed to the lift pressing his floor button. I heard a ding and stepped out, sprinting towards his cabin.

I knocked on the door, I heard an angry come in. Now, what did I do?

I opened the door and noticed the files I kept lying all around the floor. All my hard work! I looked at him with a frown.

He sat behind his desk, leaning on the desk with his hands clasped together. He wore an angry look, well he always looks like that.

“What is this?” He asked pointing towards the mess that he created. Well, that’s supposed to be my question.

I raised an eyebrow “Those are the files which I’ve edited?” I replied nonchalantly.

“Well those aren’t done properly, write the whole damn thing again and you won’t be leaving till you get it done” he ordered

I gasped, it will take another five hours to get this done Also I remember typing and checking it correctly. Is he blind?

“Sir, I’m sure my work is done perfectly you might’ve made a mistake in checking” I stated boldly, I hate people accusing me wrongly.

He stood up and crossover to me, within a second he was right in front of me fuming with anger. I’m not going to back away this time. I returned a glare of my own telling him I’m not intimidated by his presence.

“How dare you question me! Do you remember what was the price you had to pay last time for defying me?” He clenched his jaw. His expression was cold and stony.

I rolled my eyes and folded my arm’s. He held my chin harshly making me look at him. “Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!” He sneered

“What if I do?” Oh shut up Athena!

“You’ll pay for it”

“Okay,” I said and rolled my eyes. Within a second I was pushed into the wall and my wrists were held above my head in a tight grip. I was about to kick him but he predicted my move and kept his knee between my legs. Oh-oh! Now I’m trapped.

What’s wrong with me? Why do I always have to irritate him? Stupid stupid girl! I scolded myself mentally.

I tried to wiggle from his hold “What’s wrong with you? Why do you always hurt me? ” I snapped at him,

“You always bring trouble to me and your the first person to ever defy me” his cold tone brought shivers down my body.

“Well I’m sorry for whatever I have done, now let me go”

He didn’t reply anything and continued to stare at me. I tried to wiggle out again but he’s got an iron grip. “Man it hurts !” I hissed in pain.

He snapped his head back at me “Then promise you will listen to me!” He stated but softly this time. I angled my head to meet his eyes.

" I will promise under one condition” I whispered

“What?” he creased his eyebrows

“You will always talk politely to me and never order me around”

" I won’t” he was quick to say that.

“Then even I’ll behave like this”

He tightens his grip and I yelped in pain “Owww, I promise!” I yelled unable to bear the pain. Finally, he released my wrists. I rubbed it to ease the pain. It’s forming a bruise. “I should carry a concealer from now on” I grumbled under my breath

“What did you say?”

“Nothing just wondering how kind you are” I smiled, my words dripping with sarcasm.

He narrowed his eyes but didn’t retort. “Get this done quickly” he sighed and this time he didn’t yell or ordered harshly.

“Okay sir,” I purse my lips, he’s making progress but he should be less touchy from next time.

I’ll carry pepper spray.


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