Fire and Flames

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XII. weekend


I hate this job

I’m gonna freaking kill that monster!

This asshole! How dare he ruin my night!


I groaned and rested my head on the piled-up papers on my desk. When can I go home? I glanced at the small digital clock on my table, it read 22:23. I have more two more files to complete, this man is insane! Just because he could work day and night doesn’t mean I should do the same.

I sat straight and started typing again. After getting it done, I closed my laptop and gathered my belongings before walking out of my office to the monster’s den.

I swung the door open, not bothering to knock. My lips parted to announce my arrival but closed at the sight ahead of me. He was asleep, unlike his everyday frowning face he looked calm while he slept. I tiptoe towards his desk and placed the folders as quietly as possible. I stepped back and admired his calm and Serene face, it’s not every day you get to see the hot-headed CEO lying so vulnerable.

His dark hair was messed up, few lazy strands lying on his forehead. His head leaned back on the seat, giving me the view of his thick neck, the top three buttons were undone and got a peek of his chiselled chest, his sleeve was rolled up showing his muscular arms.

Damn! He’s got an awesome body, but his personality is a major turn off.

I averted my gaze from his chest to his face. It looked calm when he slept cause I didn’t have to see those glaring pair of emeralds.

This sight brought a smile to my face, I took a yellow sticky note from his desk and started writing.

Mr King

I’ve completed my task. PLEASE don’t call me during the weekend, I’m sure you’ve got many workers at your beck and call.

PS: you should lock your office before falling asleep. Someone could’ve easily killed you.

Good night,

I don’t know what compelled me to do the next thing, I took my phone and took a picture of him. Yes bitches I did that!

I saw him stirring in his sleep. Oh no! I quickly rushed out of his office as if my pants were on fire. If he sees me, I can guarantee he would give me more work.

I left the building and headed towards the bus stop. Thankfully I was able to catch a bus and reached home safe and sound.


Yippee! it’s the weekend today, free time! I woke up at nine and Ruby and I decided to go out for brunch.

“Are you done getting ready?” Ruby called out from the living

I pulled the rubber band out of my hand and tied my hair into a ponytail. “Ya, I am almost done!” I called out.

I’m wearing a black turtle neck sweater dress that reached my knee and has full sleeves. Which I paired with a grey plaid coat and black ankle boots.

I took my black bag and went out. “How is it ?” I asked Ruby, doing a small twirl.

“You look HOT! Athena” her eyes and mouth wide open as she assesed me top to bottom.

I chuckled “You look good too!” I winked and held her hand pulling her out of the flat. She locked the door and we headed towards our destination.

We hailed a cab and the driver took us to a very posh looking restaurant. I glanced at Ruby in doubt “Over here?” I pointed out, I don’t think we should waste our money over here. I’m sure even a glass of water costs over twenty euros.

Only if Dad, didn’t freeze my account I could’ve afforded this.

“Yes! Now come on treats on me” she held my shoulder and pushed me inside.

A tall brunette hostess greeted us.

Ruby told her everything and the hostess guided us to a window booth. Wow! I was awed by the scene in front of me. The Eiffel tower stood at the centre, the orange and red leaves of the trees giving it a nice scenery.

We sat down and a waiter arrived handing each one of us a menu. Half of the things written on this were new to me. I’m not a picky eater, I’m always contented with whatever I get. There are many people around the world who doesn’t even get a proper meal to eat every day, so we should never waste food and be thankful to God for giving us this much.

“I have no idea what to eat, why don’t you order for me” I suggested looking at Ruby.

She smiled “Okay! ”

We placed our order and waited for it, sipping on red wine and chatting about random stuff.

Suddenly the place went silent and I scanned the place to find the reason. My eyes fell out of their socket when they landed on the last person I wanted to see today. He stood there as if he ruled the whole place, he wasn’t alone he had Daniel also to tag along. They were led by the same hostess and they were coming towards our direction. I looked away and sipped my wine pretending to admire the outside view.

“What happened?” Ruby asked a frown etched on her face

“Monster!” I whisper yelled at her.

“Monster?” She creased her brows

I pointed out using my eyes. She glanced where I was pointing and looked at me with wide eyes. I told her everything about him and she knows how cruel he is.

I noticed them sitting on the table right behind Ruby’s. Oh God, now I can’t even enjoy my brunch. Please don’t let them see me. I guess I spoke too soon.

I glanced at their table and Daniel noticed me, his eyes widened but he wore a huge smile. He got up from his seat and walked over to me. “What a surprise Athena!” He said smiling so brightly that I might get blinded.

I gave him a tight-lipped smile “Yeah, I didn’t expect to see you too!” I said sweetly but only I knew the venom behind it.

He chuckled “Fate is really playing a game!” He mumbled something which I didn’t get.

He turned to Ruby, his eyes widened Huh? I looked at Ruby who mirrored the same expression as his. “Danny!” Ruby squealed and stood up to hug him. What the heck is happening? Do they know each other?

They pulled away and he smirked looking at Ruby’s shocked expression. “You look different Ruby!”

“In a good way or bad?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, you look good” he smirked

Ruby rolled her eyes and hit him on the arm. I raised my eyebrows “Am I missing something?”

Ruby Glanced at me with a huge grin “He’s the one who suggested me for the internship I’m doing”

Oh! “That’s great! ” I smiled genuinely happy for my friend.

He nodded not breaking his eye contact with my bestie. I glanced at Ruby but my eyes met a glaring pair of emeralds. Damn, why can’t he at least keep a normal face when he sees me?

Mr King stood beside Daniel, both his hands shoved deep into his navy dress pant pockets. Daniel threw his arm around Mr King “Why don’t we join them Zeph?” He suggested with a cheeky grin.

My eyes widened at his stupid suggestion but it’s a relief that Mr King would never agree to this. I glanced at Mr.King and found him staring at me. If I wasn’t a keen observer I would’ve missed the slight twitch of his lip. Did he just smirk?

“Hey I don’t want to tro_” I tried to escape

“Sure Daniel,” Mr.King said still staring at me, I almost choked by his reply. I narrowed my eyes at him, is he drunk?

“Well, then it’s settled!” Daniel clapped his hand before calling the host and arranging a table for the four of us. Ruby smiled brightly, looking at me.

Why is she so happy? Oh, she’s got Daniel to talk while I got a monster who barely gives me a proper answer. The monster sat right in front of me going through his phone, whereas Ruby and Daniel talked as if tomorrow doesn’t exist.

I continued to sip on my wine trying to admire the red liquid in it as I got nothing to do.

I noticed them giggle, making me cuss them inside my brain. When will the damn food come?

Right on cue, our food came and without any delay, I dig into it. In a ladylike way! Of course!

I was happily eating my food when I felt someone staring at me. I looked up from my food and noticed my great boss staring at me. Not in a creepy way but more like curiously.

I raised an eyebrow, he frowned and looked at his plate eating his food. Weirdo!

I shrugged and continued to savour this tasty french cuisine.

“Hey Athena!” I heard my name being called and I looked at Ruby.


“Wanna hang out today at the club?” It was Daniel who asked, I frowned and looked at Ruby. She was pleading to say yes I could tell it from the look on her face.

Now, I could feel three pairs of eyes staring at me. Two pairs with hope and the other a deep frown.

Who cares about him? I smiled brightly and agreed to go! It’s because of him I missed my time yesterday.

“Great! We’re going to enjoy it a lot” Ruby squealed, bringing me into a hug. I tapped her back “Chill girl! We haven’t succeeded in removing world hunger!” I joked earning me an eye roll and chuckle.

I heard a phone ring, it was Mr Kings. I looked at him, his eyes narrowed looking at the screen. He excused himself and left the table answering his call.

Doesn’t he rest?

I shrugged and this time I joined their conversation. Daniel was the complete opposite of Mr.King, how did they even become friends?

We were laughing our ass off at the childhood incidents Daniel was narrating. Once he had to Babysit his little sister and her friends for a whole weekend. The girls made maximum use of his kindness dressing him up as a princess.

I laughed at that thought, Daniel wearing a huge fluffy pink gown and a plastic tiara.

From my peripheral vision, I noticed Zephyr walking towards us. “Miss Walker, you have to come with me now!” He ordered

The nerve of this guy! Didn’t he read the note?

I raised my eyebrows and looked up meeting his piercing gaze. “It’s weekend sir, I can’t work!” I stated nonchalantly

“Ya Zephy! Let her enjoy the weekend” Daniel being the kind angel tried to help me.

“Shut up Danny, this is my business” he spat harshly, he closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. My mouth went dry when he did that. Did he yell at his own Friend? I glanced at Daniel who didn’t seem to be affected by it as he wore a playful smirk.

He opened his eyes, I gulped seeing the intensity it held. Man! I could honestly die!

“You have no choice now follow me before I drag you out” he stated sternly and walked away. My jaw dropped at his last words, know him he would honestly do that and I would dare not be humiliated like that in a place like this.

I pouted and muttered “Control freak!”

“OMG! Now I can understand you” Ruby whispered, looking stunned by his act like me.

“I think you should go before he actually drags you,” Daniel said with a light laugh.

I sighed and stood up “Pray for me,” I told them and left to find the devil, not missing their laughter before I left.


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