Fire and Flames

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XIV. Drunk?


I stepped outside and noticed the devil standing beside a sleek deep blue car, his left hand shoved into his dress pant pocket while he held his phone on the other. Sheesh, why do all arrogant men have to be so drop-dead handsome! I moved closer to grab his attention. He raised his eyes meeting mine for a millisecond before looking back at the phone.


“Get in!” His cold and emotionless voice commanded me.

I sighed heavily and opened the back door before climbing in, followed by him. I noticed a blond guy sitting behind the wheel, dressed formally.

“Jean! Drive to Paulo Headquarters,” Mr.King stated dismissively.

Jean nodded and drove towards the destination. I glanced at Mr.King who was frowning at the mobile. Doesn’t he ever wear a normal expression?

“Miss Walker if you want to ask something then ask instead of staring” his icy tone snapped me

I blinked a few times I thought he wouldn’t notice! “I wasn’t staring at you!. Why are we going there? I didn’t bring any files or my stuff” I attempted to switch the topic, my cheeks heating up in embarrassment of being caught.

Hey, come on! Anybody will stare at the Adonis sitting beside me!

Adonis huh?

oh, shut up!

“It’s not required just stay by my side and DO NOT speak anything” I heard a slight mischievous tone.

I narrowed my eyes and turned towards him “Huh? If he asks who I am?”

He seemed to think for a moment before smirking, that smirk that says this going to be fun. “Tell them You’re my sister”

I gaped at him, his sister? What the fu**! I would’ve died out of coldness if he was actually my brother. I felt creeped by the thought.

“What’s the use?”

“That’s for me to know. Now just act like a kind and sweet little sister,” he smirked, his tone slightly joking.

I pouted and huffed looking away. Kind and sweet little sister! I mocked his words. My foot! Wait and watch how I’ll be a sweet girl!

After 20 minutes we reached the place, it was a tall building but not as magnificent as King’s. We stepped out and entered the building, I followed Mr. King like a lost puppy, wearing an innocent look.

“Welcome Mr.King” A tall brunet guy, with blue eyes, greeted him. He looked around in his late twenties. Mr.King nodded in response, the guy looked at me wearing a confused expression. “You must be_”

“My sister, she’s deaf so don’t bother talking to her.” He spoke blankly, not even feeling an ounce of sympathy for his deaf sister!

I gave a tight-lipped smile while killing this man beside me over and over in my head. Now I have to act dumb, I don’t even know sign language, this is so embarrassing!

I looked down hoping the floor would crack open to swallow me.

But no it didn’t happen!

I glanced at him, he smirked and held my hand, not to forget painfully. I winced slightly because of the bruise. I couldn’t even protest as I’m left tongue-tied. He might’ve noticed my discomfort as he released his grip but still held firmly. We reached the floor where another man who looked like the older version of the guy who guided us.

Mr. King got into conversation while I stood there looking like a confused puppy.

I glanced around the place as I have no job to do. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and saw him smiling at me. I would be lying if I said my heart didn’t flutter. I swear his smiling face is a sight to behold, this wasn’t a forced smile I could say that from the way his eyes aren’t cold, it looked bright and calm.

His lips were moving but I couldn’t hear anything as I stared at the beautiful sight. He squeezed my shoulder again bringing me out of my la-la land.

I narrowed my eyes, hoping he’d understand what I’m asking.

“Excuse us for a moment” he politely asked the old man before dragging me to God knows where. We entered an empty room and I heard him lock the door behind.

I snapped my head at him, what is he going to do?

My mind started playing different ways I’ll be murdered. No no, I don’t want to get killed!!

He looked at me with his signature hard face. “Now do as I say,” he said lowly, which honestly sounded hot!

“Wh...What?” I squeaked Shit! get yourself together!

“You’ll be sitting in the conference room, since they think your deaf they won’t mind having you there”

“So?” Where is this going?

“You’ll be observing each and everyone, and take notes discreetly on your mobile if you find something fishy” he shrugged telling as if it’s the most normal thing to do.

“Am I clear?”

“Why are we doing this?” I asked honestly I’m clueless. Why in the world should I be here if this was my purpose and not to forget that he wasted half of my weekend.

He’s so evil!

“You just do as I say, no questions asked” with that he left the room while I stood still not understanding a word he said.

What’s wrong with him?

“Should I carry you?” his arrogant voice snapped me.

My mind immediately imagined being thrown over his broad shoulder, I bet It’d feel nice.

Get your head out of the gutter Athena!

I shook my head in no and walked past him keeping my head low. I don’t wanna meet his scary eyes.

I followed him into the conference room and sat in the corner. The meeting started and just as he instructed I was trying to figure out if there is anything strange happening but all I saw was a normal board meeting.

Since I didn’t know what to write I just wrote random stuff about each one present here. After an hour the meeting is finally done. I got up from my seat when Mr. King gestured me to follow him. We went outside and climbed into the car. I turned to him and spoke, “I didn’t know what to write, there wasn’t anything strange over there.”

“That’s because there wasn’t!” he stated with a smirk.

I narrowed my eyes “what do you mean?”

His smirk winded and so was my eyes as I realised everything. He simply fooled me! That monster!

“You!” I yelled incredulously, pointing my finger at him he continued to smirk and looked away unfazed by my tantrum.

“You fucking wasted my time!” I yelled again and this time he turned to me with fierce eyes.

“Mind your language Miss Walker!” he warned lowly.

“Why’d you simply waste my time! I could’ve stayed with my bestie!”

“It’s my wish I can do whatever I want to.”

“No, you can’t!”

“Yes I can, I think you haven’t read the contract properly.”

“I’ve read it!” I denied but I’m unsure, cause I know I haven’t read the last part of it,

“Well, I think you missed the last fine print.”

“What is it?”

“The employee must obey to whatever the employer states!”

“You just made that up!” I accused, no he can’t make such silly rules.

He cocked an eyebrow, his green eyes glinting with amusement as he spoke “You think I’m joking? Well, why don’t I show you.”

My brows knitted as I watched him browse through his phone before bringing it up to my eyes

“Read it!”

I glanced at him and took the phone before reading what’s written in our contract. I gulped when I saw those words. He was telling the truth, this isn’t a joke. Oh God, now I literally signed myself off to the devil.


“That monster had the nerve to ask me no no no order me to act deaf and dumb. Who does he think he is? The KING? Just because his Surname is King doesn’t freaking make him a KING! Damnit! He always ruins my mood. It’s like his negative energy only targets ME!” I complained about everything I did as I paced around mindlessly in front of Ruby who sat on the sofa watching the free show.

I heard someone chuckling, I turned towards the culprit. She sat there, going through the phone wearing a huge smile on her face.

“Ruby, are you even listening?” I asked exasperatedly, holding my hips.

“Yeah, Yeah go on I’m Listening” she waved her right hand to continue without even looking up at me.


I lost it, I literally lost it. I strained my voice talking about my shitty boss and here my bestie wasn’t even paying attention.

She finally looked up, wearing a guilty look but her eyes told a different story ” Sorry I was just messaging Danny! Don’t we have to go to the club?”

I rolled my eyes and folded my arm ” I’m not in a mood to go to the club” I grumbled lowly looking at my feet covered in pink fuzzy socks.

“HEY! You were the one complaining about your Boss being too bossy and going to the club would help you get your mind off this stuff. Now come on, get your pretty ass into a dress. I bet we’d get some cute guys!” she winked at the end and strutted towards her room.

I sighed deeply, maybe she’s right, this might help me get my mind off that monster.

Nodding at myself I went to my room to get dressed.

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