Fire and Flames

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XV. Oh no it's Monday


Monday arrived sooner than I wanted. How am I going to face my boss today? Shit, I got drunk and don’t remember what all I spurted out. I’m sure whatever came from my mouth wasn’t good. He’s going to kill me!

I do not know what I did, and Ruby wasn’t willing to spill the beans. Was it that horrible? Oh my God, please save me from the wrath of the green-eyed devil. I promise to be a nice girl from now onwards.

I prayed and headed towards the bathroom to do my morning routine. Afterwards, I changed into a peach tight fitted dress, which unintentionally accentuates my curves a lot. I looked at the mirror. Na! It’s too vulgar.

I went back to my closet and wore a red pencil skirt and a white blouse, along with a red blazer and white heels. Then I pulled my hair into a tight bun. I wanted to look as professional as possible.

I wore my rose gold Rolex that my mum gifted me when I turned eighteen. I miss my family. I glanced at the family picture on the dresser. We looked so happy but I have to sacrifice to get something.

I blinked away the tears and took my brown sling bag and paper bag which contains my special blueberry muffins. I hope he likes it. I walked towards my office after locking the door. On the way, I bought coffee for me and my boss.

I stepped into the building and after leaving my stuff at my cabin I went towards his office. I was about to knock “Come in miss walker!” How did he know it’s me?

I opened the door and walked in wearing a huge smile, I should pretend and be nice as possible. “Good morning Mr King,” I said politely, giving a small smile.

He nodded and turned the page of the file he was reading. I pouted, he should’ve said at least ‘morning’ if it isn’t good for him. Calm down bitch! What happened to the bar scenario?

I nodded at my conscience. You got a point!

I placed the coffee and muffin on his desk before stepping back waiting like a slave to be commanded by his master. He didn’t seem to give me any instructions for the next few minutes.

I cleared my throat as I lost my patience standing like a statue. “What?”

“I’m sorry sir,” I whispered

He closed his file abruptly and threw it on the desk. Did I do something wrong?

He looked up with that piercing gaze, my heart rate spiked as I gulped. “Brief me with my schedule.” He stated sternly, Huh! did he forgive me?

I shrugged it off and took my notepad and read out in a professional manner, “There’s a meeting with the finance department at 12, then at 3 you have an appointment with the CEO of Strata enterprises and finally, at five you have to go for your suit fitting for the upcoming gala”

He narrowed his eyes scrutinising me, I felt so tiny under his gaze. He nodded and waved his hand dismissively. I turned around to leave but his voice stopped me

“Next time onwards don’t wait for me in his cabin, just place my coffee and wait in your cabin for further commands, Am I clear?”

I nodded and rushed to my cabin with my hand over my beating heart.

I closed the door and leaned behind, taking controlled breath’s to calm my nerves. After feeling better I went to my desk and was surprised to see a pile of new folders laying on it. I sighed and sat behind the desk “Here starts my day,”


I watched her rushing figure leave my office. I couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped my lips looking at her nervous sight. I assume she doesn’t remember what happened the night before.


“GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF ME BEFORE YOU REGRET BEING BORN WITH TWO HANDS”. she yelled at the drunkard who was startled by her outburst

He immediately moved his hand away from her, taking a warding step back. Horror is clear on his face as he saw the murderous expression on her face.
I slightly shivered to look at its intensity. Who knew that bubbly cute girl got an angry side?

Wait, cute girl? What’s happening to me?

She glared hard at the man, “Is this what you do to all helpless women?” she spat menacingly

I got chills hearing her cold and harsh tone. Damn, I wasn’t expecting to see this side of her.

The man raised his hands up in defence before taking a step back each time she stepped forward “I..I’m s..sorry was an acc..” Before he could complete her fist collided with his jaw throwing him to the ground.

Oh my!!

“Do you think sorry would solve this problem Huh!” She raised her hand to attack again but Daniel and that blonde Ruby I guess held her back.

She started thrashing around like a madwoman “Let go of me, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Athena calm down,” Ruby tried to help her friend but Athena was no near to listening to anyone.

“NOOO! That bastard touched me,” she yelled, gritting her teeth while glaring at the culprit.

I looked around people were watching us, I clenched my jaw in annoyance. This is going to make a scene.

“What are you looking at?” I asked them harshly, shooting a glare. Quickly the bouncers came and cleared the crowd that was forming to watch the free show.

This girl! I rubbed my temple to ease an oncoming headache.

I went to her and stood in front of her with crossed arms.

“Will you be quiet Miss Walker” I hissed, she looked up with her hard glare.

“What are you doing here you devil,” she spat, anger and hatred clear in her chocolate eyes.

I was taken aback by her tone, No one dared to speak to me that way. This girl was surely having a death wish at this point.

“That’s not the way to talk to your boss miss walker.” I gritted my teeth, trying to keep my anger at bay.

“I. Don’t. Care. You’re the one who forced me in the first place to work as your PA you stupid arrogant jerk who only cares about his expensive shirt.” she was making a mockery out of me and I was beyond infuriated, I could feel my left eye twitch something which happens when I try to control my anger. I am I still didn’t blow up.

“Mind your tone..” I warned but she cut me off “Oh shut up! How dare you ruin my weekend and why the hell are you always behind me? can’t you freaking leave me alone. You destroyed my dear bike, and now when I’m in trouble and tried to protect myself you’re asking me to be quiet?” She asked me in disbelief, I was at loss for words, what she said was true and I had no choice but to remain quiet. For the first time in my life, a girl managed to make me speechless.

Then she lost her balance, about fall and I unconsciously stepped forward to catch her but Ruby managed to steady her.

When I glanced at Daniel, he was trying to hold back his laughter but terribly failed as he fell to the floor laughing his ass off. I shot him a glare but he was too busy laughing his ass to take notice. Can someone remind me why is he my best friend?

Ruby visibly paled as she looked between me and Athena. “I’m so sorry Mr King, she loses her temper easily if she’s drunk. I’m sure she won’t remember any of this tomorrow.”

“You jerk...” Athena slurred in half-consciously. I exhaled a breath and pinched the bridge of my nose, closing my eyes for a second “She’s stubborn.” I mumbled under my breath “And you stop laughing you, idiot!”

" Hey! That was hilarious! It’s not often that you see a girl yelling at the most intimidating man on this planet.” he stated still having a hard time sobering up.

“Let’s give her more drinks I’d love to see what she’d do next,” My idiot of a friend suggested to Ruby to which she stepped on his feet making him groan in pain. “Daniel it’s no time for joking. Let’s get out of here before she wakes up.”

Daniel pursed his lips and nodded “Yeah.”

Even after all this havoc, she created why didn’t I lose my temper?

What is she doing to me?

end of flashback

I shook my head, my lips unknowingly curved up. I took the coffee and took a sip as I sighed in content. After she pulled that stunt the first time with my coffee, I asked her to make coffee by herself and I was surprised to find it tasted better than any of the coffee I’ve ever tasted in my life.

I frowned when I noticed a small brown cover lying on my desk, I opened it revealing a blueberry muffin. I took a bite of it and instantly moaned at the sweet and sour taste of the blueberry. Wow! This is the best muffin I’ve ever had. I quickly finished it and immediately found myself craving for more.


Few more minutes and I’m free!

The doors suddenly opened and a tall blonde woman walked in dressed in black body-con and white blazer. Her hair pulled into a tight bun, her lips painted in bright red. She was clearly taller than me.

I felt jealousy boil inside of me looking at her beauty.

who is she?

“Can I help you?” I asked trying to hide my annoyance as she barged into my office without even knocking

“Hello Athena, I’m Emma Jones Mr.King’s Secretary.”

“Nice to meet You Emma, Mr.King never talked about having a secretary”

“Oh really! But anyways I was the one who called you for the interview last time but I had to leave for New York. Some problems came up in the HQ there, however I’m back. I assume Mr.King explained everything to you?” she looked at me questioningly, her sharp blue eyes staring into mine.

“Not even a word.” I mumbled, that devil didn’t explain anything. It was Pierce who said most of the stuff. I wonder why he even hired me in the first place when he couldn’t tell me my job requirements.

“Aww, I’m really sorry I couldn’t help you but anyways I’m here right now and I’m going to train you for the next two weeks.”

“Oh, Thank you Miss. Jones” I smiled genuinely happy that I won’t be clueless while working here.

“Oh Please call me Emma, Now come on let’s get working” she laughed, her blue eyes shining with mirth.

I guess she isn’t bad!


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