Fire and Flames

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XVI. I called them

Back in Athena’s mansion in New York

“How could she do this to us after all we’ve done for her?” Antony Walker, Athena’s father grumbled in disbelief as he clutched the piece of paper in his right palm. It was her letter.

Athena’s mother, sniffled, her chocolate brown eyes filled with tears for her daughter. It’s been over a week since she left the house without telling where she intended to go. The letter stated that she’s tired of living her life inside this golden cage, No matter how many riches she’s been showered with it doesn’t change the fact that she’s been living in a cage.

When time came, she choose to escape and become a free bird chasing her dreams and not allowing her father to overrule her dreams and ambition.

“Did you find her?” Lilah asked worriedly, her teary eyes hoping to hear a positive response

Antony lowered his head, sighing through his nose. He couldn’t disappoint his wife but he has to tell her the truth.

“No” he mumbled barely above a whisper however She heard him, her eyes resumed it’s water works

She sobbed clutching her mouth, Antony walked over to her before pulling her into a hug. She buried her head onto his chest crying her eyes out, He ran his hand through her silky hair soothingly while whispering about how he’ll surely find their daughter.

Where is she ? He thought frowning at Nothing particular.

“I promise I’ll bring her back” he vowed to his wife, placing a soft kiss on her hair.

They were engrossed in their moment not noticing another pair of Brown eyes staring at them sadly. Alex stood by her father’s study room watching her parents, her lower lip quivered slightly.
Why did you leave us Enna? We were a perfect family!



I looked up from the screen when I heard my new nick name given by Emma.

Emma strode into my office wearing her signature bright smile. How does she manage to look so perfect even after a hectic day of work?

I smiled tiredly, my hair was all over my face as I didn’t get time to tuck it back into my bun. “Hey Emma!”

She sat across from me “How’s it coming?” she asked smugly eyeing the pile of files on my desk which were trying to drown me into it’s never ending problems.

i groaned “Were you planning to kill me by giving this task I thought my life would become a lot easier after meeting you but looks like i underestimated you” I mock glared to which she laughed

If i thought working with Mr.Devil was difficult? then this is strenuous. I’ve been under training for three days and trust me it was worse than hell. Emma kills me with tasks and gets away with her bright smile which will surely blind me. However, i enjoyed her company, we’ve grown a lot closer and i regret judging her by her looks on that day.

She’s been working here for five years and now got transferred to New York but decided to train me before leaving permanently. which saddened me.

“This isn’t too much, it’s only twenty files. Piece of cake!” she shrugged nonchalantly, her smile still intact.

“For you!” I pouted, my eyes lit up remembering the cake that I’ve brought for snack “but if you want i’ll give you an actual piece of cake” I suggested, my lips pulled up at the corner

Her baby blue eyes

“Really, where is it? which one did you bring today? is it strawberry?” “Whoa there, hold your horses and yes it’s your favourite strawberry”

“Then what are you waiting for give me”

“na ah! I have a condition!”

“I knew it!” she punched her palm “What is it?”

“Finish this work!” i smiled smugly pointing at my desk

“No it’s too much” she scowled

“Didn’t you just say ‘It’s a piece of cake’” hah! take that!

“Urggghh, you don’t have to do it, anyways it isn’t important it was for increasing your speed but your pretty good at it so now onwards no more training. ”

“really?” I raised my eyebrows

She nodded

“YESS!!! FiNALLYYYYY!” I yelled but calmed down before that devil finds a reason to kill me.

“Now give me my cake!”


“Athi! you have to call your parents they’re worried as hell!” Logan being a kind soul stated worriedly. His baby blue eyes reflecting concern as he tried to convince me for the past one hour, asking me to call my parents.

It seems like my father interrogated my best friends Kyle, Logan and Derek, but they didn’t give away my whereabouts.

I looked down at my palms that rested on my lap “i don’t know if I can” i mumbled, Honestly i’m scared to face them, especially dad. seeing his face holding a look of betrayal. betrayed by his own daughter. it’s killing me!

Nevertheless, I’ve to bear this pain and move on

by forgetting your parents?

My conscience mocked

what should i do?

I don’t want to see them worried!

"How will I tell them? Hey Mom! and Dad! i’m here in pairs living my life” I mocked in disbelief

Logan frowned, sighing deeply “At least call your mother, she’s the most affected one”

My heart ached in pain, thinking about my mother. How is she?

i gulped down my sob, His words are correct, I’ve to call her. I’m sure she’ll understand me and will hide this from dad.

I nodded at him “Maybe”

“Just think about them Athena” with that he hung up the video call

I groaned burying my head into hands.

It’s now or never

I took my phone and opened the contacts reaching over to my mother’s number. I fingers resting over the call button. Just do it!

I pressed it and brought the phone near my ear. The ringing continued, along with my racing heart. After few more rings she answered the call.

“Hello! This is Lilah, who is this?” i felt ttears brim my eyes hearing her sweet voice

“Hello” she asked again

“Mom” i whispered

The line went silent for a whole minute but felt like ages

“Amy dear, is that you?”

“Yes Mom”

“Oh god! where are you? You’ve had us worried! Why did you leave our house?”

“One question at a time Mom! I’ll answer all of it but you’ve to promise me one thing”

“What is it?”

“Don’t tell any of this to Dad!”

“why Amy? Your dad has been searching for you everywhere. He’ll get worried eve_” “I know mom, but if dad get’s to know he wont let me stay here!” i pleaded, hoping she’ll understand me.

Dad would force me to take over the company and I do not want that. I came here to study culinary art, although it’s not working out currently but i’m sure i’ll join the institute within two months.

I heard her sigh “Okay!”

“Thank you mom” i smiled, like that I explained her everything but didn’t mention about my financial problems. I don’t want to worry her more. She’s already have lot on her plate to manage.


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