Fire and Flames

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XVII. Almost!!


I’m glad that I called my mother, it felt as if a boulder has been removed from my shoulders. It felt good to know that there’s someone from my family who knew where I was.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the intercom go off, now what does this devil want?

I picked it up lazily, holding it against my ear preparing to hear his booming voice “Miss Walker come to my cabin.” my eyebrows shot up listening to his calm voice.

My lips parted to ask whether it’s really him or not but he hung up saving me from embarrassing myself. I got up from my seat, taking my iPad before walking over to his office.

I knocked on his door twice hearing a low ‘come in’ I opened the door and stepped in cautiously before closing the door behind.

I went near his desk making sure to stay as far as possible in case I have to run. who knows when he’ll attack?

He was standing near the window, his hands shoved into his navy blue suit pant pockets, his upper body cladded in crisp white shirt which seemed to fit him like second skin giving me an idea of his muscular physique beneath it, his veiny arms on show as the sleeves were rolled up.

How would he look without a shirt?

What am I thinking? He’s your boss! The devil!

A sexy devil!

“You’ve called me Mr.King, Is there anything I should do?” I asked, hoping he didn’t notice me eye raping him.

He turned around, my mouth went dry looking at his handsome features. The top few buttons were undone, showing his olive skin and chiseled chest which I wish to run my hands on.

Get yourself together!

I painfully peeled my eyes away from it meeting his forest eyes which weren’t surprisingly cold. His brown hair messed up, few lazy strand falling over his forehead giving him a brooding look.

“I’ve got a task for you!”

I didn’t realise he was standing right in front of me. When did he come here? I angled my head up as I’m very short and he’s over a foot taller than me.

I’m like a midget in front of him!

Curse my stupid genes!

The smell of his cologne tickled my nose, he smelt like autumn breeze. Warm and fresh! It took a lot for me to not warp my arms around him and take a whiff of his manly scent which is driving me crazy!

I bit lip when that thought crossed my mind, remember you hate him, don’t ya?

I think I’m having second thoughts!

“What is it?” I whispered, staring into the deep forest.

why am I whispering?

And what might be the task?

His warm and minty breath fanned my forehead. I regret being short, even with five inch heels I reached only till his chin. Why is he standing so near? My mind is having a frenzy at this proximity.

“Re-type these folders and mail them to me by tonight.” he says blankly with his signature poker face. I blinked few times, that’s it?

why am I disappointed?

I nodded looking down at my feet, what was I thinking about him?

I feel ashamed about myself having dirty thoughts about my boss!

“Good!” he stated and went past me, his shoulders grazing against mine lightly making me hold my breath. I turned back, watching him leave the office, his shoulders flexing in each movement.

I averted my gaze and quickly took the folders off the desk, it was heavy but I decided to not complain. I already embarrassed myself and I don’t want to argue with him. Most likely not face him again.


I head a knock on the door, “Come In” I sated not removing my gaze off the screen where I was typing the mails that i have to finish sending by tonight.

“You busy?” I heard a familiar voice

I looked up, glancing at Rosa who peeked through the half opened door.

My eyes travelled to my desk before meeting her eyes “I don’t think i’ll be free for the next three hours” I smiled apologetically,

she nodded her head in understanding while giving me a tight smile clearly disappointed by my answer

“Okay then! take care!”

I smiled and watched her close the door before resuming my work

“Here I go!”

I typed around twenty three mails, when I felt my eyes dropping. My eyes shut for a moment before I quickly sit up, Rubbing the sleep off my eyes.

Just few more files and I’m free.

My stomach grumbled begging for food but my stubborn mind wanted to finish this work.





I bolted up from my seat when i heard the door being slammed open, I rubbed my tired eyes and looked up.

A furious looking Mr.King stood in front of my desk, both his hands on my desk as he glared at me. My eyes widened realising I fell asleep during work. Shit! “How many times should I call You Miss Walker?” he all but yelled at me with those murderous green eyes glaring at me. I cowered at it’s intensity. If looks could kill I’d be in the core of earth by now.

I stood up, not daring to look up “I..I’m sorry sir! I haven’t realised I fell asl_” He cut me off harshly “I.DON’T.CARE! Go bring my lunch.”

All the sleep from my system vanished. How dare he speak to me like that! I hate being ordered around, that’s what my parents did well my father did.

I clutched my fists tightly, glaring back at him “At least ask politely Mr.King. it won’t hurt your ego to be polite sometimes” his eyes widened for a millisecond before returning back to the same old cold eyes.

When he noticed I’m not backing off he closed his eyes pinching the bridge off his nose. Why did I find that action hot?

Why does he look more handsome when angry?

Oh God I think I’m going insane!

Could you grab my lunch from the usual place?” He asked, his tone softer than before.
I smiled brightly, look he’s changing it doesn’t hurt to ask.

“I’ll be back soon!” I grabbed my wallet and rushed outside. The deli was nearby a few minutes of walk. I ordered his sandwich while I got muffins for myself. I know it wasn’t so much but I’m not in a mod to have savoury and I needed something sweet especially when I have to face a bitter boss.

After grabbing our lunch I returned back to my office. I was surprised to find him waiting in my office, sitting on the chair across the desk. His head resting on the folded arm’s over the desk.

He was asleep.

Maybe stressed out no wonder why he bursted at me. I slowly walked over it my place and kept the lunch. Should’ I wake him up or not?

But he looked so peaceful sleeping like that.

I leaned closer, I could hear his calm breathing. “Mr.King! ” I whispered

No response!

I tried again getting silence as reply.One more try then I’ll leave him like that!

I kept my hand on his shoulder, I squealed when he grabbed my hand pulling me towards him as he sat straight. I landed on his lap.

Our faces were few inches apart, if I moved a bit I might end up kissing him.

His eyes were still bleary “What were you trying to do?” My stomach was doing summersault listening to his husky voice.

“I was trying to wake you up” I mentally patted myself for not stammering.

His brows crease, “Okay!” He replied but there was no plan on leaving my hand. His eyes stayed on mine. Blood rushed to my ears, my heart was a mess at this point.

I bit my lip,. Why isn’t he leaving me?

His dark eyes darted to my lips before meeting my eyes with a dazed look. My breathing hitched when He started leaning closer and I found myself closing my eyes in anticipation.

Then suddenly we heard a phone go off.

Shit! Why now!

I jumped in surprise and he left my hand immediately while I stood up straightening my dress. What was I thinking?

I was fucking about to kiss my boss.

I heard him mutter a string of curses as he stood up before answering the call. I went back to my seat, not bothering to look at him as he talked over he phone. My mind was still trying to comprehend what was about to happen.

If that call didn’t come we would’ve kissed. That thought made me excited somehow. WAIT!! I WAS ABOUT TO LOOSE MY FIRST KISS TO MY DEVIL!

My devil?

Urggghhh, I’m officially crazy!

Don’t think about it eat your muffin which is calling to be devoured by you.

Aww my poor muffin how can i forget about you?

I opened the packet and took the muffin taking a bite of it instantly moaning at the sweet taste.


My love!

I was so busy admiring the muffins that I didn’t notice Mr.King storm out of the cabin but not forgetting to take his lunch.

I pouted, at least he should’ve thanked me!

Thank you is probably not in his dictionary.

After finishing my lunch I resumed my work. It’ll take ages to get this done.

After countless hours of craming my fingers and head I managed to complete my task.

Hurrah! I can go home.

I glanced at the e digital clock . My eyes fell out of it’s socket’s looking at the time.


I can’t believe I spend that much time working.

I have to get home soon or else I’ll won’t get any can at his time.

I gathered my stuff and switched off all he appliances before exiting my cabin.

Should I tell him I’m leaving?

Who cares? But I might get another earful tomorrow if I won’t inform him.

Yeah! Do it!

I turned on my hell’s and walked towards his cabin. Raising my hand, I knocked on his door hearing his usual ‘come in’. I peeked through the door. He was busy going through something on he laptop.

“I’ve sent all he emails and the files have been retyped.” I say meekly. He nodded without glancing at me “You can leave.” he stated blankly.

I had to control myself from chocking him then and there.

Calm down! He’s a waste of time.

“Good night sir” Covering my annoyance, I gave him a tight lipped smile and closed he door before walking towards the lift and stepped in.

I left the building, the sky was dark with heavy clouds . Oh no! It’s going to rain. Removing my heels and grabbing it in my hand, I sprinted towards the bus stop. As soon I stepped inside, The rain started pouring heavily, thank goodness I reached on time.

Heaving a sigh, I sat on the beach, it’ll take another half an hour for the bus to come. Till then I went through my Instagram looking at others stories and post’s.

Most off them were of kpop singers. They’re so cute. I’m so jealous of their skin. I wasn’t blessed with a proper skin but after crossing my puberty my skin improved thankfully.

From the corner of my eye I noticed a car approaching my direction, I watched the sleek black car pass by but stopped after reaching a distance. Then It started reversing, stopping right in front of me. Huh!

The window slid down revealing none other than my boss. I got up “Get In!” He ordered, glancing at my direction.

“It’s alright sir, I’ll go by bus!” I’m glad he asked but I’d rather not take his ride.

“It wasn’t a choice Miss Walker, now get inside. It’s raining and I don’t want you to be late tomorrow.” his voice was blank and steely as usual. Of course he worries only about his company!

I rolled my eyes and climbed in, strapping the seat belt as he started driving. I faced him “Thank for the ride.” I am genuinely grateful for the offer.

He only nodded and continued looking at the road ahead. I leaned into my seat and told him the directions. The ride was awkwardly silent, I have no idea how to start a conversation with this arrogant man! We stopped right in front of my building.

I unbuckled my seatbelt before facing him with a smile. “Once again thank you so much!”

He lightly nodded, speak something you idiot!

Realising he won’t say anything, I opened the door and quickly climbed out before shutting it and sprinted towards the building before glancing back and saw him drive away.

A smile creeped up my face, so he isn’t heartless!

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