Fire and Flames

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XVIII. Beautiful Brat


“Why are you so cold towards Athena?” I looked up from my phone at the blonde sitting on the sofa across me, her blue eyes staring at me questioningly.

I’m cold towards everyone! Maybe a bit more towards that annoying brat!

I scoffed “That’d be a long story Emma!”

“Aww come on, don’t you have time for your favourite cousin?” she pouted, batting her eyelashes trying to act cute.

Emma has always been the childish one after Daniel. We three are together since diaper days. Even though I’ve got many cousins Emma was has been the closest one among them and also she can tolerate my attitude which people seems to hate the most.

I don’t care about those people!

I’m happy just the way I am.

“You won’t stop till you know truth right?” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“You know me so well! Zee!” there comes her cheeky smile!

Letting out a sigh I stated explaining her everything from her spilling coffee on me to her trying to act over smart by ruining my coffee. That incident brought a smile on my face, her reaction when I destroyed her bike was priceless. Although it wasn’t a harsh punishment, it did the trick to make her obey my orders to an extent.

To an extent !

“Oh my goodness” I glanced at Emma who was busy laughing her ass off.

I sat unfazed by her reaction, I knew this will happen. Why do Daniel and Emma find my miserable state amusing?

There’s something wrong with these idiots.

“Poor Athena! Did you get her a new bike?” She wiped a stray tear, while looking at me still wearing a grin.

“No!” I replied drily, she earned that punishment so why should I replace it?

Emma sobered down, glancing at me with a gentle look, clapping her hands “she’s an interesting character!” she says with admiration.

My lips pulled into a smirk indeed she is!

And I intend to know more about her!

“Good night bro!” she yawned, standing up!

“Good night!”

She went to her room, while I sat here in the lounge. My thoughts revolving around a certain brat!

A beautiful brat!

A smile crept up my face remembering today’s incident, she looked so peaceful while sleeping! The brown hair stands falling over her serene face, those long lashes brushing her cheekbone and those pink lips, which I really want to have a taste.

But that’d be highly inappropriate from my side.

Don’t mix work with pleasure!

However I was so close to having a taste of those tempting lips, then that stupid phone call had to come. I wanted to bloody murder that person and also kill myself for even thinking of doing that do her.

It’s been an hour since I dropped her to her house, I wanted to leave her at the bus stop but something tugged my heart looking at her helpless state. How can I leave a woman alone at night?

It’s because of me she had to face difficulty in travelling.

Maybe Emma’s words are right, I might have been a little rude.


I raised my hand to clutch the door handle but it swung open revealing an angry Ruby.

Oopps I’m in trouble!

“Where were you all this time?” Ruby shook my shoulders harshly making me dizzy. Her voice was concerned but her eyes were glaring at me.

“Whoa! Calm down, I’m here right!” I held her hand, making her stop waggling me.

“BITCH! Here I was scared for her best friend’s life and your telling me to fucking calm down?” she yelled, her chest heaving as she tried to calm down.

I feel guilty for not informing her. I smiled apologetically, shrugging my shoulder “I’m sorry, I was caught up with work. you know how my boss is!” I walked past her into the apartment.

I heard her sigh as she closed the door behind.

“Had Dinner?”

Right on cue my stomach grumbled, I bit my lip and turned towards her with a shy smile while she glared at me, her arms folded over her chest.

“I guess you got your answer” I chuckled innocently. I noticed her lip twitch slightly before bursting into laughter and soon I joined her.

After few minutes I left for my room to take a warm shower. It helped to relax my stiff muscles due to sitting for a long time. Then i changed into an oversized purple t shirt and black shorts along with my favourite fuzzy socks.

They’re so comfortable!

After tying my wet hair into a pony I walked into the kitchen, noticing Ruby heating up something on the microwave.

“What is it?” I asked sitting on the stool behind the counter.

she glanced back before continuing what she was doing. “I was heating up the chicken, that i ordered”

“Hmm” I nodded

she wiped her hands on the kitchen towel before looking at me “Who dropped you?”

I meet her eyes, How did she know? “How do you know i didn’t take the bus?” i asked watching her pour water into a tumbler.

“I noticed a black car and you stepping out of it.” she says nonchalantly

“Ohh, That’s how. Well you won’t believe who dropped me.”

“Who is it? Your new boyfriend?”

I choked on air “WHAT! NO it was my boss.”

Now it was her turn to choke, she spat the water coughing loudly, I went over to her rubbing her back. “Are you kidding me? when did you start dating your boss?” she askes exasperatedly.

“No! I’m not dating him, he just dropped me when he saw me waiting near the bus stop” I explained the reason why my jerk of a boss helped me.

at least he didn’t leave me in the rain!

“Well that’s progress, I’m sure he’s attracted to you” She winked with a smirk.

“My ass! he dropped me just because he don’t want his work to be delayed because of me.”

“But you both will look cute together!”

“Enough of this Ruby no more me and my Boss.” I said with finality then looked at her,a mischievous smile crept my lips” Speaking of dating what is going on between you and Daniel?”

Her eyes widened, I could see the red tint taking over her cheeks “T..There’s nothing between us!” she looked away stammering. Aww! someone’s having a crush!

“I know you like him Ruby!” I sated grinning like an idiot.

“NO!” she yelled, but her face gave away everything. I laughed at her helpless sate. she glared at me, huffing at stormed towards her room while I continued to laugh.

I have to ask Daniel then!

I bet even he likes her!

The microwave beeped and I stood up walking over to it, to take my dinner.

After having it, I Brushed my teeth and went to bed. My thought’s wandering over what was about to happen at that time. If that call wouldn’t have interrupted, I would’ve kissed him.

My cheeks flushed at that thought, But it was him who leaned in first!

Does that mean he finds me attractive?

My heart fluttered thinking about his lips on mine, maybe I’m developing a crush on my boss.

A sexy devilish boss!


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