Fire and Flames

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XIX. Wet


The maddening sound of my stupid alarm clock entered my ears making me cover my head with the pillow hoping to get some peaceful sleep. After few moments, the screeching stopped.

I sighed in relief, snuggling into the pillow.

Suddenly the screeching sound started, I jolted up from my bed and took the stupid device removing its battery and throwing it aside.

“Who the hell invented such an evil thing? Disordering everyone’s sleep. This should be banned!” I grumbled, glaring at that evil thing which now lay on the floor.

I was about to go back to sleep by my door opened “Wake up, it’s almost seven” Ruby announced

“More ten minutes!” I whined

“No no! Wake up” Ruby is acting like my mother again.

“Noooooo!” I’m the baby of our gang. Always pampered by everyone no wonder I became like this.

“Just few more hours then we can Enjoy the rest of the day as it’s weekend tomorrow’s”

I sighed heavily, she’s got a point.

Just one day!

I got up and climbed of the bed, literally dragging my lazy ass to the bathroom. After taking a lazy shower i changed into my clothes.

I tied my hair in a messy bun and left my face without make up just some cherry lip balm.

Grabbing the toast and orange juice from the counter I left the apartment.

As soon I stepped outside I shivered under the cold weather, the cold wind made me pull my Jacket closer hoping to get some warmth. Winter is approaching.

I really need to buy a car at the same time I don’t have enough money and devil boss ruined my favourite bike. My baby! It’s lying in the garage and they said it’s beyond repair.

Anger boiled within me, thinking about his doings. I have to get back at him but how?

Wait for some time! Don’t rush things! First get your salary then let’s see!

I nodded at my conscience.

Walking through the footpath, I made my way to the tram stop. My eyes widened when I noticed the tram leaving.

Shit! I’m gonna be late.

Clutching my shoulder bag tightly, I hurried towards it “Wait!” I tried to call out but the tram moved away fast. I stopped running to catch my breath regretting not attending PE classes.

Why am I not athletic?


Now how will I go?

I turned around to leave; a car zoomed past me splashing the water from the puddle all over me.

“You Fool! Get back here” I yelled at the speeding sleek black car even though that person wouldn’t hear.

I groaned aloud, now I’m drenched because of that reckless asshole.

I peered up at the cloudy skin, “Why God?”

Now I’ll be over an hour late. Muttering a string of curses I returned back to ruby’s flat. She was still having her breakfast when I walked in.

“What happened?” she left her toast on the plate, eyeing me top to bottom.

“Car splash” I grumbled throwing my bag on the floor before plodding towards my room to take another shower.

I really don’t want to go today.

Look even the universe is telling not to go!

It’s better I don’t go.

After changing my cloths to new dry ones I took the phone from my drenched bag, thankfully the phone is working. I was about to sent a message to Rosa when I saw another message from none other than my great boss himself.

The devil: Where the hell are you?

The devil: Get here ASAP?

The devil: Miss. Walker this is not a joke!

I skipped all the other messages mostly stating my level of tardiness and inattentiveness.

Me: I won’t be coming today

I pressed sent and the next thing I know he’s calling.

Let out an vexed sigh, I picked up the call with a sigh, preparing my ears to hear the most colourful words he might throw at me.

“Who gave you permission to take leave?” he yelled, his cold voice made me cower away even without being near him.

“Sir, I have all rights to not show up for work if I’m sick.” I protested

“But you don’t sound sick to me, Last time I checked you were perfectly all right.” I could imagine him cocking his eyebrow.

“A person doesn’t catch cold with an invitation sir. Or is it like that for you?” I teased.

I’m fed up off this attitude of his.

“Don’t test my patience Miss Walker” He roared

“Oh am I riling you up?” I chuckled


“Fine I’ll be there.” I rolled my eyes

“Wait I’ll send my driver Jean”

“I’ll come by myself” I don’t want his help, I’m an independent woman.

“It wasn’t a choice; I’ve already messaged him he’ll be there in ten.” He hung up and I clutched my phone glaring at his name.

Now he decides how I should travel.

Domineering jerk!


“Thanks Jean!”

I stepped out of the car looking up at the office building. I tried to escape from a corporate job but look what the universe is playing on me.

I’m sure life hates me a lot.

Just few more months and I am free. I convinced myself and walked into the building.

“Athena!” I turned around when I heard my name. I smiled facing Rosa “Hey”

“Why are you late?”

I rolled my eyes thinking about the water splash “I had to go back home to change my cloths because some asshole decided to splash water on me ”

“What a luck!” she chuckled

“Yeah! What a luck!” I mutter sarcastically

“I’ll talk to you later. The devil is waiting for me”

“Ok see you at lunch”


I stood in front of his office and opened the door walking inside without knocking. Who cares about it, It’s him who wanted me so urgently, then I’m going to behave as if I’m least bothered.

“Finally arrived Miss. Walker” I find it really annoying when he calls me like that. I’m so not used to people calling me by my surname.

“What an early realisation” I smiled cheekily, earning me a glare from him.

“Get the conference room ready, we have a meeting at 10:30” he walked over to the shelf, picking a folder from the top most shelf.

“Okay sir” with that I left his office and went to the conference room which is below this floor. “Tina! You came!” It was Emma, she walked out of the pantry room holding a mug of steaming coffee.

“Against my will!”


The meeting got over a few minutes ago, and Emma and I were on the way to our cabin while Mr.King stayed behind.

“It’s weekend tomorrow” I said out of the blue and she glanced at me

“Why don’t we have a girls night?” I suggested

she clapped her hands, beaming brightly “That’s brilliant!”

“Cool! I’ll inform Rosa also be at my house by seven”


We parted our ways and I entered my office. My eyes moved around the plain boring room. “Just few more months.”

after five hours

“I have sent the emails sir,” Mr.King sat on his chair, typing away on his laptop

“You can leave” He declared not sparing a glance at me

“Thank you sir” I nodded and turned around

“Wait!” I stopped on my heels and glanced back at him.

“Yes Mr.King?”

“Jean will drop you”

“Thank you for the offer but I don’t want to trouble you” look who’s saying

“It wont be a trouble for me and It’s jean who’s driving now go.” He stated with finality, his eyes observing me.

“Okay sir,” There’s no point in arguing on such petty things. On the bright side I can reach home early this way.

But I couldn’t get my mind on why is he was doing this for me? Is he feeling guilty that he broke my bike?

Mr.King guilty? Nah! I don’t think that is possible. whatever it is I’m glad I don’t have to travel for one hour.

I noticed the black car waiting outside and i walked over to it and opened the door before climbing in. “Bonsoir Jean” (Good evening)

“Bonsoir Athéna, How was your day?” Jean smiled glancing at me

“As always boring” I muttered plainly.

“Ohhh” He nodded his head but i didn’t miss the small twitch on his lips. Great, now Jean finds my amusing!

“Hey Jean! why is Mr.King asking you to drop and pick me up?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know” he replied apologetically, watching me through the rear view mirror.

“Ohh, Okay” I leaned back to my seat and sat calmly till i we stopped near my building

“Thanks for the ride Jean” I thanked him as I climbed out of the car before closing it.

“Your welcome” He smiled and drove away.

After reaching my flat, i fished the keys out and opened the door and walked in before switching on the lights. I removed my shoes and hung the coat on the coat rack. I glanced at my wrist watch, more half an hour for Ruby to arrive.

Till she arrives I decide to take a shower and arrange all the ingredients for baking as we are going to have a girls night.


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