Fire and Flames

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XX. Cousin?


The bell rang bringing my attention, I guess Ruby’s here!

“It’s open” I hollered from the kitchen. I heard the door open and being shut “I’m so excited for tonight!” Ruby squealed, rushing towards where I stood.

I wiped my hands on the towel before taking a seat beside the counter.

“Look what I got” she sang grabbing two bottles of champagne from her bag and placing it on the counter.

“Great! We have everything!” Now we have to wait for the other girls.

Right on time the bell rang. I went to the door and swung open it revealing two grinning girls holding a bag each.

“Come in!” I welcome them with a huge smile of my own. Emma squealed walking past me while Rosa smiled shyly before stepping inside.

I closed the door behind and turned towards them noticing Emma already being comfortable on my sofa while Rosa was checking out the room.

Ruby literally ran towards us grinning like a maniac.

“You girls finally came! Athena said a lot about you both but I never got a chance to meet you girls. Aahhhh! I’m so excited” Ruby being the drama queen gushed excitedly.

“Now you can!” Emma stood up walking over to Ruby, throwing an arm around her shoulder. I just realised Emma is taller than all three of us.

“So that is Emma and this red chic is Rosa” I introduced them to Ruby, They exchanged hello’s between them.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Emma stared at me dreadfully, keeping a hand on her chest.

I eyed myself, black slacks and plain pink tee is enough for a girls night right? “What it’s comfortable!” I whine with a shrug.

She clicked her tongue disapprovingly before sauntering over to the sofa and picked up her Gucci duffel bag and started rummaging through it.

“Thank goodness I brought a pair of lingerie” She mumbled, revealing a flimsy piece of cloth.

My eyes fell out of it’s socket “WHAT? I’M NOT GOING TO WEAR THAT!” I said in horror.

“Thanks Emma for the backup. Finally I’ll make her wear it!” Ruby grinned like a psycho while rubbing her hands looking at me.

Oh No!

“Come on all of us are going to wear” Emma pouted, trying to act adorable!! well she is adorable!

“Yeah Athi wear it!” Ruby added smirking at me and I shot her a glare.

“Nope! Rosa why don’t you help me here?” I begged with my eyes hoping Rosa would save me from these two witches.

She shrugged her shoulders, smiling apologetically while mouthing sorry.


“Please!!Please! please! please!please!” Ruby and Emma whined together .

Honesty how old are they 4?

“Fine!” i gave in rolling my eyes, my lips thinning in annoyance.

“Yeah!” They both squealed and high five each other. I guess Ruby found her twin.

I snatched the navy lingerie from her hands and went to my room to change.. I donned the flimsy material which thankfully covered enough skin. seeming satisfied i walked out and saw the girls sitting on my bed chatting among themselves. Their eyes snapped to where I stood. “Omg! Girl you look hot! But sadly your not my type” Emma waved her hand dramatically

“What do you mean not your type?” I narrowed my eyes

“Well” she dragged not knowing what to say.

“You’re into girls?” Ruby jumped in a curious expression written on her face as she stared at a nervous Emma

“No! I like boys too” Emma shrugged,

“So your a bi?” Rosa asked

“Yup! And I’m proud” Emma flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder.

“Ooohhhh” we nodded in understanding. I think we looked like students who got to learn something new and interesting.

“Go change! I’ll be in the kitchen” I stated, walking out my of my room.


“How are you surviving? I’d faint if I’ll even see him, How are you immune to such hotness?Don’t you feel anything?” Rosa threw questions after questions making my eyes go wide.

I think you understood about whom we’re talking about.

My great boss!

“I just pretend he doesn’t exist, it’s that simple” I stated blankly with a slight shrug.

oh really then why were you swooning over his looks last night?

shut up consy! They don’t have to know that!

They chuckled at my repose, we continued to talk as we munched on snacks. We baked chocolate cake, made chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit yogurt Popsicle, Greek salad, butter popcorn and finally more Champagne!!

Right now we sat in a circle on the living room floor. Playing guess the song. It’s really fun, especially when your a music lover like me.

we spent some time playing and soon got bored of it.

“Let’s play something else.” Emma suggested while pouting.

“Then let’s play never have I ever.” Rosa said with an excited face

“okay!” we agreed in unison.

“Then I’ll start. Never have I evereaten an entire pack of Oreo’s in one sitting.” Ruby stated

All of us took a gulp out of our cups. I guess we all love Oreo’s. They’re heavenly right after chocolate.

“Never have I ever hooked up with someone of the same sex or gender.” Emma stated with a smile and took a huge gulp of her drink. while we stared at her in amuse.”

“Never have I everworked with someone I couldn’t stand.”

“I know about Athena in this one ” Emma giggled, followed by Ruby and Rosa chuckling

I rolled my eyes, of course they know I’m working under a narcissistic CEO whom I can’t stand for a minute straight. Somehow my big mouth has to say something.

The game continued, our drinks being emptied by seconds and the alcohol in our systems rising. A phone’s ringtone interrupted us. We ignored it and continued to play. Rosa was already asleep, ruby and Emma were playing while I watched them.

The phone started ringing again and it was annoying the hell out of me.

I got up on my wobbly legs and strode towards the table before picking up the phone. It was Emma’s and someone named ‘Zee’ was calling her.

“Emma, someone’s calling you” I yelled and glanced over at the girls finding them lying around wasted.

I debated whether I should take the call or not? It’d be rude if I took but what if it is important.

The phone continued to ring and I lost the last straw of patience. I answer the call bring it up to my ear to give an earful “EMMA! WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING MY CALLS!”

The alcohol from my system vanished hearing the cold voice of my boss. Am I imagining him?

oh god am I going insane?

Did I really start fantasizing about my boss?

“Why aren’t you saying something?”

Yes! It is him but why is he calling Emma and why did she save his number as ‘zee’ are they a thing?

Is this the reason why Emma is so comfortable around him?But Emma is into girls

and also boys!

ugh! this is so messed up!!

“Emma!” his impatient voice snapped me out of my trance making me realise we were still on the call.

“Emma is asleep” I stated blankly hoping he didn’t recognise my voice but alas he did.

“Miss Walker? What are you doing there? and Where is Emma?”

“This is my house and Emma is here! And why are you calling her at this time?” I glanced over to the wall clock it was almost 1 am.

“Give the damn phone to Emma!”

“I told you she’s asleep! are you deaf?” I yelled into the phone in disbelief, I get very cranky when I’m drunk.

“Miss. Walker!” he warned but I’m not intimidated by his tone and the next thing I did wasn’t what I’d ever plan to do.

“Get lost Mr.Arrogant Jerk!” I hung up and immediately regret that I called him that. Now I’m going to loose my job but wasn’t that what I wanted in the first place?

Yes I did! but who will hire me when the see the black mark on my resume!!!

“Tina! Who was on the call? I heard you shouting” I turned around hearing Emma’s groggy voice.

“What’s the relation between you and Mr.King” I asked surprising myself and her.

Her eyes widened and she looked away fumbling with the strands of her hair.

“Was it him?” she asked lowly not meeting my gaze

“Yes and you still didn’t answer my question.” I don’t know why am i concerned about their relationship. I shouldn’t be bothered by it but here I’m getting riled up for no reason.

she closed her eyes and let out a breath before meeting my gaze.

“I wanted to tell this in the beginning but I couldn’t as he didn’t let me”

now I’m very curious to know!

I urged with my eyes to speak

“Well He’s my cousin”

my eyes and mouth widened. Their cousin’s? And here I was thinking something else is going on. Shit! I feel ashamed of myself for accusing her about something which she isn’t.

“R.. Really? ”

“Yes! Zephyr, Daniel and I know each other from childhood. I actually came here for training and helping him with this new branch he opened in Paris. The main Headquarters is in Manhattan and I’ll be returning there next week.”

I continued to stare at her

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I’m surprised but thank you for telling me. Or else my mind would’ve thought something else” i mumbled the last part to myself but just like Mr.King even she’s got sharp hearing.

“Were you jealous?” her lips turned into a mischievous grin

“Noooooo!” why would she think that?

“Ohh , Tina! I know you have a crush on my cuz.” she wiggled her eyebrows

“What! No That’s ridiculous!” i waved my hand chuckling in disbelief.

“Oh really? Then why were you so overwhelmed about knowing our relationship” she pestered

“Just curious! That’s it! Now let me clean up this message” My tone raised a note higher.

I quickly made my escape. I do not want to be interrogated more. I’ve already had enough for a night.

“Whatever makes you sleep darling cause I’m totally going to ship you both!”

“Whatever!” I yelled back but I realise I was smiling.

what would it look like if we’re dating?

where did that come from?

Oh god Emma’s words are getting onto me!!!


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