Fire and Flames

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XXI. Not so heartless


“Wanna go out?” Ruby asked peeking into my room.

I was sprawled on the bed, my limbs were aching due to roaming around the whole shopping district yesterday. “Nah! I want to rest!”

“Then let’s watch Netflix!” I felt the bed dip beneath my leg.

I hummed in response, starring at the ceiling.

It’s Sunday morning and my plan is to sleep or laze around whole day. The girls and I spend our whole time shopping yesterday. I had to buy many clothes because I only have a few and most of the others were borrowed from Ruby. I cried while spending my savings.

Dad! This is all your fault!

If he hadn’t freeze my account I would have been studying my dream course and also spending money like a queen not that I would do that.

“Athi! It’s ten go take a shower and come have breakfast!” she insisted, shaking my leg not so gently.

Right on cue my stomach grumbled in response. I sighed and sat up, facing Ruby who was wearing fresh clothes, her hair slightly damp. Ruby has always been a morning person, unlike me who’s such a lazy ass.

My lazy Sunday was spent just like I planned.

Monday rolled in sooner much to my dismay. Nevertheless I shouldn’t procrastinate, I’m doing this for myself. I stared at my reflection on the mirror, I was wearing a pleaded black-white pencil skirt, black full sleeved blouse, a brown pea coat and finally black pumps. My hair was left in loose curls and my face had nude lipstick and thin stroke of eyeliner.

“Another day of work” I sighed picking up my black tote bag and walked out my room. Ruby was taking bath, so I left the flat and locked the door with my spare key before making my way outside the building.

I stopped near the entrance when I noticed jean standing beside the same black sleek car. He was dressed in black suit with white shirt underneath, a black tie and finally black leather shoes. He reminded me of men in black but What is Jean doing here?

I walked over to him, giving a smile when his eyes landed on me. His lips pulled into a smile “Bonjour Athena!” he greeted.

“Bonjour Jean, Did you come to pick me up?” I got straight to the point.

he nodded “Yes, Mr.King asked me to pick you up”

“Again? That’s surprising. Maybe he think’s I’ll be late again” I roll my eyes saying

Jean chuckled “I don’t know what goes inside Mr. King’s mind. Your reasoning might be true”

“Who knows now let’s hurry up! ” I climbed inside the car followed by him settling at the front.

After twenty five minuets we arrived at the building and I thanked Jean before making my way towards my cabin. I met Pierce on the way we exchanged few words and parted our ways as we didn’t want to get our jobs being risked at getting fired.

Speaking of firing.

Holy Shitz!

I yelled at Mr.King the other night. Oh god he’s going to kill me maybe that’s reason why he sent jean so I would not escape.

Evil Mastermind!

Hope I don’t see him! I prayed to the heavens and went to my cabin without being seen by the green eyed devil. I sighed in relief and sat on my chair. Oh I need to get him coffee.

I left the room and went to make his black coffee. After preparing it, i went to his cabin and knocked on the door and was greeted with silence. A crept up to my lips knowing he isn’t inside.

I held the handle and pushed the door open, my smile vanished like a puff when I saw him sitting behind the desk. I gulped when his steely gaze met mine, His arms were folded. It took everything in me to not go and touch those bulging muscles trying to escape his light blue shirt.

Oh no!

Gulping down my fear I sauntered over to his desk and placed the cup down all the while Keeping my eyes on the desk and not him. I stepped back and looked at my feet waiting for him to say something or do something the later might be possible.

When I didn’t hear any response, I looked up, my eyes widened when he was still staring at me. But this time I couldn’t avert my gaze it was as if his eyes were luring me.

“I...I apologize for y..yelling at you sir” I meekly apologise, my face had a solemn expression which i hope melts his icy heart. It worked on my parents although I do not know about him.

This is getting awkward by each second. I was fidgeting under his calculative gaze. say something! I bit my lip and looked down finding the floor more interesting than the Greek god sitting in front.

“Apology accepted!” I heard a blank reply.

My head shot up, my eyes and mouth wide “R..Really?”

His eyebrows knit together “You know I hate to repeat myself!”

My eyes gleamed as I spoke “Thank You so much sir. I promise I’ll never repeat it.” Although I don’t mean the last part, I’m thankful he won’t punish me this time.

I smiled brightly and left his cabin.

“You look happy” I squeaked when I heard a voice behind me. I turned around keeping a hand on my chest.

“Oh God! Emma! You almost gave me a heart attack!” I say exasperatedly.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” She grinned, not apologetic at all.

" Well It’s alright, I was going to my cabin.” I shrugged

she nodded before asking “Is Zee inside?”

Zee? Oh Mr.King!

“Oh ya, He’s in.”

“Did he confess his liking to you?” she blurted out suddenly catching me off guard.

“Huh?what?” My face turned red imagining Mr.King liking me.

“Nothing, just thought my dear Cousin said something cause you were smiling as If you’ve won a lottery.” She grinned Mischievously. What is going through her mind? Honestly, I can’t understand them both. They behave so differently.

“Oh..” I chuckle awkwardly.


“Mr. King, They have arrived.” I informed, he nodded his head

I followed him, I had to run to keep up with his pace. Man! I hate being this short,and my heels aren’t helping either instead it’s slowing me down. We reached the meeting room where a man around his late fifties along with his team of four sat there waiting.

He stood up noticing Mr.King step into the room. “Welcome Mr.Clive” Mr.King greeted extending his hand while the man gladly shook, a bright smile plastered on his face wrinkling face. He had brown eyes, brown and grey hair which was surprisingly thick even at this age. He stood a few inches shorter than Mr.King so he had to slightly tip his head up to meet Mr.Kings eyes.

“Thank you for taking your time for listening to this project, I know you have a busy schedule” Mr.Clive stated in his thick French accent.

Mr.King just plainly nodded, his face as bank as a white board. Show some emotions dude!

They sat around the table and I took my place at the back. Ugh, I hate this job so much!

I wonder how many times I said that.

The meeting continued, Mr.Clive was explaining his new hotel project and want us to design it. That’s a huge offer, Mr.King actually wanted this.

My eyes travelled to where Mr.King sat, His eyes were stern, his posture literally screamed dominance. Any one would pass out of fear when the look at him.

“You’ve got a great plan Mr.Clive. I would think upon it and Inform later” Mr.King stated firmly

Mr.Clive nodded with a smile and they stood up to exchange a hand shake. I went over to Mr.King and Mr.Clive noticed my presence. His smile widened and he extended his hand to me, I looked at it hesitantly before placing my hand. “It was wonderful to meet you dear” Something about his smile and look made me uncomfortable.

“Likewise Mr.Clive” I gave a tight lipped smile

His thumb ran over my knuckles, I clenched my jaw in disgust.

Old ass pervert!

I tried to remove my hand but he has no plan of leaving it so I forcefully pulled my hand before bringing it up to my chest.

He grinned, his eyes lusting over me.

Gross! I looked away! If this wasn’t an office I would’ve punched his face.

Mr.King seemed to notice this as he asked me to go back to my office. I offered him a small smile and returned to my office. Placing the files and iPad on the desk, I went to the washroom, to clean his filthy touch from me.

Stupid old man.

How can he do such a thing?

I’m almost his daughters age! People in this era are so shameless, why is this world becoming like this? Selfish! Greedy!. all the seven deadly sins!

I scrubbed my hands furiously making it turn red, I wiped the water off and went back to my office where I noticed Mr.King sitting on my chair.

He seemed to notice my presence as he met my eyes, standing up from his seat he walked over to me. I jumped when he took my hand examining it “Did he hurt you?” his voice was low and surprisingly not harsh or cold. His hand was warm and it felt nice!

“Huh?” I blurted out, face palming mentally at my stupidity.

“I asked did he hurt you? Are you deaf Miss.Walker?” he raised his tone slightly, his green eyes flared to mine.

“N..No he didn’t” I quickly replied, my voice quivering.

“Hmm” he merely hummed

“Are you going to sign the deal?” I asked watching him stare at my hand with an unknown emotion. What is going through his mind?

His eyes trailed on my face “No” he stated blankly.

My brows creased at his plain reply. He wanted this project desperately and made me work my ass off for this and now he’s rejecting it? “What? but why you seemed to work a lot to get this project.”

“Indeed I did but I won’t work with a lowly pervert like him. Don’t think I didn’t see him making you uncomfortable.” my heart fluttered at his kind gesture.

He’s doing this for me? Then he isn’t as heartless as I pictured him to be.

“Next time if someone tries anything which makes you uncomfortable just yell at them. I won’t mind.” he stated sternly, his eyes not leaving mine.

“Thank you sir!” I stared at him with a smile on my face.

“And don’t think I’m doing this for you. My companies reputation is more important to me.”

There he goes again.

However the smile never left my lips, What else are you hiding from me Mr.King?


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