Fire and Flames

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XXII. Spain


I heard my phone ring and I groaned burying my head into the pillow. Who the hell is calling at this ungodly time? The phone continued to ring eating my head!

Someone’s got a death wish!

I took the phone from the night stand and answered the call not checking the ID.

“What?” I asked frustrated about ruining my beauty sleep.

“Miss Walker! Be ready in half an hour were going to Spain” he barked before hanging up.

What was that?

Who’s voice was that? It sounded familiar! Who cares I shrugged keeping the phone back.

I’m so sleepy, I closed my eyes and dozed off.

I felt someone shaking me, I groaned and tried to pull the sheets up only to be ripped off from me. The cold air caused me to shudder. I wrapped my arms around me keeping myself warm.

“Athi!! Wake up!” I heard my name, it was Ruby’s voice but I’m not going to listen to her.

“Let me sleep” I whined like a baby, snuggling deep into the fluffy pillow.

After some time the shaking stopped and I sighed in relief. Suddenly I felt a cold splash on my face causing me to jump out of the bed, falling during the process.

Ouch! I got up and rubbed my aching bum. “What was that for ?” I glared at Ruby, who stood there holding a bucket.

“If I wouldn’t do that then someone would’ve come and taken you forcefully” she yelled, glaring back

“Take me?” I frowned, for what?

“Go change your boss is waiting” she said going out of my room.

So it wasn’t a dream? Oh no! I rushed to he bathroom and took a two minute shower before changing into black jeans and light pink hoodie. I let my hair loose and applied some cold cream to my face.

Then I realised I didn’t pack anything. I walked towards my bed and noticed a suitcase. ” It’s packed let’s go” I heard ruby’s voice behind me.

I gave her a smile, I’m so grateful for her ” Thank youuu!!” I hollered over my shoulder

I took the suitcase and went downstairs to the exit. I noticed a black range rover parked at the front. Ethan took my suitcase and I opened the door, climbing in quietly. I saw Zephyr sitting at the corner, talking on phone. He was wearing black dress pants and white shirt with the top two buttons undone.

Damn! This guy is hot!

I looked away and plugged my ear phones listening to music. Ethan climbed in and started driving.

I closed my eyes and leaned against the seat, relaxing to the soothing music.

I felt the the my ear phone being removed forcefully. I glared at the suspect “What?” I snapped, Zephyr had a frown on his face, he had bags under his eyes, his eyes lacked the usual fierceness.

He looked tired and stressed. Which is new to me!

“Why were you late?” He asked ignoring me, surprisingly not as harshly as I expected. I thought he would kill me for not listening to him.

“Umm...I wasn’t able to get what you said” I looked at my folded hand and played with my charm bracelet.

“Next time I won’t be this cordial”

codial? my face. This is what’s called as commanding, ordering and all the synonyms of it mister.

I bit my tongue from retorting something stupid “Yes sir”

I plugged the ear phone back and listened all the way to the airport. We went though the private terminal to his jet which was parked, ready to fly.

It was black, and had his initial on the tail in gold. This plane looked stunning. So luxurious! I remember Dad’s jet being plane white nothing unique.

The car parked in front of the jet and I climbed out following Zephyr towards the jet. A man with dark hair stood near the entrance wearing a uniform he greeted Zephyr and Zephyr nodded in response.

He noticed me and smiled brightly before taking me hand “I’m Lucas, the pilot of this jet. What’s your name?” He asked politely

I retrieved my hand from his “I’m Athena, Mr.Kings PA” I said returning his smile.

“You’ve got a beautiful name” he complemented while smirking

I mumbled a thank you, I’m still not used to complements.

Zephyr cleared his throat snapping my attention “Lucas let’s take off soon” he commanded walking over to his seat. Can’t he ask politely? Oh wait, he doesn’t have that word in his dictionary.

Lucas nodded and turned to me with a smile “Enjoy the flight” he said and walked towards the cock pit.

I turned around, noticing Zephyr sitting on the chair, leaning his head on his right hand propped on the arm rest. His eyes were narrowed and he observed me curiously. I squirmed under his scrutinising gaze. Why am I feeling uncomfortable under his gaze? I never felt like this before maybe it’s because of waking up early.

I didn’t pay him any attention and went to the seat behind, as far away from him as possible. I wore the seat belt and plugged in my ear piece, playing my favourite playlist.

I closed my eyes and leaned back enjoying the soft leather. The safety announcement was done and soon we are on the runway taking off.

I felt my self dozing off, I switched off the iPod and slept till I reach Barcelona.

I felt someone shaking me harshly, I swatted that hand Away as I groaned. I hate someone disturbing my sleep specially when I couldn’t get one properly as someone had to Ruin it.

“Miss walker wake up!” I heard the most annoying voice in the world.

I peeled open my eyes slowly and raised my hand stretching a bit. I glanced at him and saw him staring at me with a frown. “What?” I asked

“I’ve been calling you for nearly five minutes!” He spat, gritting his teeth.

“Should’ve informed me in advance about this surprise trip” I rolled my eyes and turned to the window, noticing the beautiful city of Barcelona below.

“I’ll inform you whenever I want to!” He snapped before turning away muttering something under his breath.

I would’ve chocked him but I have no plans going to jail. I’m way too young!

Wait! Didn’t he sit at the front? Then what the heck is he doing beside me?

“Weren’t you sitting there?” It was my turn to frown. Was he watching me sleep?

No you stupid who wants to watch you

I mentally rolled my eyes at my cocky conscience.

He looked at me, an eyebrow raised which I found really hot. Stupid hormones!

“Do you think I’ll tell from my seat to wake you up when you sleep like a polar bear” I noticed his lips twitch slightly, it was so minute but I thank fully noticed it.

So he finds me comical!

I decided to pay him no heed and went back to watching the view outside. The flight tilted to the right and I was In awe with the beautiful city below me.

“Wow!” I gasped, I probably looked like a kid in candy store.

I turned to see his reaction but frowned looking at his closed eyes, his hands were gripping the seat tightly. Poor seat!

Why is he so stiff? My eyes widened when realisation drowned in me

He’s afraid of heights!

I placed my palm on his hand, I was surprised to find it very cold but soft. I felt him stiffen under me, his eyes opened revealing a nervous pair of emeralds.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to be scared. I’m here!” I smiled at him hoping it would ease his fear.

He continued to stare at me with different emotions in his eyes. What is he thinking?

“Mr.King” I called out again

He blinked few times, his forehead creased together his eyes were now glaring at me “I’m not afraid of heights” he gazed at my hand on his before pulling away harshly “And who the hell gave you permission to touch me!” He barked, I felt something dip in my heart when he said that.

I was trying to help him and now he’s yelling at me.

I clenched my jaw “for a moment I felt like helping you but it looks like you don’t need anyone. No wonder your an arrogant jerk knowing no value of caring and helping. I pity that girl who’ll end up being your wife” my words were harsh, I was beyond furious as he used that tone on me. There’s a limit for every thing from now onwards I’ll never help this arrogant devil!

He’s a waste of time!


I pretended to stare outside but my mind was constantly thinking about what happened before. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that! Why the heck did I decide to help him?


I stiffened when I feel a hand wrap around mine. I looked down noticing a veiny arm on my tiny one. I squeezed his hand back. I’m such a hypocrite! Can’t believe I’m helping him again.

A smile crept up my face but I looked away trying to hide it from him. His hand tightened as we were about to touch down. I bit insides of my cheeks from laughing.

I feel so sad for him!

Being a businessman he has to travel a lot, how did he manage during that time? Holding Emma’s hand? She would’ve probably freaked out at first.

Hahaha! I should ask her about it.

He let go off my hand immediately as the plane landed. The plane halted near a hanger, Mr.King unbuckled his seat and stood up moving towards front not even bothering to look at me.

Whom am I kidding? I rolled my eyes and unbuckled my seat belt before picking up my bag as I went to the front.

Lucas was talking to Mr.King, his eyes landed on me as he smiled “Hope you as a great flight Athena”.

I chuckled “Yup! I did unlike someone else!”

I felt those green eyes glare at me. Hah! Scary cat!

Lucas chuckled and turned to Mr.King. I stepped outside the plane, the cold wind blew making me shiver. Should’ve worn something warmer.

I climbed down the stairs, noticing a white car parked at the end. That might be the chauffeur, I made my way to it and opened the door before climbing in. Sighing in relief as the warmth comforted me.

Soon, Mr.King climbed in and we were on the road driving towards the hotel where we’ll stay. I could feel his eyes on me through the ride but I choose to ignore him as I watched the beautiful city outside.

Hope I have a good time here!


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