Fire and Flames

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XXIII. Something fuzzy


The car stopped in front of a majestic looking hotel. I bet the bills are going to tear my pocket but thank goodness Mr.King is going to pay. hehe! Perks of working for a rich guy. I climbed out the car and followed him inside. He went to the reception area while I stood in the lobby admiring the prestige white marble flooring, huge crystal chandeliers, brown and maroon furniture, the creme colour walls which had gold accents. The total place screams money money money!

“Enough Gawking and follow me” The insolent man’s rude voice snapped me back to reality.

I shot him a glare which he ignored with an eye roll and strode towards the lift. Grumbling a string of profanities I followed him. I stepped into the lift, Noticing him typing away on his phone. How much does he love to work? Is there anything else he likes to do apart from working?

Yeah! Making fun of me!

“This your room card” he handed me a gold coloured card. Which has room no.443 written on it. I accepted it while thanking him.The doors opened and we walked out before Mr.King halted and turned back to face me. “You can rest for a while then we’ll have to go for a meeting at four. ”

“Meeting?” I frowned

He narrowed his eyes, giving me a ‘Are you an Idiot’ Kinda look “Miss. Walker, we’re here for business matters and not for taking a damn vacation”

Words rushed to the tip of my tongue to snap back at him but I chose to simply nod like an idiot and went to search my room. I’m really tired and I don’t want to waste my diminishing energy on him.


“Hmm, so this is my room”

I scanned the card and the door opened. I immediately rushed inside, my eyes widening as I took in the sight of the room I’ll be staying for god knows how many days. The whole room was cream and ivory in colour and it’s got an en suit bathroom. A door which I guess leads to the closet is beside it. Then there’s a french window which led to the balcony and finally a queen sized bed covered in gold and creme sheets with tons of Pillows.

Oh bed! I missed you!

Not even bothering to change I leaped onto the bed, the fluffy monster immediately engulfed me. I sighed in relief “There’s noting better than yummy food and sleep”

Within seconds I went into deep slumber.


I woke up to my stomach screaming for food. “Oh my stomach, I’ll feed you soon” I cooed to myself. haha! I know I’m insane.

I glanced at the clock, it read 14:56. SHIT!!!!!!! I can’t believe I slept for five hours! I climbed down the bed hurriedly and took my suitcase before racing to the en suit. I only have one hour to get ready for the meeting. Oh God, He’s gonna give me an earful.

I stripped myself from the clothes and got into the shower. After ten minutes of showering and then drying, I brushed my teeth and searched my suitcase for an appropriate dress to wear. I noticed all were my new clothes.

I chose a light blue dress and white blazer and paired it with creme heels. After changing I went outside and noticed him waiting near the lift. I took my sweet time to admire his handsomeness. He was dressed in a deep blue suit and brown leather shoes. Ahh that suit clung to his body leaving no room for imagination. Damn! How hot could this man get.

I cleared my throat when I reached him. He glanced at me, his eyes raked my figure boredly before meeting my eyes with slight amusement.

“I’m surprised to see you on time.” he stated with a smug smirk. Oh how I wish I could slap his gorgeous face!

am I supposed to get offended by it?

“Can we leave Mr.King? Cause I’m not interested in listening to your waste talks” I stated in a bored tone. His nostrils flared at my retort. Man! Why don’t I have a brain to mouth filter?

“I’m the boss here and” jutting his finger at me “You are supposed to listen to me” He tone was stern, if it was someone else they would’ve passed out of fear.

“Okay boss! Please lead the way” I said mockingly and started walking away without waiting for the devil. I wonder from where I got this sudden rush of courage to snap back at him? Somehow knowing he has a weakness increased my confidence to bear with his mood swings.

But where is the meeting held? I notice him catch up with me before I embarrassment myself from not knowing where to go.


The meeting went on fine! Note the sarcasm. How the hell is a damn meeting fine! It was f-cking boring as hell. It’s one of reasons why I don’t want to take over as a CEO. Ugh! Wonder what my dad is doing right now. Probably cursing me!

It’s almost seven but I want to explore the city. So I decided to ask my boss for permission. Now I sound like a kid asking permission from her dad.

“Can I go explore?” I asked him with hopeful eyes.

“How old are you? ten?” he retorted. idiot!!

“I don’t have to prove my age or ask your permission to go out but I’m asking to know whether you have any more meetings or something!” honestly I’m annoyed by this man!

“No I don’t” he said blatantly before turning back to going through some file on his desk. Gosh! He works a lot!

“Good, I’m leaving and don’t trouble me” I hopped toward the door but before My hand reached the knob he called out.


I turned back with an annoyed face “What?”

“I’ll come with you” he said as he got up from his chair.

I blinked few times, did I hear I right?

“You really wanna join me on my childish exploring?"

“It’s a new place and I can’t waste my time searching for you when you get lost”

“Mr.King, I.Am.NOT. a child. I’m perfectly capabl_” “Yeah I know how capable you are now be a good girl and come with me or stay inside your room”

“Fine! But I’ll decide where to go”


“Yay!” I squealed in happiness, At least I won a part of the argument!

“I’ll change and come, go wait near the entrance”

I nodded and left his suite before making my way towards the lobby and sat on the plush sofa, killing m time by playing subway surfer’s . After few minutes I noticed a shadow loom over me, “Let’s go!”

my head sapped up, my eyes shamelessly raked his muscular figure. He was wearing dark jeans, white T-shirt, long brown coat, gray muffler and paired with brown boots. Damn! He looked beyond hot!

I averted my gaze quickly and stood up “Ok!”

A black car pulled over and I looked up at him “I’m going to explore on foot” I stated, what’s the fun going around sitting inside the car. You should always walk around the place to get the in depth experience.

“When you get tired I’m not going to carry you” he narrowed his eyes

“Oh don’t worry I won’t let to u have the privilege to do that” I chuckled

I didn’t wait to see his reaction and continued to walk where my leg takes me. Barcelona is a beautiful city, it’s a mixture of culture, style and Harmony. We can see the clear integration in it’s architecture between the old and modern world.

I’ve heard a lot about the cafes here and I really want to try their churros. We walked around the pathways seeing the unique architecture while I took photos like a kid and Mr.King didn’t spare a chance to taunt me.

I looked at the clear starry night sky and walked suddenly I heard a car horn from my right and the next moment I’m being pulled back by a pair of strong arms before the car whose passed me. “Gosh Athena your such a kid. What would’ve happened if I wasn’t there to pull you.”

My tongue was tied out of shock and disbelief as he continued to scold me as if I’m a child. I was ashamed of my carelessness and I couldn’t tell anything.

His masculine cologne wafted into my nostrils, the warmth seeped into my skin. Wow! I could stay in his arms forever. My cheeks flushed when I realised I was hugging him.

“Are you even listening Miss Walker?”

My eyes snapped up meeting an angry yet concerned pair of eyes. He was afraid I would’ve got hurt but he’ll never admit it and try to dodge by say I’m his employee and he doesn’t want to waste his precious time on me.

“Thank you for Saving me” I whispered

He looked surprised for a second, his features softened a bit as his lips parted to say something but I know what it’ll be.

“I know you didn’t save me because you care about me but your company blah blah blah! But I’m really grateful and I’m sorry I wasn’t paying any attention I’ll be more careful”

“Now come on let’s go to the cafe” I held his hand and pulled him along with me and he didn’t mind it instead intertwined his fingers and held my hand tightly. My smile widened I don’t know why I was happy about this but I have a nice feeling about this.

This funny feeling I have in my stomach is back and I want to find out why?

After going to placa Reial, I took him to the magic fountain.

“Can you please take my photo?” I pouted blinking my eyes trying to look cute but I’m sure it might’ve appeared as if I’m trying to remove something out my eye.

He frowned folding his arms “Do you think I’m your assistant?”

“No but there’s no harm in doing this for me right?”

He continued to stare, and I sighed giving up knowing he won’t do it “Fine I’ll ask someone else” I turned to search for anyone who’d take a picture of me.

My eyes landed on a cute brunette guy I was about to go call him when someone held my hand and pulled me back. My back hitting a warm hard muscular surface. My heart leaped again. What is this strange feeling?

“Go stand there I’ll take the pic” I shivered when I felt his warm breath against my neck. I nodded and gave my phone. My cheeks burning AAAHHHH, being around him is dangerous.

I shook my head, shaking off the thoughts and walked towards the fountain before turning around facing him. He held my phone, ready to take a picture and I gave my brightest smile.

“Done!” He called out and I rushed towards him. I grabbed the phone from his hand, my fingers brushing over his lightly but enough to give me sparks. I felt him stiffen a bit but I ignored it.

The photos were lovely, I looked at him with a smile “Thank you but I need a photo with you too”

“What?” He asked puzzled by my request

“Come on let’s take a selfie” I tried to stand on my tip toes and raised my phone but this man is freaking tall.

“Ugh! Can you bend down a little?” I asked him

He rolled his eyes but the next think he did was unimaginable. He came behind me, wrapped his arms around and rested his chin on my shoulder his stubble giving a prickly sensation on my neck and shoulder. My eyes widened, What is he doing?

“Now take our picture” he whispered against my ears, sending shivers down my spine. My heart rate accelerated and I hoped he couldn’t hear it. This proximity is driving me insane.

With weak hands I held my phone up only to be snatched by him as he took a quick picture of us when I turned to face him.

“Here it’s done!” He smiled looking at the picture he took, his arms still around me. My heart skipped a beat looking at his magnificent smile. He looked genuinely happy, which swelled my heart with pride knowing I was able to see him so carefree for the first time since I’ve met him.

I snatched the phone and brought it near to glance at the pic that he took again. My eyes and mouth widened, my cheeks probably flushed like a tomato. The pic was stunning. If anyone saw this they’d think we’re a couple. There’s that fuzzy feeling again. What is happening to me?

I think I might be attracted my boss!


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