Fire and Flames

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XXV. Baby Steps


The warmth of the sun caressed my face. I shielded my face with my hand before slowing opening my heavy eyes due to crying my eyes out last night. Shame on me to like a man who’ll never respect me. If he wants to play this game rough then I’ll surely let him suffer.

Taking support of my elbows I sat up on my bed. I was still wearing the dress and I haven’t removed my makeup. I bet I looked like a zombie. Glancing at the digital clock, it displayed 7:46 AM.

I wonder whether I’m still working for him or not?

To hell with his damn work!

I decided to spend the rest of the day staying cooped up in the room, watching TV and ordering room service. This is the best way to avoid him and thankfully he didn’t call.

The next day arrived soon and I planned to take a stroll around the place. Staying inside won’t solve any of my problems, it’s best that I go around to relax my messed up mind.

My small stroll for few minutes extended for over hours and by the time I returned it was almost eight. I stepped out of the lift and walked towards my room but stopped when I noticed a tall figure waiting there.

What is he doing there?

I continued walking, not paying any heed to him. I reached the door and was about to open when he interrupted me “Where were you?” he sounded angry, well he’s always angry.

Narrowing my eyes I turned to him “I don’t have to tell that to you”

“Your in a new place, where you don’t know the language and what if something happened to you?” I can tell he was keeping his anger at bay.

“At least it’s better than staying around you” I yelled at his face before scanning the card to open the door when again this idiot stopped me again by holding my arm. I might punch him now!

“What do you want now?” I barked, glaring at him

“I told you I haven’t finished with you!”

“Well I’m not gonna listen” I removed his hand and stepped into my room shutting the door on his face.

Was I rude?

Nah! he deserved it!

Does he really care about me?


It’s the final day in Spain, I’ve been ignoring him for almost two days. Even during meetings I try to be as professional as possible, I’m surprised he didn’t fire me yet.

He tries to find a reason to start a conversation but I’ll leave him.

I just want o go home and take a long break. I’m sick of being here. Most specifically being near him. I thought maybe he’s nice deep beneath but all he is an arrogant ass.

I zipped the suitcase and after checking whether I’ve left anything I strolled it towards the door and opened before leaving. The door closed behind and I went towards the elevator which had few people thankfully he wasn’t present.


The metal doors slid open and I walked out towards the reception area and noticed Mr.King already waiting near it. I clenched my fists now I have to face him again.

I reached the counter, noticing him looking at me from my peripheral. I returned he room key checking my name out and walked away without minding him.

My steps quickened, wanting to stay away from him but he caught up with me. what is this man up to? he didn’t appear to be cranky neither pissed. For some reason my mind is telling he’s up to something.

We stepped out noticing a black car waiting for us. The driver took my suitcase placing it behind and I climbed into the passenger seat behind. Mr.King climbed in later I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes, he was on a call.

“I’ll be there tomorrow. No, just leave it like that! Fine!” He hung up leaning his head back rubbing his temple.

I looked outside but I could feel his stare on me. My heart was racing uncontrollably, stupid heart be calm!

We reached the airport and I immediately stepped out of the car not wanting to be him.

Lucas standing next the entrance, I shot him a bright smile as I climbed up the stairs “Hey Lucas”

“Athena, lovely to see you again” he pulled me into a hug and I gladly wrapped my arm’s around him. I really wanted a hug.

We pulled away, him smiling at me “Did you enjoy Spain?”

My eyes wanders toward the entrance where Mr.King just walked in our eyes met and I quickly looked at Lucas “It was wonderful” I lied, Spain was awesome but having a moody boss around ruined the thrill.

“That’s great!”

“Lucas! We have to leave now! ” Mr.King ordered.

I rolled my eyes, rude man!

“Talk to you later princess” he winked and went towards the cockpit.

Without sparing him a glance I went my seat behind, and kept my bag down. Taking my iPod, I plugged the earphones and played my relaxing playlist.
The soothing music entered my ears making me sigh in contend I leaned into my seat and glanced out the window watching the airport.

I noticed someone sit beside me, my eyes widened when I saw Mr.King there. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful.

Why is he sitting here?

I have no plans to be around him so I unbuckled my seat belt and stood up to go to another seat but an arm pulled me back making me fall back to my seat. I glanced at him angrily “What do you think you’re doing?”

He opened one of his eyes, an amused smirk playing on his lips. bam bam! there comes that feeling again in my chest. Am I going insane?

“Forgot I get scared of flying?” He asked amusedly, cocking an eyebrow.

Is he implying that he wants me to stay beside him?

“Oh so you want me to stay and hold your hand? News flash! then it’s not going to happen.” I stated exasperatedly and I tried to wiggle my hand out of his but he jerked me, making me to stumble towards him. He caught my waist and pulled me towards him placing me on his lap.

Oh God I didn’t expect this to happen.

“I don’t want to hold your hand” he leaned closer before whispering into my ears “I want to hold you in my arms!”

My eyes widened “Wh..what?”

His green eyes glinted mischievously “You heard it first now be quite and let me hold you close.” he pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around me and pushed my head making it rest on his solid chest.

I pushed him away harshly! I’ll never let him play me around like a toy. “Why do you think I’ll let you do that? Now let go off me.” I was beyond irritated by now. The nerve of him to do this after all I’ve gone through because of him. I was like a worm squirming in his arms. Gosh! I’ll kill him.

“I know you’re still angry at me.” I stilled when I heard his low yet soft voice.

“Wow! Took you long enough to realise!” I dead panned rolling my eyes.

“Athena! will you be quite for a moment!” He yelled annoyed by my childish behaviour. I stilled when I heard him say my name, it felt so good coming from his mouth.

“Look I’m really sorry for my rude behaviour that night. I wasn’t angry at you but me, for leaving you alone but me being an idiot took that anger on you. You have no idea how I felt when I didn’t see you back there in the hall.” his words were sincere and I knew he wasn’t lying because his eyes always showed his emotions. now all I see is sincerity. I gazed into his eyes not answering so he continued.

“I don’t know why but I felt as if something might’ve happened to you, I wouldn’t forgive myself”

He took both my hands bringing it up to his lips placing a soft kiss on both my wrist where it was bruised “I didn’t mean to hurt you” he whispered

My heart swelled at that kind gesture.

He looked into my eyes “I know we’ve stepped on the wrong foot, you’re right I shouldn’t have been this rude to you it’s just that no one in my life dared to go against me but looks like you’re immune to my arrogance now.” he said with a light laugh.

I chuckled, recalling the past incidents “Yeah!”

“So can we start this over? Friends?” he reminded me of a kid right now. how adorable!

“Are you really my boss?” I frowned

“Don’t spoil it!” he rolled his eyes

“Okay fine I’ll be your friend but remember I’ll still punch your ass if you behave rudely” I warned

“I’ll try but no promises”

“Okay! now leave me” I stated eyeing his arms around my waist.

“Nah ah your cosy” he hugged me closer resting his head in the crock of my neck.

I felt this urge to run my hands through his hair, maybe he won’t mind it. I slowly ran my hand through his hair he stiffened for a second but relaxed, I heard him sigh “Continue doing that!”

I smiled and continued to massage his head. He might’ve been very tired as I heard his light snoring. I placed a small kiss on his hair “what are you doing to me?”

One moment I hate you and the next moment I start liking you.

what are you doing to my heart my devil?


AAHHHHHH! Don’t kill me because they got patched up. Like c’mon, I can’t let them fight over like this but this isn’t the ending. The true drama is just gonna begin.

Note: All my chapters aren’t edited and it’s just the skeleton of the actual chapters I’m supposed to write but I’m posting it early because i don’t wanna keep y’all waiting. Once I complete this book, I’ll edit it and you won’t even recognise it was the same thing.

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