Fire and Flames

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XXVI. Busted


“How was your trip?” Emma chimed as I stepped into my cabin. Mr.King was generous to give me a day break to rest and today I came back to work.

“Nothing much to talk about” I shrugged, it’s not like I’ll say that her dear cousin asked me to be his friend. I blushed remembering the way he held me through out the flight as if his life depended on it, Man! he’s really afraid of flying.

“Oh Really? Then what are you blushing at?” she raised her eyebrows, a sly smirk playing on her lips.

“Huh! I wasn’t blushing I think it’s the heat yeah!” I immediately cringed as those words left my mouth.

“It’s winter, and your feeling hot?” she asked with a doubtful look, not buying my reason.

“I think I’m having a fever” I let out an exasperated sigh as I rubbed my forehead.

“Ok then, I’ll ask Zee for sure” My eyes widened as she turned to leave,

“No!” I called out, she stopped, turning with a frown “I mean wait, I’ll tell you” I whispered fumbling with my fingers. Now, I have to explain the whole story again. Yesterday Ruby didn’t spare me from her interrogation and trust me you wouldn’t wanna face a curious Ruby. She’ll trouble you till she get’s her answers. Seems like Emma is Ruby’s twin.

“I’m all ears” she grinned clapping her hands.

With a sigh I started explaining everything from him holding my hand during flight, the trip, masquerade ball ,our fight and me ignoring him to how we came to good terms.

“I’m surprised by his behaviour” she gave me a thoughtful expression.

“Well I’m not, his crazy mood swings are unbearable” I shivered thinking about his ever changing moods. He’s worse than a pregnant woman!

She seemed like she wanted to say something but refrain from it “That’s true” she said with a light chuckle. “Yeah!” I agreed laughing along with her.

I saw the lift door open and Mr.king walked out wearing a grey suit and white button up. His hair was slightly messed and his signature frown was evident on his face.

“Mr.king is here I’ll have to make his coffee talk to you later ”

“Eager to talk to him are we?”

“There’s nothing like that” I reprimanded but all she did was laugh and walked away saying whatever makes me sleep.

A ghost smile crept onto my face, perhaps I’m actually eager to talk to him. This is a new begining for us as friends but why does my heart ache at that?

Ignoring the new unknown feeling bubbling within me, I went to the small kitchen for the staff and prepared his black coffee before going to his cabin. I knocked on the door twice hearing his low ‘come in’.

Opening the door, I step inside with a smile before walking to his desk and placing the coffee. He searching for something in his desk.

“Good Morning Mr.King! ” I greeted, he looked up, my heart pickup it’s pace as our eyes met. His beautiful green eyes never fails to take my breath away.

“Morning” Did he really wish me back, and is that a small smile I see on his face?

I blinked few times, unable to believe this. Is it really Mr.King or his lookalike?

“Anything on my face?” He asked amused, cocking an eyebrow. Damn it man! Stop looking so sexy!!

“Huh! What? I was just thinking that you returned my greeting” I awkwardly chuckled

He smirked “Shouldn’t we take small steps”

“Totally!” My smile widened into a full ear to ear grin.

“Okay, now get the employee names and their details updated and rearranged in alphabetical order. I need it by noon!” My smile fell, there comes the old moody boss.

“What!” My tone raised an octave

“Any problems miss walker?”

“That’s very less time to work with” I whined, seriously woman grow up! My stupid consy added

Oh shut up!

“And I thought my work load would reduce.” I mumbled to myself looking down at my open toed feet.

“Let me make this clear Miss. Walker” I looked up ”We coming to good terms doesn’t mean I’ll compensate your work. Now get back to your task times ticking” He pointed to his Rolex watch.

“Fine I’ll do it!” I huffed a response.

My hopes of finding him kind has been thrown into the drain. He’ll always remain like this! cold and emotionless

I turned my heels to leave when his voice stopped me “I don’t involve friendship with my business.”

I nodded with a straight face and left his cabin

Arrogant prick!

Holding the huge stack of file I stumbled towards my Cabin and managed to settle on the chair.

“That seems like a lot of work.” I heard a voice, it was again Emma.

“Yeah, and here I thought I’ll escape from it.” I rolled my eyes at my stupidity to think he’ll even do that.

“Hahaha! Zee never mix friendships and business” she chuckled, taking a seat I front of my desk

“Ya I can see that!”


“I’m done with it sir” Finally after breaking my fingers, hurting my poor eyes and cramming my head I managed to get this work done on time.

“Hmm! You’re work is done for today” he stated nonchalantly, not sparing me a look at least. A welcome would’ve been kind anyways I’m glad I can go home.

“Okay!” I chirped,

“Have a good evening sir” I wished him with a smile and walked back to my cabin with a slight hop to my steps. A wide smile was plastered on my face, I guess he’s surely changing.

Returning to my house, I took a shower and changed into warm clothes before preparing myself a cup of hot chocolate and settled on the sofa, browsing for any K-drama’s to watch. It’s almost five and ruby wasn’t back yet.

Mum should be calling by now!

As if reading my thoughts my phone started ringing, i grabbed the phone off the table and glanced at it. It was Mum.

With a smile I answered the call before bringing it up to my ear “Hey Mom! how are you?”

I frowned when I didn’t hear any response. “Mom! Are you there? what happened?”

Again I’m met with silence, this is creepy

“Mom, you’re scaring me, say something!”

I got annoyed and was about to cut the call when I heard a voice making me still.

“Enna! Is that you?”

I gulped, my heart was racing like a car, It was my sister’s voice. how did she find my number. I’m sure mum didn’t save my new number with my name.

“A..Alex!” I stammered

“Oh my God! Athena It’s you!!” she yelled

“Shit Alex!! Be quite you’ll let the whole house know” I scolded,

“Opps sorry! I knew it was you whom mom will be speaking secretly”

“Oh so you were spying on mom?”

“hey! now you make me sound like a criminal!”

“Well you were spying behind mom! anyways please don’t say this to dad! he won’t let me stay here” i pleaded, I don’t want dad to know about my whereabouts yet. He won’t listen to me and I’m sure he’ll force me to marry that unknown guy.

“Why did you leave without telling, I’m hurt! I thought you loved me” her voice broke, tearing my heart in guilt.

“Oh Baby sis, I love you so much and I’m really sorry for not telling you, I would’ve but my situation wasn’t that favorable” I tried to explain hoping she would understand me.

“Still you should’ve called me!”

“Yeah!” I feel ashamed of myself now.

“Alex! Whom are you talking to” My eyes widened when I heard a male voice. Shit! I’m busted!

I pursed my lips in anticipation and fear, “Asher! It’s none of your business now shoo I’m talking to my friend”

I sighed in relief that it was my brother, tears welled in my eyes think about my sweet siblings. I miss them so much.

“He’s gone”

“Oh Alex, thank you so much for saving me.”

“Hey what are sisters for but I rally suggest you don’t hide for a long time Dad is going insane”

“I know!”

All I could do right now is just hope for my future!


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