Fire and Flames

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XXVII. Saved


Life was getting better than I expected. It’s been a week since Alex got to know about me and as I feared my two annoying brothers found out too. I hope their big mouth doesn’t sell me out.

Emma went to New York, leaving me with her moody cousin. Why sister?

Speaking about the devil boss of mine. Well, as always, he is rude and haughty, but he’s trying his best to not lash out at me. However, my mouth’s got no filter of what I might say and I’m sure he might lose the last string of patience soon.

“Are you even listening?” an angry voice snapped, bring me back to reality. Oh, I forgot he was explaining something.

I gazed at him with a blank expression. His eyes were set into a hard glare making me gulp.

“Huh! Umm..yeah!” I stammered awkwardly, having no idea what he was talking about.

His eyes narrowed, not buying my lie.

“Go bring file CA4 from the shelf room” he stated blankly and I mentally let out a sigh as he didn’t push on the lie.

“Okay,” I hurriedly got up from my seat and went towards the room where he kept all the files. My eyes checked for the sign C and I noticed it.

However, there’s a problem. It’s at the top and I’m so freaking short! My eyes roamed the room in search of a small stool or table which I could use to climb.

Noticing a table at the end of the room, I took it and brought it near the shelf. Removing my heels I climbed on top of it and stood on my tiptoes but I still couldn’t reach it.

I tried to jump and reached the file but my leg slipped causing me to tip backwards. Oh gosh!

I squeezed my eyes and braced for the impact. But it never came instead I felt warmth around me, the intoxicating smell of pine wafted to my nose. Wait what?

Slowing peeling my eyes open which immediately met an angry yet concerned pair of emeralds.

“You are so clumsy, Athena! What if I wasn’t there to catch you on time? You would’ve been badly injured.” he kept on yelling at me but my mind couldn’t focus on anything at this proximity with him. My heart is having a frenzy, jolts of electricity were passing through my skin.

I could stay in his strong arms forever.

“I.. I’m sorry, I couldn’t reach the shelf so..” but he rudely cut me off “You should’ve asked me!”

Is he bipolar? Sometimes he hates it when I ask him something and now he’s screaming at me for not asking for his help?

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” I mumbled looking at my fidgeting fingers. I could feel his intense gaze on my face which I didn’t want to meet. I hear him let out a sigh.

“Next time don’t hesitate to ask me.” His voice suddenly softened, making my heart skip a beat. Oh heart, what is happening to you?

I nodded, still not meeting his eyes.

“Words Miss.Walker.”

“Y..yes sir.”

He gently put me down but my legs gave out and I quickly wrapped my arm’s around his neck as his hands went to my waist to support me. My eyes widened when I realised how close our faces were, his minty breath fanned my lips and I could see the golden flecks in his eyes up close. so alluring!

He quickly averted his gaze and steadied me “Careful.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled genuinely at him with a smile, he plainly nodded and walked away quickly. I watched him walk out and let out a breath which I didn’t know why I was holding.

Why am I suddenly feeling like this? The butterflies in my stomach and the tingles.

One thing for sure I know this will make my survival here difficult.

I picked the folder and walked towards his office. The day was spent as usual and I found Mr.King acting weirdly around me. It’s as if he’s trying to hide something.

“It’s dark outside, I’ll drop you home.” I heard his voice behind me. I paused what I was doing and turned around only to take a step back when I found him right behind me. Mustering up my courage I looked into his piercing eyes to decline his offer although it was very kind of him.

“It’s al_” my eyes widened when he cut me off by placing a finger on my lips “I don’t want to listen to your excuses. Wait till I get my work done.” he leaned closer whispering looking straight into my eyes, My heart wanted to escape from its cage. I hope he couldn’t hear it.

I eyed his finger on my lips before meeting his eyes and he slowly pulled his finger away letting me answer “Okay sir,” I mentally patted for not stammering, I could still feel his warmth lingering on my lips.

I sat on the sofa and went through my phone. He wrapped up his work and we left the office in his car. The ride was awkwardly silent, the tension so thick we could slice through it.

I noticed him taking a different route. “This is not the road to my apartment,” I say in alarm, glancing at him.

“I know.”

“Then why this way? Is this a shortcut?”

“We’re not going to your apartment.”

“What?” is he going to kill me?

“We’re going to have dinner, now don’t start with your lame excuse” I sighed in relief, wait what did my rude and cold boss say?

“I wasn’t going to say anything and hold up, we’re gonna have dinner?” I frown at him whereas he seemed to keep an unbothered facade and pretended as if it’s normal to take an employee out for dinner.

“I clearly remember saying that Miss Walker.”

“You can just drop me home Mr. King.”

“As I told you I’m not going to listen, we’re gonna have dinner together and that’s final.”

“Are you threatening me? Why would I accompany you for dinner? You’re my boss.” I shoot questions after questions but then my eyes widened as if someone shoved some sense into my brain, “Wait, this is some kind of a business dinner meeting right?” Of course it is, why would he offer to take me out for dinner for no reason other than that.

Then suddenly he stopped the car on the sideway and turned to me with an annoyed face. “Do you always have to open that pretty mouth of yours Athena?”

My heart pounded, and my cheeks took a rosy shade. He was neither yelling nor shouting at me instead he gave me an amused smile, his tone not serious. I was stunned by this side of him.

“But you’re not answering my questions properly.” His change in attitude and behaviour was making me paranoid.

“This is not a business meeting Athena. Just a normal friendly dinner,” he replied softly, his gaze tender. My heart fluttered listening to him call my name, sometimes I thought he never even knew my name.

“Why the sudden thought?” I asked, gazing at him curiously as he changes the gear and drove into the main road.

“Thought we could know more about each other,” he shrugged, I saw a small smile on his face which unconsciously brought a smile on my own. If it was any other day I would’ve laughed at his face but the Mr.King sitting right beside me is trying to be civil around me and I’m glad he’s trying this.

“Ohh, so what do want to know about me?” I turned in my seat leaning against my right shoulder.

“Anything.” His eyes darted to mine for a moment before looking ahead at the road

“Then let’s play 21 questions” I suggested, it’ll be more fun that way and we’ll get to know more about each other.

“What’s that?” he frowned,

“I’ll ask you a question and You’ll answer it, then you will ask me a question,” I explained while he bobbed his head in understanding.

“Then I’ll ask first, What’s your favourite colour?”

He seemed to think for a second, a small smile playing on his lips “Brown, yours?”

“Yellow! It’s so bright and happy! That’s why I love sunflower’s they’re my favourite and also yellow roses!” I gushed happily,

“Do you have any sibling?” I asked, his face contoured into that of gloom and sadness.

“No, I’m the only one,” he whispered, his tone slightly huskier and thick with emotions.

I think I touched a sensitive topic, I feel stupid for doing that. Look you spoiled the mood!


“I have a sister and twin brothers.” the thought of them bought a smile to my face, they are my everything although they tend to get on my nerves they’re still my sibling and I love them.

“Now my turn, How many girlfriends did you have?” don’t ask why I even asked this question. My curiosity is getting the best of me.

“Why are you suddenly interested in my love life?” he smirked cocking an eyebrow, damn! he looks so sexy!

“Answer it! You said we could know each other.” I narrowed my eyes playfully glaring at him

He let out a chuckle “Fine! I’ve dated only three girls.”

“WHAT?? That’s it? I thought you would have like twenty or thirty girls” I foolishly muttered

“I don’t want to waste my time on any relationships. These girls are clingy.” He stated arrogantly. Of course, he’d think that this man is addicted to his work.

“Hmm! But not all girls are. You might find the right one later.” why am I trying to make him interested in being in a relationship?

“You seemed to be interested in my love life than me?” he chuckled amusedly.

“I’m just curious.”

“Well then tell me how many guys you’ve dated.”

“None,” I stated proudly, tipping my chin. I’m single since birth but I’m proud of it.

His eyes widened for a second as a ghost of a smile appeared on his face “Really?”


“That’s hard to believe.”

“Oh really, then why do you think like that?”

His eyes darted towards mine with an unknown emotion before looking back at the road with a dazed look “You’re beautiful and caring Athena, any guy would love to have a girl like you.”

His words made my eyes go wide as saucers, Did he just compliment me?

“You think that?”

“Of course I do” He stopped the car and turned to me, my heart fluttered at his thoughts about me. Well, I’m flattered hearing it from him. “Now get out we reached the restaurant.” there goes the sweet Mr.King. He opened the door and climbed out leaving me alone to settle all the emotions that are going all around my mind.

Even though he went back to being cold, I was amazed at his carefree side, who knew a man so cold like him could laugh as if he never cares, that childish glint in his forest eye somehow made me happy. Wish I could pause this moment and dwell in it forever.


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