Fire and Flames

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XXVIII. Rude much?


Our dinner night went surprisingly well, although I expected him to be moody and in ‘I’m the boss’ kinda attitude, he managed to be nice and polite. There wasn’t anything special just light talking and more eating, then he dropped me back home. That’s it, people!

Weeks have been passed since that day, Mr.King has been busy a lot lately, he’s working on a new tender and I never got much time to meet him as he usually sent the orders through the intercom.

Christmas is a week away, I’m not that ecstatic as this is going to be my first Christmas away from my family. I miss them so much!

My intercom buzzed, and I answered it “Mr.King’s Pers_” a booming voice cut me off “Black coffee NOW!” Damn! What crawled up his ass and died?

“A please would’ve been appreciated!” I yelled, but he hung up.

I stood up from my chair abruptly, making it fall behind me before storming out of my cabin to the break room to prepare his cup of black coffee. If he wants to order me, then I won’t respect him. Where did his promise of being nice to me go? Without knocking, I entered his cabin and walked to the desk, he was busy in a call. How I wish I could throw this steaming cup of coffee on his pretty face.

He narrowed his eyes, before hanging up “I’ll call you later.”

I banged the cup onto the desk, my eyes set into a firm glare. I’m not backing off!

“Miss Walker I do not tolerate disrespect from you.” he spat venomously clenching his jaw. Talk about being a rude ass early in the morning!

“Give respect, then earn respect! First, you learn to speak politely and not order around like a dictator.” I was fuming by now, this idiot has the nerve to say those words when whereas he’s the one who’s doing wrong here! What happened to that nice Mr.King? Wish he remained like that forever cause I hate this Mr.King right now.

“You’re my employee and I’ll order you around, you’re just like a servant to me.” Ouch, that hurts right in my heart.

“What about the understanding we’ve come to?” my brows creased as I demanded an explanation.

“Oh that stupid thing? Well, I didn’t mean any of it.” he folded his arms leaning into his leather chair an arrogant smirk played on his lips.

“You Jerk!” I yelled, how dare he think he could play me around. was all he said yesterday was a plain lie?

“Mind your tone, Miss Walker,” he warned, narrowing his eyes into slits but I wasn’t intimidated a bit because of the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

“Oh now you’re asking me to mind my tone? Learn to respect your employees then I’ll talk properly to you. Now drink your black coffee as dark as your heart before it cools down cause I’m not going to prepare another cup” without a glance I left his cabin with a burning rage that I have to control before I commit a murder.

What does he think of himself?


It’s been an hour since his sudden outburst and he didn’t bother to trouble me after that. I almost feel guilty for yelling at him, he might’ve had his reasons to lash out but it shouldn’t have been directed at me or anyone.

My phone buzzed and I picked it up looking at a new message from Daniel. A crept up my face, it’s been a month since I’ve talked to him.

Danny: Up for coffee?

Me: Yeah! my work will be done in fifteen minutes

Danny: Then I’ll pick you up

Me: Y the sudden plan?

Danny: I’ll tell that when we meet ;)

Me: okay! :):)

I walked out of the building and saw Danny waiting beside a red Ferrari, he smiled brightly when he saw me “Hey!” he pulled me into a bear hug, unable to breathe I pat his back “c..can’t br..reathe!”

“Oops sorry, we’re seeing after a long time right?” he chuckled, his baby blue eyes twinkling under the sun.

“Yeah!” I chuckled.

“Get inside we’ll talk on the way!”

he opened the door for me like a gentleman and I shot him a smile over the door while he winked and went over to the other side.

“Where were you all this while?” I asked once he settled in his seat

“Manhattan, with my parents.”

“Even I’m from there!” I chirped giddily

“Then why did you come here?”

“It’s a long story!” I sighed, recalling my plans for why I arrived here.

“I have all the time.”

“Let’s just say nothing went as I planned!” I chuckled while cringing inside as I thought back to the adventure I went through.


“So why the sudden coffee date?”

“Can’t I meet my sister? I’m hurt!” he feigned hurt, clutching his heart,

“Look ahead, I have no plans to die young!” I cry out playfully

He laughed shaking his head lightly, he’s just like a ray of sunshine bringing joy all around us. Why couldn’t Mr.King be like Danny? What is he hiding? I know not everyone is born arrogant, it’s our situations that build our character and the way we interact with others. Will you ever let me into your mind?

We reached a nice homey looking cafe and placed our order before setting it on the single table beside the window.

“It’s the holidays, why don’t we go out for a trip to the countryside. Zephy got a cabin near there.” My eyes lit up at his suggestion

“I’d love to go but your best friend might not give me a break,” I say rolling my eyes, thinking about Mr.King. That man might not let me rest during this holiday as I’m sure he’ll be working and I’m his servant.

“He’s not that bad” he chuckled amusedly

“Well he’s not bad he’s worse!” I shuddered

“Oh you really hate him don’t ya.”

“Loathe would’ve been better” I muttered, even though I know it’s a complete lie.

“Don’t worry I’ll ask him.”

“Aww you’re such an angel Danny where were you whole this time when I was around him”

We laughed and caught up with many things, it’s so easy to talk to him.

“You can bring your friends especially Ruby”

“Ruby huh? Tell me you like her! ” I smile mischievously, wiggling eyebrows. Danny’s ears turned red, as his eyes wandered everywhere but mine. AWW! someones in love!

“Don’t worry she’ll like you,” I assured him making him smile brightly, I feel so happy for Ruby as she got such a nice guy to like her.

Wish I find someone who’ll understand and love me no matter what.



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