Fire and Flames

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XXIX. I dare you


“I can’t do it and That’s my ultimate decision father,” I said with finality and hung up the call, as I slumped into my swivel chair.

My father had to ruin my mood out of all days. He kept on bringing that silly marriage topic and I’m least interested to get married to a stranger. But he doesn’t understand that, and I heard the girl ran away from their house. I bet even she’s least interested in this. Even though I don’t know her, I bet she’s got the guts to do it.

I took the intercom and pressed number 1, the call is picked immediately “Mr.King’s per_ ” I cut her off “Black coffee Now!” I didn’t intend to yell at her but my tone came out harsh and it’s too late to change it.

I banged the receiver back and leaned back into my seat. It’s been two years since I shifted to France. I wanted to start a new branch here, and it’s going on well. Now my goal is to get the tender for the brand new hotel by Fleur d’Or hotels. It should be my company that gets the tender to design and build it. There are many competitors out there who are capable to do it but I’ll try my best to get it.

I picked my phone and called my secretary, yeah I have a secretary who handles all my major works, the reason why I kept Athena was just to take revenge but turned out to backfire and I hate to admit that I’m slowly getting attached to her.

The door swung open and a fuming Athena stormed inside, her brown hair strands falling over her face, the way her slender legs moved with precision, her body screamed power stance and that’s hot. I mentally shook my head, I’m not supposed to be fantasising over her. She’s just a normal friend, yes that is it! Or is it? It’s more like trying to convince myself.

I hung up the call and frowned at her, she walked up to me and banged the cup on the table, I’m surprised it didn’t break.

“Miss Walker I do not tolerate disrespect from you,” I spat venomously clenching my jaw, the only thing I hate the most is being disrespected whether It’s my family, friends or employees I do not care.

Her eyes flared with anger, I was partly impressed by her boldness but In my office, it’s me who gets to rule.

“Give respect, then earn respect! First, you learn to speak politely and not order around like a dictator” she stated in vexation,

I felt myself getting more angered by her words, that’s it I lost control over my words and I said the words that I never meant.

I saw hurt flash through her eyes, something in my heart clenched when I saw her face then as quickly as it appeared her face morphed into anger “You Jerk!” she yelled, her chest heaving as she took rapid breaths.

“Mind your tone, Miss Walker!” I warned, narrowing my eyes into slits.

“Oh now you’re asking me to mind my tone? Learn to respect your employees then I’ll talk properly to you. Now drink your black coffee as dark as your heart before it cools down cause I’m not going to prepare another cup!”

As dark as your heart! You’re right Athena, my heart and soul are dark. I can’t afford any feelings, I’m supposed to remain this way, cold and heartless. But why does my heart ache, when you said those words which I hear from everyone?


Danny dropped me back at the office an hour ago and I still didn’t hear anything from Mr.King. should I go apologies? I know I should have helped a lot of patience to put up with his childish tantrums.

Deciding on my decision I got up from my place and walked towards his office. Raising my hand I knocked on the door, not hearing a response I slowly opened the door to peek inside only to find it empty. Maybe he’s outside.

“What are you doing here?” I almost peed in my pants when I heard his husky voice behind me.
“AHH! You scared me!” I placed a hand on my chest, trying to calm my pounding heart while he moved past me without paying any heed. I watched him go and I followed him in.

My eyes followed him pull his chair and sit on it before picking up his phone and going through it.

“How long are you going to stand like that?” he asked without glancing at me

“I wanted to talk!” I said barely above a whisper but his sharp ears picked it

“Then talk,”

Arg! This getting frustrating as each second ticked by, how should I start? “Umm.. I wanted to talk about the incident which” “It’s better you forget about it,” he stated nonchalantly, leaning back into his seat, his eyes were closed as he rubbed his forehead.

“I wanted to apologise.” I watched his hand freeze, before slowing revealing his eyes, giving me an unblinking stare.

“I am sorry for screaming at you, it wasn’t very professional and I should’ve thought before saying something” I’m honestly ashamed of myself, if I’m trying to teach him then I shouldn’t behave like him, even though the major fault is with him even I’m equally guilty.

I heard a chair scraping and my gaze wandered to him to find him getting up and walking towards me. His stare not wavering from mine, something about his eyes made my heartstrings tug. He stopped when he stood a few inches away from me, but it was enough to give me a whiff of his intoxicating cologne, it took everything in me from sniffing and hugging him.

I bit my lip in anticipation about what he might say, I watched his eyes wander to my lips for a millisecond before closing his eyes letting out a sigh.

“You don’t have to apologise Athena!” My heart raced by his soft tone, it felt nice to hear my name from his mouth it’s almost as if only he knew how to say my name.

I gulped, my eyes wanting him to go on. “I’m the one who should apologise, I wasn’t in a great mood and you became the target of it,” his eyes showed he was truly ashamed of his behaviour, of course, he should be.

I didn’t reply anything and continued to stare at him with a blank face, he seemed flustered by my silence as he ran his hand through his hair, my eyes following each movement of his hand and I quickly looked away to not look like a creep.

“Is there anything I could do for you to make up?” I glanced at him, an idea forming in my mind

“Yes there is something you can do for me,” I stated with a mischievous smile.


“This place looks awesome!” I gushed in awe looking at the beautiful cottage and the trees around it. This place is so peaceful and beautiful.

“I know right! I’m so glad you’re working for that devil of yours.” I heard Ruby snicker.

“He is not mine!” I hissed lowly, giving her a glare which she returned with an eye roll.

“Come On ladies and gentlemen let’s enjoy our stay over here,” Danny said in a fake British accent, to which we laughed.

I watched Mr.King step into the cabin with an angry face. Someone doesn’t like visitors. I bit my cheeks from laughing, I was the one who asked him to let us stay here for the weekend, even though Danny could’ve asked but I knew this devil wouldn’t agree.

It would’ve been wonderful if Emma was also here with us.

We climbed the wooden stairs and stepped inside, the room was already warm. I think Mr.King asked the caretaker to do it in advance. The whole place was furnished with wooden furniture’s, giving the place a rustic feel.

“You girls take the room downstairs,” Danny says,


Our room was huge! It had a king-size bed, with white and creme sheets, a brown sofa which could also be made into a bed and a huge balcony which gave a beautiful view of the snow-covered woodland outside.

“I’m taking the bed!” I and ruby yelled taking dibs as we dashed towards the comfy monster.

“Then I’ll take the sofa” I heard Rosa yell behind us.


“Let’s have a bonfire!” Ruby suggested eagerly, we were seated in the living room discussing things we should do.

“Yeah!” All of us agreed, nodding our heads.

“I’ll ask the hose keeper to set it,” Danny said

“Isn’t Mr King coming?” Pierce asked glancing towards Daniel

“We can’t separate him from work,” Daniel says, rolling his eyes.

“Man! He’s a workaholic” Ruby laughed

“I know right”

“Till the bonfire is set let’s play truth or dare” Ruby suggested, folding her legs on top of each other as she sat on the wooden floor.

“Yes!” Rosa squealed while I nodded and the boys gave us an are-you-kidding look.

We decided to ignore them and started the game.

Rosa placed a bottle and held the hold before rotating it.
The bottle did a few rounds before stopping between Rosa and Ruby.

“Truth or dare?” Rosa asked, her green eyes glinting mischievously

Ruby smirked before replying “Dare!”

Rosa’s grin widened as she glanced at Daniel. Ooohhh I’m going to enjoy this.

I smiled knowing what she’s going to ask.

“I dare you to ask Danny out on a real date.”

I burst out laughing seeing Ruby’s shocked expression, Daniel blushed profusely, whereas Pierce looked confused by our behaviour


“You heard me! Now do it if you don’t want to face the consequences.”

“Okay I’ll do it! Next time you won’t be so lucky” Ruby stood up with a determined look, as she stomped towards Daniel, I can tell she’s nervous as she’s clutching onto her pink t-shirt as if her life depends on it. Daniel looked up at her like a kid waiting to be scolded.

“Go on a date with me!” She more like ordered than asked him. Daniel shook his head giddily as he shot her a million-dollar smile. AWW! I’m so rooting for them to become a couple.

“Done!” Ruby turned around with a victorious smile and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder.

We played a few more rounds and finally, our king decided to grace us with his mighty presence. cue the eye roll.

“Hey, Zephy you finally came. I was missing you,” Daniel smiled brightly speaking in a sickeningly sweet tone that seemed to annoy Mr.King.

Mr.King straight away ignored him before sitting across me, our eyes met but I quickly looked away. I felt his gaze on me but I decided to not mind him. It felt weird to be with him, I don’t know why but I feel like monkeys are playing inside my stomach whenever I look at him.

“Come let’s continue. Do you want to join us Mr.King?” Rosa asked

I looked at him, only to find him staring at me. Heat rushed to my cheeks at his burning gaze. Thank goodness it’s dark or else he’ll see my reddening face.

“Yes!” he replied huskily, his velvet voice felt like smooth silk while not moving his eyes away from me. I clenched my thighs together. What is he doing to me?

“Cool!” Rosa clapped her hands and turned the bottle.

I focused my eyes on it hoping it wouldn’t fall on me. I sighed in relief when it pointed at Daniel who was beside me.

He grinned mischievously at Mr.King, and I know this isn’t going to be good.

“What do you choose Zephy?” Danny asked

we looked at him expectantly

“I choose dare ” he stated arrogantly, a sly smirk playing on his lips. I guessed it

“Ooohh, this is going to be fun.” Daniel rubbed his palms together “I dare you to Kiss Athena”

I choked on my saliva listening to his dare. “Are you kidding me?” I asked him in disbelief

how could he?

I glanced at Mr.King, who smirked at me as he stood up taking slow steps towards me like a predator eyeing its prey. I gulped looking at the hunk in front of me.

I literally wanted to run but my body seemed to have a mind of its own as it stays rooted not moving an inch even at my command. traitor!

He stood few inches away from me, his smirk still plastered as he stared down at my puny figure.

I watched him lean closer, his pine smell making me lose my mind. I shivered when I felt his warm breath against my lips. I clutched my eyes shut, I can’t do this.

But I really want to taste his lips.

Oh shut up!

“Don’t be afraid Miss Walker it’s just a kiss,” he whispered seductively, my eyes snapped back at him.

“No!” I stood up, he looked startled, his eyebrows furrowed.

“I..mean let’s not” he cut me off placing a quick kiss at the corner of my lips my mouth hung open while his smirk widened, giving me a final glance he went over to his place.

“What that it? I expected something more?” Daniel whined complaining at Mr.King who just rolled his eyes in return.

“Shut Up Danny!” I shoot him a dirty look and he stuck his tongue out.

“Real Mature!” I excused myself from them and rushed back to my room, entering the washroom, I opened the faucet, cupping the cold water in my hand before splashing it on my flushed face.

He kissed me, wait it was just a peck but it felt so good.

Damn him and his attractiveness!


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