Fire and Flames

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XXX. Cherry Lips


I stepped outside my room to go to the living room; I heard a creaking sound of the door opening, My eyes wandered towards the sound and I noticed a slightly agape oak door at the end of the hallway. Curiously I went near it and slowly pushed it. It was a study room-cum-library.

There was a fireplace at the corner with an ottoman, a tall bookshelf lined with many books then there a mahogany table at the other end. But what caught my eyes was the floor to ceiling glass wall which gave me a panoramic view of the snowy forest, and the blue sky tinted with blush pink and orange as the sun was setting.

“Wow!” I gasped in awe, my feet moving towards the glass wall.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

I jumped in fright when I heard a deep voice, placing a hand on my chest I turned and saw Mr.King leaning against the door gazing at the scenery outside “You scared me.” I scolded him, narrowing my eyes. I almost had a heart attack because of this idiot.

“Didn’t mean to.” He shrugged as he walked over to me. My insides fluttered as the previous incident came to mind. The thought of his soft lips on mine, how would it actually feel?

I mentally shook my head, trying to withdraw such sinful thoughts.

“How old is this place?” I swiftly asked as my eyes wandered around the room. From my peripheral, I noticed him walking towards the rail before leaving on it, staring at the trees with a dazed look.

“I used to come here as a child with my parents.” his voice was thick with emotions.

“That’s sweet, where are they now?” I smiled at him, leaning against the railing. I love going out with my family, it’s fun but dad rarely got time to spend with us. I don’t understand why he has to work so hard and don’t have quality time to spend with his family when he’s making money for his family.

“Somewhere away from me.” I blinked as I glanced at him, he sounded upset. A part of me wanted to hug him and say it’s alright I’m here but it might be weird if I did that. I’m just his PA, right?

Suddenly the cold wind blew making me shudder.

“Get back in it’s getting chilly.” He spoke gazing at me with a blank look.

“Okay!” I want to ask more but I refrain as I think I touched a sensitive topic even last time he avoided it.

I sighed in relief as we walked back inside the warm room. I heard the clicking of the door behind me. When I turned around, I noticed him looking far away with a dazed look. “If you want to share something, I’m always here to listen.” I awkwardly suggested, biting my lower lip as his eyes snapped to mine.

His eyes wandered to my lip for a microsecond before meeting mine, his emerald eyes were dark and swirling with emotions I couldn’t point out. I felt my insides twisting and turning at our eye contact, my heart suddenly started racing as I noticed him coming closer.

“What if I don’t want you to listen and just feel it?” he whispered as he leaned closer, his minty breath fanning my face, I had to crane my head up to look at him. My eyebrows raised in confusion as I didn’t get what he said, I parted my lips to ask but he did something else that I’ve never thought he’d do.

I let out a squeak when he slammed me against the wall before capturing my lips in his warm one, I froze in shock by this kiss. His lips moved around mine in a soft yet overpowering way, soon my lips moved around his and My hands found their way towards his neck pulling him closer.

(I added the gif for extra effect ;))

His hands travelled down my hips to my legs hoisting me up and wrapped my legs around his hips. my mind was screaming a big ‘no’ but I knew I can’t stop myself. His lips were soft just like cotton candy, so addicting. My lips were tingling and I absolutely loved the feel of his lips on mine. He continued his sweet torture while I enjoy every second of it but then I needed to breathe.

Sensing my discomfort, he pulled away and I took in gulps of air. Our chests were heaving at the heated kiss we shared. Then realisation dawned on me, I kissed my boss.

But he kissed me first.

and I kissed him back like a starved woman!

He gently put me down, but my knees buckled and he immediately wrapped his strong arms around me, my hand rested on his firm chest where I could feel his thundering heart.

I bit my lip looking down not able to meet his intense gaze. He stole my first kiss. His thumb traced over my lower lip tugging it out from my teeth “Only I get to do that Athena.” He whispered huskily sending shivers down my spine.

My face turned beet red, how could he say such things so easily?

I heard him chuckle, “You’re cute when you blush.” I covered my face embarrassed to look at this sexy devil who stole my first kiss. This isn’t Mr. King, he would never chuckle, he would never kiss me. He’d only act arrogantly towards me.

My thoughts broke when I felt his soft lips on my forehead “Come down for dinner or else I’ll have to throw you over my shoulder.” I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“You wouldn’t,” my eyes snapped to him in horror. Although it did sound tempting to my ears I don’t wanna be thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“Don’t tempt me.” he winked and left me here with me thinking about his lips on mine and that electrifying kiss.

I groaned and cover my face in my palms. How am I going to survive being around him?

I went to the bathroom and gasped looking at the swollen lips.

How will I go out looking like this?

I splashed cold water and tied my hair properly and straightened my dress.

I shouldn’t look like I’ve had a make-out session with him.

Seemingly satisfied I made my way towards the dining room. Where everyone was already seated, my eyes landed on him. Who was looking at me with a wolfish smirk? His lips were also swollen and he didn’t bother to tame his hair which was messed up by me.

I quickly averted my gaze and sat on the only seat which was between Ruby and Rosa.

Thank goodness! I sighed mentally

“Hey Athi! Where were you?” Pierce asked, smiling at me.

“I..I wanted to use the restroom,” I replied awkwardly, all the while feeling His eyes on me.

Ruby narrowed her eyes but seemed to buy my answer.

“What are we waiting for let’s feast!” I laughed trying to cheer up the mood.


It was hard to eat when you know a certain someone is watching you, I wanted to throw my fork at him and scream ‘Watch your food, not me’

I want to escape this place fast.

“Are you all right Athi?” I glanced at Rosa

“Yeah! I noticed you were playing with the food for a long time” Ruby joined the conversation

“I’m fine probably tired from travelling!” I sighed deeply,

She placed her hand on my forehead “Then why are you burning?”

“I.I think I’ll leave. Good Night guys!”

I quickly made my escape towards my room and locked the door.

I’m in deep trouble.


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