Fire and Flames

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XXXI. Snow


Trying to avoid someone when that person is always around you is almost impossible but here I’m planning to act cool and Ignore Mr. King as if that kiss never happened. It has only been a day and lot of things have happened, staying here is dangerous for my poor heart as it can’t control itself when it’s around that hypnotising devil.

Last Night I couldn’t get a wink of sleep, I tossed and turned to find a comfortable position to sleep but it was of no use. My mind constantly wandered to those dark eyes, and I felt tingles all over my lips at the thought of his soft lips on mine. Damn it! His charming looks can make any girl go haywire with feelings. After almost four hours, I managed to get some sleep and I woke up early before anyone else.

After freshening up, I went to the kitchen and prepared a cappuccino to get rid of my tiredness.

“You’re up this early?” I almost spilt my coffee when I heard the voice which I’ve been hearing in my head frequently. What’s with him always creeping up from nowhere?

I gripped my plain red coffee mug and closed my eyes, exhaling a breath before glancing at him. there goes my plan of ignoring him in the drain. He was wearing grey chinos and a maroon crew neck tee, the material clung to his skin, emphasizing his broad shoulder, well-defined chest and arms. His caramel hair was slightly messed up, those emerald eyes shone with amusement, My eyes subconsciously went towards his pink plump lips, aww so kissable!

I quickly looked back at my coffee, feeling the heat rise on my neck. Damn it, it should be made illegal to look this hot in the morning.

“umm..yeah” I mumbled meekly unsure of what to say.

“hmm,” my eyes followed him move towards the counter and took the kettle which had extra coffee. I then realised he only drank black coffee “I’ll make some for you,” I said as I stood up, he glanced at me over his shoulder before picking a black mug from the cabinet above “I’m fine with this!” he shrugged, his back muscles flexing with every movement. My throat became dry and I unconsciously wet my lips.

“I thought you preferred black,” I raised an eyebrow.

“There’s no harm in trying something new,” he smirked as he poured the coffee into the mug. Why do I feel like there’s something hidden behind his words?

I sat back and sipped on my coffee, my eyes were wandering everywhere but him. I stiffened when he pulled the chair beside me and sat there, I sucked a breath when his warm arm grazed my skin, goosebumps irritated my skin.

why is he sitting here? that too besides me.

what should I do? If I walk away it would make him suspicious, I should act calm and collected. yes, I should do that.

“What are you thinking about?”

“What?” I blurted out like an idiot, not realising he was observing me. Since when did he become so comfortable around me?

“You’ve been nodding at yourself for some time.” I could see the small smile on his lips, oh those dmaned lips I want them again. I blinked my eyes few times.“Umm.. I was just thinking what to do today, yeah, that’s it.” it sounded more like convincing myself than him.

“Are you sure?”

“what’s with you asking so many questions?” I asked irritated by his annoying self.

“I thought you might wanna ask about yesterday.” he shrugged, bringing the mug up to his lips as he took a sip, his Adam’s apple bobbed so sexily, the way he liked his lower lip...F**k! I’m losing my sanity. My eyes widened when I realized what he said.

“what’s with it?” I stammered as I looked at my coffee.

“So you won’t mind if I do it again?” he whispered, making my jaw drop, I quickly composed myself. what in the world is happening to him? is this the same arrogant boss of mine?

“Huh what?”

“Do I need to refresh your memory Miss Walker?” he leaned closer, his husky voice making my stomach churn, it felt as if monkeys were dancing around, his eyes weren’t joking at all this made me blush even more. So he clearly remembers everything.

“!” I whispered diverting my gaze.

He stood up and walked away before stopping near the door as he glanced at me with a smirk “Thanks for the coffee it was delicious, so were your lips.” he winked and left me here looking like a tomato.

I covered my face with my palm as I groaned aloud, gosh! what is with him?


“You’ve been acting weird since yesterday, what’s gotten into you? Are you on your periods”

“I’m fine, just homesick and I’m not on my period,” Ruby’s been pestering me for the last two hours and it’s kinda annoying. Friend or not, still we need some privacy, right?

We were seated in the kitchen and I was making grilled fluffernutter for snacks. The boys were busy with their stuff and Rosa went back to our room to attend a call from her mother.

“Hey it’s snowing, wanna go play?” Rosa suggested as she walked into the kitchen dressed in thick winter clothes. “I’d love to” I beamed happily
I haven’t played in the snow for ages, Winter is not my favourite season but I enjoyed the festive mood of Christmas and the beautiful snow.

I stood up and gasped when I felt something cold behind my back, I turned around and found Danny with his hand mid-air, he looked like a kid caught stealing cookies. I narrowed my eyes at him and then looked at the melted snow on the floor.

“Oh you’re dead Danny” I yelled, hearing the girls chuckle as I chased after him outside and realized I didn’t wear my boots or jacket.

“Get back here you moron!” I yelled, Danny stuck his tongue out and ran away laughing.

I shook my head in disbelief, honestly, he never gave me the vibes of a grown-up man.

I went back in and changed to warm clothes. Before showing outside. I took a snowball and slowly walked towards Danny who was leaning against a tree looking at something urgent.

Snow crushed under my feet so I had to take painfully slow steps, time for payback!

I pulled his jacket and threw the snowball inside. He screamed in fright and fell down while trying to remove the snow,

I stood there laughing my guts off,

The girls joined us and we played for a while, My eyes say Mr.King standing near the kitchen, talking to Peirce. My lips curled up mischievously, picking some snow from the ground, I made it into a ball and aimed for his head. It landed perfectly on my target.


I fist-bumped the air but halted when I noticed his glare, it lasted for a second before a mischievous smirk tugged his lips, oh no I don’t like the feel of it.

I turned around my heels and quickly dashed to save myself “AHH somebody save me! The devil is chasing me!” I screamed and looked back over my shoulder thankful to not find anyone, then suddenly I met into a warm wall. Wait warm wall?

“Gotcha Athena,” that husky voice said above me.

I slowly looked up, meeting the devil I gulped “I’m. Sorry I didn’t mean to throw it at you” seriously Athena?? Why did I even do that in the first place, now he’s gonna kill me. Goodbye, my poor life.

“Really? But it didn’t seem like that” he cocked a sexy eyebrow as he smirked amusedly

“Please believe me ” I pleaded with my puppy eyes, his greens staring at my brown ones for a whole minute there was an unreadable look on his face.

He leans closer cupping my left cheek with his right hand, “I believe you” he whispered, his warm minty breath fanned my face driving me insane.

“But we need to be even” with that he smashed a snowball on my face,

Whoa, that was unexpected “You!” I yelled glaring at him while wiping the snow off my face.

He clutched his stomach as he broke into laughter, his who’s body shook, his eyes were shut tight. He was laughing! I was left astonished by this new side of him. I placed a hand on my chest, feeling the thundering of my heart.T hen and there I knew I was developing feelings for this man who never failed to surprise me with his character.


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