Fire and Flames

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XXXII. Avoiding


I stared at the plain ceiling lit by the moonlight sweeping through the translucent window of my bedroom. My mind was in mess, thoughts scattered all around which I’m unable to collect. This unknown feeling in my chest kept me awake for the last three nights since I returned from Mr. King’s forest cabin.

The person whom I used to hate to at least glance at became a person whom I’d want to see every day. The feeling when I see his blank yet the handsome face is unexplainable, It’s almost as if the emptiness in my heart is filled.

The worse part he’s been ignoring me ever since rejoining the office. He wasn’t cold or harsh, just peaceful and would ask me to do his tasks. That’s the only conversation we have. He barely even looks into my eyes and I’m getting frustrated by his behaviour. Why is he avoiding me?

I lost in his thoughts till I drifted over to sleep.


I went to Mr King’s cabin and knocked on his door, hearing no response I slowly opened it just to peek inside and found no signs of him there. I frowned thinking where he might be, it almost ten past nine, he’s never the person to be late.

Maybe I should call him, I went back to my cabin and took my phone before dialling his number, the phone number was switched off. This is strange, he never does this.

“Oh Athena You’re here!” I turned around and saw Rosa leaning against the door, panting hard as if she ran a marathon.

“What happened?”

“Mr.King informed me he won’t here for a while, He didn’t mention till when and he said all the tasks will be emailed to you.”

“what! When did he tell you?” Why couldn’t he just tell this to me? I’m his PA, right?

“Today early morning he called me”

“hmm, Thanks for informing Rosa!” I smiled at her and she returned my gesture.

The days seemed to roll by faster and it’s Christmas eve. Mr.King still hasn’t come back, he isn’t even telling me where he went. I don’t know why I’m behaving like this, like a concerned girlfriend! My eyes widened at what I thought, No I shouldn’t worry about him. He’s a grown man and we have nothing in relation. I’m his employee and he’s my employer.

But why would an employer kiss his PA?

I shook my head to throw any thoughts about him.

Clearing my mind, I focused on writing Christmas cards for my siblings. This is my first Christmas away from my family, I miss them very badly. A stray tear slid down my cheek as I glanced at the photos of us on my phone. The screen changed, showing my mums caller ID. It was a video call, I quickly wiped my face and mustered a smile before answering it.

“Hey, Enna!” My siblings hollered over the call, aww, my heart swelled with happiness when I saw their smiling faces “Hey kiddos” I waved my hand, mirroring their smiles.

“we’re not kids” the three of them rolled their eyes making me laugh,

“yeah yeah but you’ll always remain my annoying yet sweet little kiddos” I coed

Asher and Adrian pouted while Alex stuck her tongue out, seriously their behaviour says it all. They are kids.

“Aww, don’t ignore your favourite sis. I miss you guys so much” they glanced at me, a sad smile on their face “The house isn’t the same without you Athena,” Alex said, her voice melancholic.

“I know Alex, I wish I could be there but you know I have to make few sacrifices to earn something”

“Tell dad about this, he’s worried sick, I’m afraid he might get ill” Asher added

I swallowed a lump as I heard about dad, It’s all because of me “I’ll try” I whispered, looking at the darkening sky outside.

“Oh Mom’s here!”

I glanced back at the screen and saw mom smiling, my clenched ever more when I saw the pain in her eyes “Hey mom!” I chimed happily trying to cheer up the gloomy mood.

“My darling how are you? Is there any chance you could come home?”

“I wish I could but I can’t mom, and tell dad not to worry”

“I will dear, so how is your life going?”

My heart rate picked up, I haven’t told her what I’m doing here, If I tell the truth she’ll immediately help me but I want to do it myself. I’m here to show them I’m completely capable of living by myself.


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