Fire and Flames

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XXXIII. Illusion


The icy wind blew through my hair, making goosebumps rise on my skin. I was standing in the middle of Pont de l’Alma; the bridge had no sign of life to be seen, just plain road, almost like a ghost town.

The misty cloudwas speedily covering the street, but among the ghostly smokiness, I noticed a dark silhouette. I couldn’t see the face clearly but I could say he’s tall.

My feet moved involuntary towards it, I tried to stop but it was as if my body had a mind of its own. Then I halted as I saw the mysterious man walk towards me, the mist slowly vanishing as he came near, the tall figure was familiar, I remember him but where? The sharp features of his face became prominent making me gasp as I recognized who it was. Those alluring green eyes belong to only one man I know.

“Mr King!” I whispered. He had a beautiful smile making my heart skip few beats. Butterflies were creating havoc in my stomach, I don’t know why I’m feeling this but it’s a nice feeling almost overwhelming and exciting.

“Athena” my name rolled so smoothly from his tongue, I closed my eyes sighing deeply enjoying the sound of my name from his sexy voice.

“Open your eyes Athena” I smiled and obeyed his command, my eyes slightly widened to see him standing near to my face, reminding me of our first kiss. My cheeks turned beet red as I recalled the feel of his soft lips on mine, raising his right hand he cupped my face in his warm hands, I leaned into his touch, a contented sigh escaped my lips making his smile brightly, his eyes glimmering with care and affection, something which I’ve always wanted to see. “Where were you?” I asked him breathlessly,

“You missed me?” his smile turned into a boyish smirk, as he rose an eyebrow.

“Yeah” I don’t know from where I got the guts to admit it.

I heard him chuckle as he pulled me towards his chest as he rested his head in the crook of my neck. I sighed in relief as I wrapped my arms around him, the smell of cherries entered my nose.

Wait that’s not how he smells! I frowned opening my eyes, I didn’t find him anywhere, my eyes frantically searched for him as I called his name several times. “Mr. King where are you?” I yelled

“You have to wake up Athena” I heard his voice behind, immediately I looked behind and found him standing there with a gentle smile. He looked angelic in his crisp white shirt and black dress pant. A wave of relief washed over me, knowing he didn’t leave me, within a second I was sprinting towards him. I frowned seeing him go far, suddenly the bridge shook and the next thing I remember I’m tumbling down into the river below.

“AAAhhhh!!” I screamed opening my eyes, I scanned my surroundings relief and regret taking over my mind. I was relieved to find myself back in the comfort of my room and regret not being able to spend more time with him.

Wait, I was dreaming all this while?

I looked down and found my pillow in my arms. So I was hugging my pillow thinking it was Mr. king?

I was dreaming all this while? “Oh god,” I groaned burying my head into the pillow. I’m so ashamed of myself, fantasizing over that handsome boss of mine. How will I ever face him?

“What the hell Athi!” Ruby Hollered, startling me making me fall down the bed landing on my butt. Owww! my face scrunched in pain as I tried to get up “What’s wrong with you woman!” I chastised a pissed off Ruby, “Why were you fucking screaming and moaning your boss name!” my jaw dropped to the floor as I took in her words, I wasn’t moaning his name right?

I averted my gaze, my cheeks reddened even more. I couldn’t find anything to argue with “I wasn’t” I mumbled, uncertainty clear in my voice. “And what a great way to start Christmas,” I say rolling my eyes at her. She scoffed pointing a finger at me “And you had to wake me up screaming Mr. King where are you?” she mocked my tone and it was nowhere near it, let me tell you it sounded more like a dying cat.

I huffed folding my arms over my chest, “I was trying to kill him in my dream but he managed to escape” what a cover-up!

She narrowed her eyes taking slow steps towards me, “You’ve been acting weird since we came back from the forest cabin.” she stated accusingly, I gulped, beads of sweat forming on my forehead. oh no! I might blurt out everything.

“No I’m not!” I stammered nervously, damn it!

“Tell me what happened” she pressed

“No I won’t” I shook my head in ‘No’

“C’mon Athi I’m your bestie, we don’t hide stuff from each other right?” She gave me her puppy eyes, her lips in a small pout as she stared at me pleadingly. There goes her trick to guilt-trip me. My heart was racing, my palms sweaty as I contemplated whether to say or not.

“Or else I will kick you out” she added, her smile dripping with honey contrary to the words she said.

“You wouldn’t!” I dared her, narrowing my eyes.

“Try me” she flipped her hair

I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them. “I may or may not have kissed my boss apart from the dare,” I said quickly under my breath. but Ruby have sharp ears so she’d probably picked it up.

I waited for a few seconds and glanced at her when I didn’t hear any response. She sat there frozen in her place, her mouth and eyes wide open




“WHAAAAAATTT!!!” she gave an ear-piercing scream and I immediately covered my ears with the pillow. Dayum! I’ll go deaf if she’ll scream like that.

“You freaking kissed him!!!!” she was squealing, jumping on my bed. A wide grin plastered on her face. Why is she happier than me? “Athi got kissed! Athi got Kissed, Athi got Kissed!” she hops around the room singing while I turned into a tomato.

“Technically he kissed me first” I whispered, biting my lips as I recalled how he attacked my lips. I’d kill to feel it again. My lips started to tingle at that thought.

“I knew he likes you!” she beamed,

“How do you know that?” I narrowed my eyes but my heart fluttered at the thought of him liking me back. I can’t wait to see him, I’m becoming restless every day.

Ruby smirked climbing down from my now ruined bed, “C’mon, It’s so obvious that he likes you. He let us stay at his holiday house”

“Daniel and I asked him,” I pointed out

“Then why did he kiss you during the dare?” she cocked an eyebrow making a thoughtful expression

“Do you think Mr. King whose ego is bigger than his head would reject the dare?”

“But Still..” she whined

“tsk, leave it I’m not in a mood to talk about him” I waved her off walking towards the bathroom to take a shower.

“Whatever I’m totally gonna ship you both, Yay!!” I heard her squealing before I closed the door, a ghost smile appeared on my face.

What is happening to me?


“Any plans for today?” I glanced at Ruby who was sitting beside me on the sofa, going through her phone. She was trying to stop her smile by biting her lips on something she saw on her phone. It’s been half an hour she’s been texting someone, while I was watching Home alone.

“hmm” she mumbled her eyes glued to the phone screen.

“Ruby!” I yelled, making her jolt up from her seat. “What?” she barked, glaring at me.

“You’ve been stuck to that phone for hours” I gave her a pensive look,

She smiled guiltily while playing with the fringe of her hair “Sorry!”

“What’s so interesting in that phone than me?” I frowned leaning closer to take a look at her phone.

Right on cue, her phone screen lit up, displaying new messages. I quickly snatched the phone from her hand and sprinted across the room, “Nooo, give me back my phone Athi! Imma kill you!”

“Nah ah!” I stuck my tongue out

Me being the awesome bestie, clicked the message and quickly read it. I halted on my steps when I saw it was from Daniel. My lips tugged into a mischievous smile, oh so my bestie was busy texting him.

I quickly read the new message

Dan❤: Why aren’t you replying?

Dan❤: C’mon I’m bored here babe.

babe huh? before I could read the other messages the phone was snatched away from me. “Hey!” I whined aloud, turning back towards the culprit. I was enjoying the chat. Now her name suits her face. Ruby!

“Danny babe?” I giggled, making her blush even more.

“You shouldn’t have stolen my phone, that’s rude” she pouted, the strong badass Ruby I’ve known was nowhere seen.

“Gosh, Ruby Your so smitten by Daniel!!” It was my turn to squeal and embarrass her. But genuinely I’m very happy for her, they both finally decided to give themselves a chance.

“So who proposed first? is it Danny? How was it?” I was interrogating her like a crazy woman.

“He didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend yet" she mumbled fidgeting with the hem of her oversized Pink T-Shirt which had ‘Love Yourself’ printed.

“You Kidding me!!! What’s with that Idiot!” I grumbled, making a mental point to teach him how to ask a girl out.

“I think he forgot about it” I heard her say lowly

“Ya think?” I said in disbelief, who the hell forgets to propose a girl?

“We’re going out on a Date today” Now I lost it, She hid this from me and was blaming me for hiding my story. I guess we’re both guilty here.

“When is your date?” I asked sternly

She glanced at the clock before looking at me, her smile telling me it’s not gonna be good “At six”

“What!!! That’s in two hours C’mon girl let’s get you ready!” I held her hand and dragged her to her room. Ruby in love makes her lose track of everything, how come I’ve never noticed it?

She’s got a lot to explain after she comes back.

To be continued....


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