Fire and Flames

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XXXIV. Gabriel

(Yay! Double update It’s a filler chapter. Hope you enjoy it!)


Ruby left a few minutes ago. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling widely thinking about their date. I’m so happy for her. Now I’m all alone for Christmas, I feel like crying.

My phone buzzed, and I checked the new caller. It was Gabriel, that handsome man I met during the ball. A smile crept up my face as I answered the call.

“Hello my darling!” his warm voice greeted me sending shivers down my spine.

“Well Well, who might you be?” I asked playfully

“Ouch, I’m hurt, my darling. How could you forget about your Knight who saved you that night”

I let out a laugh “I was Kidding Gabe, of course, I remember you” I heard him laugh throatily, making butterflies flutter in my tummy but it didn’t feel as good as Mr King’s laugh. Gosh, I need to get him off my mind. “Why a sudden call?” I asked curiously.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you, I was busy with my work and stuff but I’ve got some spare time and I decided to call you.” at least someone isn’t avoiding me.

“I’m honoured, oh shiz! I forgot to wish you Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you too” he chuckled

“Where’s my gift?”

I could picture him smirking “That’s a surprise.”

“wait really?” I was joking, I didn’t expect him to be serious


“Oh God!! So You’re in Paris?” I squealed

“Yes sweetheart, send me your address I’ll pick you up” So I’m not gonna be alone this Christmas, hooray!

“I’ll send it.”

“Be ready by eight”

“Okay!” I replied excitedly

“see you soon darling!” and he hung up leaving me with a bright smile on my face.

“yayyy!!!!” I quickly sent my address and screamed in joy before rushing to my room. I took a quick bath, shaved and applied moisturizer. Wrapping a towel around my waist I skimmed through my wardrobe deciding on what to wear.

I tapped my finger on my chin in thought, “Which One?” I didn’t have many dinner night clothes but I could manage a makeshift dress.

My eyes landed on a peach coloured halter neck dress that reached till my knee. I quickly donned that dress and paired it with a white blazer and transparent stockings along with brown ankle boots. I left my long brown hair in loose natural curls and applied minimal make-up on my face and topped it off with my favourite maroon matte lipstick.

I puckered my lips, giving an air kiss to my reflection “Damn, I look hot!” I praised myself, I know I’m that weird, sometimes you just accept your beauty. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it’s up to us to find that beauty within ourselves.

After doing a small twirl, I picked my burgundy bag and left the room. The clock struck at eight and the bell rang. He’s here! I wonder how he looked without a mask.

My heart pounded in excitement as I slowly walked towards the door. Taking a deep, I pulled the door open, my mouth hung open when I saw the hot piece of specimen standing in front of me holding a rose Bouquet. My eyes shamelessly rake over him, He was dressed In plain black pants, a grey shirt and a black duffle jacket. His brown hair was styled with fringe up giving him a boyish look.

I felt a jolt inside me when our eyes met, damn, he looked stunning up close. His chiselled jawline, high cheekbones, straight nose and perfectly puckered lips to top his glorious face. I was baffled to be around a man like him, although Mr King was more handsome than him yet there’s something about Gabriel that makes me at ease. He’s very kind and easy to talk with, unlike that cold boss who never listens to me.

“Like what you see?” He smirked cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes” He appeared to be shocked by my confession, I wasn’t going to shy away like always.

“Just confirming whether it was you or not” I added cockily

“What should I prove it is me my darling?”

“Your cheesy nickname was more than enough” I laughed, He smiled brightly bringing the bouquet “A small gift for the beautiful Lady”

I was in awe by his sweet gesture nobody has ever done this for me. I cupped my mouth before slowly taking the roses, bringing them up to my nose to take a sniff, they smelled divine “Thank You Gabe, Your such a charming man”

“Always for you m’lady” He did a light bow, tipping his imaginary hat earing another chuckle from me.
“Why don’t you wait inside, I’ll go place it in a vase”

he nodded before stepping, observing my humble abode while I went to the kitchen and took an empty glass vase and filled it with water before keeping the roses in it.

Going back to the hall, I noticed him going through his phone, his brows pulled together into a frown. He looked serious this way. I cleared my throat making him look up, His lips pulled into a gentle smile as he stood up, placing the phone into his pant pocket.

“Shall We?” He gave his elbow, I gladly hooked my hand in his and we left the place. He took us to a fine dining restaurant in the Parisian City. The restaurant was lavishly designed and adorned with the most beautiful and intricate furniture and Crystal chandeliers. The oak tables were cover in royal blue and white runners. Expensive silver cutlery and porcelain resting on it.

My eyes lit up as a child’s a candy store when I saw the balcony, I glanced at Gabriel with hopeful eyes “Can we sit there?”

His smile widened “Sure!”

“Aww, Thank you” I quickly gave him a side hug and the hostess led us to the tables outside.

I gasped looking at the beautiful view of Paris, the city of Lights. Now I know why it got its Nickname. (A/N: That’s not the actual reason) Christmas time in Paris was magical. The snow covering the streets, shops and houses decorated with Christmas lights and having the bright Eiffel tower in the backdrop was like icing on the cake.

I heard someone chuckle behind, I glanced back and saw Gabriel grinning widely at me, his dimples were on show. God, please kill me, I can’t stay with a sexy and adorable guy like him.

“What?” I asked, narrowing my eyes as I pouted

“You looked so cute” My face flushed in embarrassment, I tried to hide my face behind my hair and gave him a casual shrug. “Can’t help it”

I heard him chuckle again as he stood behind me, his warmth was radiating. The smell of cinnamon and musk was strangely intoxication but it wasn’t as fresh and pleasant as Mr Kings pine cologne. There I go again thinking about that Idiot, If he wants to ignore me then let it be.

“Why did you come to Paris?” I quizzed

“Work stuff” he mumbled with a shrug.

“Hmm” I hummed

“Come let’s have dinner” I felt his warm hand wrap around my waist, I was surprised by his sudden gesturing but I chose to not mind it. “Okay” I gave him a tight-lipped smile and followed him towards the table set for us. It was lit by candles, and I’m getting a weird feeling about this.

Why does this look so romantic?

I guess Gabriel sensed my discomfort as he cleared my doubts “No I haven’t asked them to set this for us, They probably thought were a couple” he looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. the tips of his ear were reddening.

I laughed at his bashfulness “Now look who’s cute,” I grinned making him glare at me playfully. We soon burst into laughter. This is what I’ve wanted, someone who’d make me smile and whom I could make fun of. Even though Gabriel Was a gentleman, My heart doesn’t beat for him, unlike for a certain someone.


While the pair was laughing, there was a certain pair of green eyes watching them with an unreadable emotion. His jaw ticked as he clenched his fists on the steering wheel. His eyes widened at his actions, he’s never the one getting pissed off at such lame reasons, but seeing her smile and laugh like that tugged few heartstrings. He couldn’t see the man whom she was with, neither did he care to know. His eyes were on her, bringing his right hand up, he placed it on his chest, feeling the thundering of his heart and the feel of something burn inside. It was all new to him.

what is this feeling?


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