Fire and Flames

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I watched her storm out of my office, her luscious brown curls bouncing. I slumped onto my chair, dread instantly washing over me. I shouldn’t have pushed her away, it wasn’t her fault. It’s me whom I don’t trust around her. She deserves someone better than me; I don’t think Daniels’ words will help any more. I messed it up again.

I closed my eyes, recalling everything that happened last week.

After returning from my holiday house, walking into my empty penthouse wasn’t that interesting. The house lacked homeliness, no laughter’s heard in the background, no one to welcome me home, no brightness just like me. A dark empty soul. I don’t deserve happiness, but seeing her smile and how she looks at me with her brown doe eyes stirred something within me.

I felt there’s someone who’d care for me again. At that moment, I did the only thing that came to my mind. To kiss her. Damn, those lips are sinful. I needed more of it, but I knew I shouldn’t cross my limits. I might scare her, not that I don’t, but she’s grown more comfortable around me and that made my heart content.

After that night I craved to have a taste of those luscious lips again, and having her around me almost all the time wasn’t helping my cravings. The way she’d bite her lips when she’s deep in thoughts, her chuckles, the way she smiles at me for no reason flutters my heart.

I had to make her stay away from me before I did something I might regret, but that plan back fired, instead it made me want to see her, be around her, the sweet smell of cherry blossom was comforting and I felt something that I haven’t in years.


I wanted to apologise for ignoring her but then an urgent work came up and I had to leave for Milan. Those five days were like torture to me, wish I could take her along with me but It wasn’t safe. She shouldn’t know about my secrets, it’s not safe for her.

I hurried back to Paris just to meet her, take her out on Christmas but I guess I was too late. I was driving back home when I saw her familiar face, I immediately applied brakes and looked carefully to see whether I’m hallucinating or not and I wasn’t.

It was really her, a smile made it’s way to my face when I saw her but it instantly vanished when I saw another man with her, I couldn’t see his face as his back was turned to me, She was laughing on something he said, her whole body shook as she threw her head back In laughter. I never saw her that happy and carefree. My heart clenched, knowing she’d never be this joyful around me.

She looked absolutely stunning. I wanted her for myself. The burning inside my heart was hard to ignore, It was painful to watch her be with another man other than me. Why am I feeling like this? It’s almost as if I like her. Then what is this feeling in my chest?

The whole night I couldn’t get her image off my mind.

No one has ever managed to do this to me, I almost sounded like a hormonal teenager. This is all new to me. I don’t know whether I’m going mad, or is it I’m stressed.

Only one person could help me in this situation.


The next day, early morning I went to his condo. He was having his breakfast when I walked in. He looked up from his phone, he stared at me with a frown before smirking, turning towards me

“To what do I owe this pleasure Mr. King?” he cocked an eyebrow as his eyes lazily skimmed over me.

“I’m confused,” I sighed deeply taking a seat on the sofa across form him.

He smiled mockingly at me “The great King is confused? That’s hard to digest.”

“I’m serious Daniel!”

His smiled faltered, he leaned closer intertwining his fingers, resting his elbow his lap as he stared at me curiously “This sounds serious, tell me what’s the problem? Is it that hotel project?”

I clicked my tongue, shaking my head in negative “It’s about me.”

“Well, there’s nothing to know about you,”

“I’m having weird feelings these days”.

“You and feelings?” He chuckled in disbelief.

“It feels weird but at the same time nice, It pains and stings then warms be back. My heart can’t help but race, My thoughts run wild, almost stressing and making me anxious”

“Whoa Hold there buddy!”

I paused and glanced at him, he had a knowing smile on his face “So It’s about a girl”

“Maybe!” I muttered under my breath

“Awww, My zephy is in love!!!” He squealed like a girl, I face palmed. I think I regret asking him fo help.

“I am not in love” I grumbled annoyedly, I’m sure this isn’t love or is it? No no it shouldn’t be.

“Whatever dude, now tell who’s that unlucky girl.” he wiggled his eyebrows

“I won’t” Not that I don’t want to,

“Come on!” he whined

“No danny! I’m leaving, thank for your help” I stood up straitening up my navy blue shirt.

“Hey at least tell how she looks” he snickered following me.

“That doesn’t concern you.”

I walked over to the door and held the handle but his next words make me halt “I know it’s Athena.”

I glanced at him over my shoulder “”Why would you think that?"

“I’m your bestfriend and I know what goes through your mind. Now go chase her before someone else snatches her away from you.” he grinned

I smirked, giving him a mock salute and left his place. His words kept ringing in my ears.

Chase her!

And I chased her away.

God! Why do I have to ruin everything, when she moaned my name it ignited a flame in me, I knew I wanted her but I shouldn’t rush things. Instead of explaining myself, I made her hate me.

I hope she forgives me,

Look what your doing to me Ma Cherie! Your already thawing my frozen heart.


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