Fire and Flames

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XXXVII. Old wounds


They say silent treatment is the best way to get back at someone and I’m going to do just that. Zephyr no-no, My Boss wants to play with my feelings, then I’ll show him what it feels like to be ignored by someone.

I was seated in my cabin, moving around in my swivel chair. It’s been an hour since his outburst and I haven’t seen nor spoken to him. I am not going into his den this time, it’s his fault and he should make the move first if he wants this friendship to work out, or is it only friendship?

I’m starting to doubt the relationship we have. Is it Boss and PA? Normal friends or something more? These thoughts are making me lose my mind. If he wants this to remain platonic then why did he freaking kiss me in the first place and the move he did in the office was all contradicting his actions by kicking me out.

What’s going through that brain of his?

I spent a few more minutes pondering over various possibilities, for him actually having a bipolar disorder to whether he hit his head somewhere. My phone buzzed bringing back my attention to the present, I picked it up and saw new messages from Gabe.

A smile made its way to my face as I clicked his message.

Gabe: Hello Darling! ;)

I chuckled looking at the winking emoji

Me: Wassup Gabe? :)

He immediately responded.

Gabe: I’m bored -_-

Me: Same here! but aren’t you supposed to be at work?

Gabe: Yeah, I’m in a meeting, and I’m really bored listening to the same thing again.

Me: What if you get fired? :/

Gabe: Oh darling I’m the boss ;) so you don’t have to worry about me, dear. So wanna sneak out for a coffee?

I glanced at the digital clock, 10:09 it showed, I guess taking a break is alright, besides that jerk (my boss) wouldn’t call me for sure.

Me: Sure :)

Gabe: I’ll pick you up.

Me: Ok.

Gabe: I’ll be waiting near your building in ten. Can’t wait to see you cupcake ;)

I chuckled at his antics, man he’s such a flirt but it never made me feel uncomfortable. I played candy crush on my mobile to kill time and after ten minutes, I took my purse and went downstairs without informing Mr. King. If he wanted me for something he can call.

I stepped out of the building and saw a black Porsche waiting at the front, the left door opened and Gabriel climbed out, wearing a navy blue two-piece suit with a white shirt underneath and a red tie. His Brown hair was sleeked back with few strands falling over his forehead. His signature happy smile plastered on his face and his blue orbs glinted with mirth when he stared at me.

“My lady is looking beautiful as always!” He complimented, I blushed looking down at my feet cladded in black knee-high boots. I wasn’t wearing anything fancy, just a plain blue blouse and a White pea coat. My face void of any make-up, just plain cherry lip balm.

He chuckled at my flustered self, “Come let’s go ” he placed his warm hand on the small of my back as he guided me to his car and opened the door. I gave him a smile as a thank you and climbed in. He winked, with a smile and closed the door before getting settled on the driver’s seat.

I couldn’t help but admire him, he’s such a gentleman, so kind, bubbly and not to forget he’s humorous. My mind wandered to Zephyr, a man full of mysteries, rarely talks, never heard him crack jokes but there’s a kind of aura around him that makes me attracted to him like a moth drawn to the flame. No matter how harmful it might be, we tend to get more attracted to it.

Zephyr is like a flame that could burn down anything that comes his way but I was willing to give in to that flame. My mind keeps warning me it’ll harm me but my heart wants to try this. Try and give us a chance. I have never been in a relation, all these experiences and feelings are new to me but I’m willing to try it out.

“Athena.” I jumped slightly when I heard my name being yelled, I glanced at Gabe in confusion, “What happened?” I asked, frowning.

He raised his eyebrows in amusement “I’ve been calling you for five minutes”

Really? Why didn’t I hear? “Oh, I...I’m sorry I zoned out a little” I said, adding a small laugh.

“I can see that” He grinned

“Sorry!” I apologized again, looking down at my fumbling fingers.

“It’s alright just wanted to tell We’re here!”

“Oh” I looked up and noticed we reached a Café.

We climbed out of the car and stepped inside the café, I heaved a sigh welcoming the warmth of the place and the smell of freshly roasted coffee. There’s nothing better than having a cup of coffee, a copy of any romance book and a comfy chair.

Gabe went to the counter to place our orders while I saved a seat for us near the glass wall. I pulled the wooden chair out before sitting. Gabe came back after a few minutes holding two cups of coffee. Mine was Mocha while he had Latte. I quickly took the steaming cup, bringing it up to my nose, letting out a contented sigh. This is heaven.

I took a sip, the taste of chocolate and coffee was intoxicating, It’s my favourite flavour. I had to resist moaning out loud.

“What kind of man is this Mr King?”

I looked up from my coffee at him “Why the sudden interest in him?” I asked frowning.

“It’ll be nice to know few facts about him, maybe if I want a partnership with him in the future it’d be good to know beforehand if you whom you’ll be dealing with”

“Oh, that way!” I nodded in understanding, I’m such a fool for not getting it in the first place, sheesh what was I thinking? Him going to kill zephyr?


“Well he’s not a person who talks a lot, work comes before everything, he doesn’t care about others, If he wants something he’ll get it by any hook and crook. If you enter into his bad book then you just sold your soul to the devil” I finish explaining with a grin.

“Interesting character” He gave a thoughtful look while he rubbed his clean shaved jaw.

“Yeah” I chuckled, he’s way more than you can imagine. Zephyr King, a man full of mysteries and confusing behaviours.

He smiled at me taking a sip from his coffee, we had a light conversation on random topics like fashion trends, our guilty pleasures, places we’ve yet to visit and much more when he suddenly decided to change the topic.

“Have you ever fallen in love with somebody?” I choked on my drink, he quickly came to my side patting my head and offered a glass of water which I grabbed taking a gulp. “Are you alright?”

After calming down I glanced at him, he was staring at me worriedly “Yes!” I nodded my head. He gave a small smile going back to his seat, “You got me worried for a moment!” he stated, his voice laced with concern.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I wasn’t expecting that question!” I said with a light laugh to lighten up the tense mood.

“My bad!” He smiled bashfully rubbing his neck as he averted his gaze. Aww!

I started pondering over the question, to be honest, I’m confused myself. What I feel for Zephyr is love or just a normal attraction?

“To answer your question, No I haven’t been in love!”

He nodded, I saw something glimmer in his eyes, like hope or relief. “Well, It’s not too late to find love!”

I laughed, “Yeah, I just hope I find the right one!” I hope I found the right one.

He gave me a boyish smile, reaching out from the other side he held my right hand in his left hand. “Don’t worry you will” He stated, I couldn’t help but squirm under his intense gaze.

I merely nodded, cause I didn’t know what to answer. Gabriel is a wonderful person but I couldn’t find myself having romantic feelings for him. Does it look like I’m leading him on? Oh boy, I only see him as a friend.

I awkwardly removed my hand “Well have you ever been in love?” I turned the table, it was his time to answer.

He glanced at me before switching his gaze somewhere outside the window, a longing look crossed his sharp features “I was!” he whispered.

That piqued my interest, I leaned closer resting my chin on my palm, propping my elbow on the table. “Was?” I quizzed.

“Yeah, That was a long time ago!”

“Where is she?”

He turned towards me, for the first time I saw his eyes held in pain, “Away from this world where she doesn’t have to suffer!” his voice was cold and distant. The Gabe I’ve know is nowhere seen. The man Sitting in front of me was someone who lost his precious love.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to her?”

I watched him clench his jaw, his brows furrowed, those blue eyes held rage “She was killed”

I let out a gasp, she was killed? How could someone do that? sorrow wash over me, I couldn’t believe the happy Gabe I know was hiding such pain within his heart. He might’ve suffered a lot.

I stood up walking over to him before pulling him into a hug, They say a warm hug is what you need to take your pain and problems away. I knew he needed one. He slowly wrapped his arms around me tightly, “She was innocent! I love her so much!” his voice cracked.

“Shh, you don’t have to think about it, Gabe. I’m there for you!” I whispered sweet nothings hoping to calm him, my hand rubbing soothingly on his back. We stayed like that for a few moments before we pulled away, he looked at me with a smile “Thank you, Athena, I really needed that!”

“What are friends for!” I chuckled, patting his head.

Later he took me back to my office, I was glad he’s back to being happy and bubbly.

“See ya later Gabe” I hugged him and he returned the hug, His body is so warm, I could cuddle with him all day and never get bored.

“Take care darling” He mumbled into my hair. “You too”

We pulled away, he smiled ruffling my hair and went back to his car, I smiled waving my hand as he drove away giving me a final glance. I let out a sigh and turned towards the building ahead of me, time to work.

Reaching my floor, I walked towards my cabin and opened the door before walking in with a bright smile.

“Where were you?”


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