Fire and Flames

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XXXVIII. Heartbroken


“Where were you?”

“eeep!” I shrieked, jumping in fright when I heard a masculine voice, My eyes connected to a pair of cold greens.

“What are you doing in my cabin?” I asked, placing a hand on my chest. How dare he waltz in and question me?

“This is my office and I can go wherever I want In this building!” He narrowed his eyes, daring me to question his authority.

“Still there’s something called privacy,” dude! what’s wrong with you?

He stood there staring at me blankly; I scoffed and went to my chair when suddenly an arm wrapped around my waist pulling me back meeting his rock hard body. My body tensed at the contact, his warmth seeped into my body, I had to resist the urge to hug the hell out of him.

I shivered when I felt a warm breath near my right ear, his arms went around my body caging me. “I don’t have to deal with privacy when it comes to you, Ma Cherie!” I felt his chest rumble when he uttered those words huskily. Gosh, I could just melt in his arms.

“Now tell me where were you?” he ordered sternly, I came back to the reality that I was still in his arms. I removed his hand forcefully and looked back at him with a stern face “That’s none of your business Mr. King!” my voice was surprisingly stern, and I don’t know from where I got the courage to talk back.

He narrowed his eyes, his nostrils flared, to be honest, he looked feral. I gulped inaudibly, I messed up again “It is my business Miss Walker, I have every right to know what my employees are doing!”

“So I’m just an employee to you right now?” I cocked an eyebrow, I’m very curious to know what he thinks about me, about us!

“Yes you are only my employee and I don’t want you whoring around, It’ll ruin my comapny’s reputation.” He stated firmly, breaking my heart into a million pieces but I know deep within he’s only denying everything, he’s scared to admit if he has any kind of feelings for me. Then why would he kiss me? Does a boss go around kissing his employee?

“If I’m your employee then why the hell did you kiss me?” I questioned with hurtful eyes, He looked taken aback by my question, his eyes wandered around for a second before meeting mine, it was cold something which I didn’t expect.

“I felt like kissing and I did. I’ve kissed countless women in my life. Now don’t go thinking I have feelings for you” His words were like a thousand daggers piercing through my heart.

“But you said you liked it,” I whispered, staring into his cold eyes hoping to find any traces of whether he’s lying or not all I saw was blankness.

“You should be knowing by now I don’t care about it, I simply said that to cheer you up” he smirked arrogantly.

I thought he meant all of his words, I thought he felt the same way for me. All the while he was acting, he’s such a sick BASTARD. I sprinted to him, grabbing his collar, staring at him with hate and hurt. “How dare you say such words Zephyr! Don’t you have a heart? How could you do this to me? Okay, you might not have any feelings for me then why play with mine? Is this your way of seeking revenge? Your such an A**hole Zephyr! The greatest jerk I’ve ever met in my life.” I left his collar and watched his stunned face which quickly morphed into anger.

His face reddened, nerves popping out near his forehead as he clenched his jaw. I took a step back, while he stared slowly moving closer. “What did you just call me?” he yelled,

RUN Athena!!

That’s what I did, I started running like a headless chicken in my office, he was right behind me, I regret wearing heeled boots this isn’t getting me anywhere. I was about to reach the door handle when a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist and legs lifting off the ground.

I squealed wrapping my arms around his neck to not fall, I looked up and saw how angry he looked, damn, I’m scared “Put me down you douchebag!” I yelled, thrashing in his arms but he didn’t seem to be affected by it. he walked us over to the table and sat me on it. I immediately tried to get down when held my knees pushing them apart as he stood in between. His warm hands remained on my thighs heating the whole region, I looked at him with wide eyes “What are you doing? Let me go!” I tried to push him but he didn’t budge even an inch.

He caught my wrists and held them behind me, now I’m officially defenceless. “Please let me go I promise I would never call you that,” I begged in a low voice, not meeting his eyes but I could say he’s still angry because of the heavy breathing and the grip he had on my wrists, oh dear It’s going to form a bruise.

“Look Up!” He stated, I shook my head in no and continued staring at his abs which was visible through his shirt. I have to admit I’m afraid to look at him.

“I SAID LOOK UP!” he shouted making me flinch back, his grip tightened even more making me yelp in pain, my lips quivered in fright and I slowly meet his eyes which were angry but immediately softened when he noticed the tears in my eyes. I shut my eyes to stop myself from crying, I felt his hands loosen around my wrists, which I’m glad. I brought it to my chest rubbing it to ease the pain. The day when he almost choked me came to my mind, I just realized he’s a monster who never gave a second thought before hurting someone, how can I think he’ll be nice and kind to me? I was having fake hopes.

“I...I’m sorry Athena I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he whispered, I could hear the guilt in his words but I’m way too hurt to accept his apology. I glanced at the red mark on my wrists slowly turning dark, this is the third time he hurt me physically. He raised his hand about to touch my hand but I held mine near my chest “Don’t” I cut him off, my voice quivered and my throat ached as a sob tried to escape.

He moved away, giving me space. I didn’t glance at him but I could see him running his hand through his hair in my peripheral as he walked out the door cursing and slammed it loudly.

Tears were running down my cheeks as I cried silently, look how I ended up being sad when I’m with him, why does everything have to go wrong?

After few moments of wailing over my miserable self, I got down from the table wiping away my tears as I walked towards the door when it opened, revealing that monster, he had an unreadable expression on his face, almost as if he’s remorseful. Hah, never in my life he’ll be remorseful. His ego is way too huge for that. I looked down, clenching my fists and tried to walk past him when he blocked the path. “Don’t leave, I brought medicine for you” he whispered so softly as if he’d hurt me more if he raises his voice even a decibel.

“I’ll just go and pour some cold water” I replied coldly, no words could describe how much I wanted to escape this place. It’s suffocating, I don’t know what I’ll do if I stay here a moment longer.

“For once can you please listen to me Athena!” my eyes widened when I heard him plead, the great King just pleaded. Wow, what else is he hiding up his sleeves? I could tell that he’s trying to control his anger by his voice, so I decided to comply and walked back, taking a seat on the plush sofa.

“Give me the medicine” I stated, extending my right hand up. Instead of giving it to me, he sat beside me and gently held both my hand where it wasn’t bruised. I carefully watched his face, he was examining my wound, I winced when he touched the bruise “I’m sorry!” He apologised.

I tried to remove my hand but he held it tighter but not enough to hurt “Please Athena, let me treat your wound.” there he goes pleading again, is this another one of his games to bring more pain to me?

I scoffed, looking away “It’s you who caused it in the first place.” I muttered coldly, loud enough for him to hear.

I heard him exhale, he placed his hand on my shoulder “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Athena.” I whipped my head towards him almost getting a whiplash. My eyes glanced at his hand on my shoulder before glaring at him. I didn’t speak anything and removed his hand from my shoulder. What is he trying to prove? Why would he care about my feelings now when he never did?

He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before looking at me, his green eyes not feral, it was soft, I could see various emotions swirling inside them.

“I just lost my control Athena, I was really pissed of at myself and then When I didn’t see you in your cabin I got even angrier. I have problems controlling my anger Athena, that’s why I remain cold to everyone, I try to avoid everyone so that I won’t hurt them.” I continued to stare at him blankly. I was surprised he’s opening up to me.

“I’m extremely sorry for hurting you, Ma Cherie! I regret doing it, please don’t hate me!” There goes my heart falling for him again, how can he make me hate him and like him at the same time? What kind of magic does he use?

“Why do you care? It not that you have feelings or something.” I mocked in disgust, recalling his hurtful words.

He cupped my face making me face him, “I care about you a lot!” he stated sternly, his eyes not leaving mine for a second. I stayed frozen, my mind comprehending his words. He cares about me, but is this another one of his jokes? I couldn’t help but think that.

I pushed him away “What is wrong with you Zephyr, you act as if you don’t care and the next moment you’ll come back apologizing. I can’t understand you Zephyr, what’s going through your mind? Why do you keep pushing me away? Why do you constantly hurt me?” I shot him questions after questions to which he held his head down unable to reply. I was fuming by now, why does he have to make things more difficult between us?

“I don’t know!” he whispered, that’s the first time seeing him so vulnerable. My heart clenched in pain but I know we need time to sort these messed up feelings.

I stood up from my place, glancing at him for a moment before going over to my desk and gathered my belongings and turned to head outside. He was still sitting in the same position, lost in thoughts.

“Sort out your emotions first Mr. King, Only then I can accept your apology,” I stated coldly and walked out of my cabin. This is what happens when you love someone but it’s always you who ends up getting hurt. I’ve already said I’m willing to give him a chance but it’s him who should have a clear image of what he wants.


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