Fire and Flames

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XXXIX. Win over


Later that day I returned to my house with a heavy heart and a mind full of questions. I was glad Ruby wasn’t there when I reached home. I wasn’t in the right mind to face more questions. I took a warm long shower to calm my tensed muscles and mind. Warm showers are such a blessing.

I applied pain balm on my bruised wrists and changed into warm comfy clothes before getting beneath the sheets. All I wanted to do is sleep and get my mind off today’s incident but when I closed my eyes, those pair of emeralds come back haunting me.

“Argh! Get out of my head!” I yelled in frustration, burying my head into the pillow. After what seemed like hours I fell asleep.

I felt someone shaking me and I turned around away from the pestering hands. I sighed when the shaking stopped but it was short-lived when my blanket was ripped away from me making me squirm as the cold air hit me.

“Athi Wake up!”

“Nooo” I whined hugging my pillow

“It’s 6 pm and your sleeping?”

My eyes widened when I heard the time, I shot up from the bed, my hair was all around my face and my head felt heavy due to oversleeping and crying my eyes out. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I glanced at Ruby who was giving me a ‘You need to explain’ look.

“I was just stressed” I climbed off the bed, dragging my feet to the bathroom to wash my face. I was about to open the door when I heard a gasp behind me. “What happened to your wrists?”

I’m screwed!

I pulled the sleeves down to hide it before turning around “I fell down” I mentally facepalmed at my poor excuse.

She held her hips, cocking an eyebrow “Your terrible at lying Athi, I know a fall won’t give such a nasty bruise on your wrists. Show me your hand!”

“No!” I shook my head.

“Come on, why do you have to hide everything!”

“I’m not hiding anything, it’s just that you don’t have to worry about it. It’s just a bruise.”

I turned around to leave when she caught my T shirt, pulling me back and held my hand, bringing it up to her eyes. I quickly pulled my hand back hoping she wouldn’t notice how bad it is.

Her eyes and mouth were wide “Tell me who the hell did this to you?”

“uhh” I fumbled around my words, wondering whether to tell her or not.

“I’ll call Danny this instant if you won’t say anything,” she warned and I immediately blurted out, I don’t want one more person to be involved in this mess.

“Zephyr” I whispered averting my gaze.

“Who’s that?” she scowled, my lips slightly twitched. I forgot to tell her his first name.

“My Boss, That’s his name.”

“What!! That Adonis did this to you? Why would he fucking do that? He’s such an asshole! Urg, I hate him for doing this to you.” She paced around, spurting profanities on him.

“Hey, you don’t have to get yourself worked up.” I tried to convince her, Ruby tends to get violent if someone hurts her drear ones.

“I’m going to kill him for hurting my bestie, handsome or not but he’s going six feet under now!” she stated firmly, she looked dead serious.

“Wait Ruby, Don’t!” I stopped her from going out, she glared at me.

“I’ll deal with this myself” I don’t want to involve anyone in this, it’s because by me and I’ll settle it.

“But Athi!” she whined but I cut her off with my stern face.

“I’m serious about this Ruby and I know exactly how to deal with it.”

“Take care sis, I don’t want to ever see someone hurting you.” She pulled me into a warm hug, that’s what I needed right now. Someone who’d support me.

“Aww, thank you sis. I could say the same for you”

We exchanged smiles before hugging again. “Movie?”

“Totally!” I agreed with a grin.


I walked out of the building, my steps halted when I noticed the only person whom I dreaded to see. He was leaning against his sleek black Lambo dressed in a black three-piece suit, his brown hair was messy as if he ran his hand through it numerous times. He was looking at his phone so he didn’t notice my presence.

I quickly started walking away hoping to escape him when I heard the footsteps behind me followed by him calling my name “Athena! Where are you going?”

I didn’t wait to listen to him and continued walking towards the street hoping to catch a tram. His footsteps quicken and within a flash, he was standing before me. I quickly stopped before running into him. Narrowing my eyes, I shot him an annoyed look “You’re blocking the way Mr King” I stated, making sure he’ll understand how irritated I am by his presence. I can’t tolerate any more drama early in the morning.

I watched his thick brows pull together in a frown “We’re going to the same place so there’s no problem with you coming with me.” He was about to grab my forearm when I moved back, denying his touch.

“Does a boss give a ride for his employee?” I retorted, folding my arms over my chest.

He closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose I know I’m riling him up but I wanted to know how far he’ll go to earn my trust.

“If that person is important to him then he doesn’t mind giving her a ride. Not just for a day but every day.” He replied, his voice thick with emotions, His eyes not straying from mine. My heart fluttered at his words, is this really that mean boss of mine?

Wait! did he just imply I’m important to him?

Oh God, what trick is he playing?

“Well go pick that person, You’re wasting both our time by standing here!” I stepped aside to move past him but he caught my forearm tingles shoot through my skin immediately. “Come with me Ma Cherie!” he whispered, butterflies erupted in my stomach by his nickname.

“M..Mr.King, Let go of my arm.” My voice quivered slightly, this close proximity is suddenly driving me insane.

“I will once you come with me,” he said in a hushed tone but held authority.

I let out a tired sigh and glanced at him with a blank look “Fine, only for today.” I stated and he immediately left my hand. I turned around walking towards the car but not missing the ghost smile on his face, the corner of my lips unknowingly curled up but I hid it quickly.

Before I could open the door, a hand reached out opening it for me, my eyes widened by his actions. He gave me gentle smile, looking at me expectantly. Man, this isn’t the Mr King I’ve known once. He would never open the door to me, in fact for anyone.

I looked away muttering a “Thank you” and climbed in. He got onto the other side and switched on the ignition and the engine purr to life and soon we were on the road driving towards his office. My eyes were watching the view outside, the snow-covered roads, people walking around, shops still had it’s Christmas decorations. Paris was truly beautiful. I stiffened in my place when I felt a warm yet soft touch on my wrist. I looked down, finding his hand on mine, his thumb lightly skimming over my skin, making my heart race.

“I’m sorry Athena” I heard him say, I glanced at him, his face was downcast. He softly held my wrist bringing it up to his lips, placing a soft kiss which lingered for a while, he was still driving with one hand. I watched him with wide eyes, his behaviour is absurd “You don’t want to get us killed” I stated, narrowing my eyes.

He chuckled, meeting my eyes for a second before looking back at the road “Don’t worry Ma Cherie, I’ll never let anything happen to you.”

I rolled my eyes, pulling my hand back which he reluctantly let go and looked outside the window. Throughout the drive, I felt his gaze on me, which I pretended to not notice. A part of me wanted to strangle him but another wants to see what he’s up to.

He pulled over in the parking lot and switched off the engine, “Thanks for the ride” I gave him a tight-lipped smile and quickly climbed out, striding towards the lift. I wanted to stay away from him as much as possible, being around him makes my mind go hazy. It’s too dangerous for me.

I pressed the button, tapping my foot impatiently as I waited for the lift to arrive, I stepped in as soon as the door slid open and pressed my floor button, doing a small victory dance in my mind when he still didn’t catch up. My happiness was short-lived when he quickly entered through the closing gap. A smug look on his face when he saw my defeated one.

I couldn’t help but scoff at our childish behaviour. “That was very rude of you to not wait for me, Ma Cherie” He stated, his pearly whites on show. If I wasn’t irritated or pissed at him, I would’ve drooled at the gorgeous face.

I snorted “Let’s see how long that smile will last” I didn’t wait for his response and walked out. I’ve already made up my mind, and I don’t regret what I’m going to do today. I’ll finally get my freedom out of this office. Yes, I’m planning to resign. I had that thought long back in my mind and I’m going to do it today. There is no point in working in a place where I am not respected, I can easily get another job or better I’ll work in a bakery anything but being with him.

Going inside my office, I went over to my chair and set up my laptop and pending files which I have to recheck before sorting out his schedule for today. This is going to be your last schedule prepared by me.

“Can you please make a cup of espresso for me?” I looked up from the laptop towards the devil waiting by my door. This asshole will die today for sure.

“I’m not your servant Mr. King. The break room is next to your office and you’ve got hands so go make it yourself” I deadpanned.

The look he had on his face was priceless, it’s as if someone snatched his favourite thing.

He exhaled a breath of air “You are not my servant Athena, I agree but I love the way you make my coffee, that’s why I asked.” He shrugged, his pink lips puckered into a pout which was so adorable, I gripped the hand rest of my chair stopping myself from garbing his face and smashing my lips on his. Is he trying to act cute, if yes then it’s working?

With that he left the cabin leaving me amazed by his new side, I banged my head on the pile of folders. What the hell is wrong with him?? and what the hell was I even thinking before?

Remember you hate him, now don’t even think of Kissing him!

I nodded at my pep talk. I need to get a grip on myself first.


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